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Buffalohair: Prophecy in the Age of Stupid

Prophecy in the Age of Stupid

From a prophetic point of view, everything is moving along like clockwork. Global Elitists, their unwitting minions mesmerized by rhythmic beats of a ‘False G*D’ tapping on their empty skulls, rush with glee to their own demise, blinded by the glimmer of gold. Sitting on a hillside surveying mankind’s stupidity, one native looks to another and says; “Told you that stuff makes them crazy!”

In the real world of prophecy nothing has changed, not one iota, smidgen or slight variation from the ancient prophecies, visions and oral traditions cultures from around the world portend, lock, stock and tomahawk. Nothing could be more defining than the direction mankind has intentionally taken in their quest for petty material riches, as per prophetic teachings dictate.

What has changed is the perception of change for those who have little to no spirituality within their personal human experience. We live in a culture that fears true spirituality and elitists are responsible for planting this fear within the human subconscious. True religious and moral ethic has been either removed or supplanted with misleading doctrines that do not represent their own sacred texts and teachings in the first place. Religion has become politically correct, how far beyond stupid is that?

After reading sacred books, spoken with many religious leaders and conscripts from cultures around the world I know for a fact, many people are being taught lies and distortions of the truth. Posing religion against religion is a total contradiction to the very essence of all religions. Anything short of this understanding is a bold faced lie and if you bite into this bogus contradiction of YOUR sacred dogma, you are a fraud as well. Ignoring corporate land-grabs & death simply for profit is pure evil.

It’s amazing how many people quoted scriptures and sacred texts in an effort to justify their self centered quest for material wealth. I read scriptures, sacred texts from a multitude of cultures. Sadly, hearing of scripture that does not exist but through the mouths of sham clerics, priests, pastors, and rabbis has become common place. People are blindly accepting ‘Words of G*D’ through the lying mouths of their religious provocateurs. Surely someone Googled their scripture for accuracy, right?

Control of the masses through religion is an age old axiom designed to keep armies loyal, not for spiritual benefit. Historically nothing can be more zealous and profitable than a ‘Holy War’. What better reason to kill than for G*D? From a Native perspective, ‘Manifest Destiny’ (G*D’s U.S. Land-Grab) has morphed to include everyone who stands in the way of corporate globalization and the ‘justified’ taking of tribal land & natural resources. For the record, we all are members of one tribe or another.

All this Religious War B.S. is a total lie and a fraud when it comes to Judaism, Islam and Christianity/Catholicism. As far as I’m concerned all I see is one big giant family feud between the children of Abraham. What a dysfunctional family this is, everybody wants to be boss of the world and they are all frigging kinsfolk. Abe sure did a bang up job raising his kids. Sadly their predecessors went on to kill in the names of Abe’s punk kids rather than be united as the family they actually are.

Then there is the ‘Emulating Jesus’ routine, holy guacamole! I want to know which Bible wrote that Jesus was a ninja sword wielding avenger kill off all the bad guys. People squawk about walking in Jesus’ light but I never read where he cast judgements, criticised people and talked smack. From what I read he rocked and was truly gift from the Creator, to bad he was betrayed by his due facce chums. Funny part is, Jesus was not a Christian for he was a 100%  Torah Reading, Semitic Jew and had no intentions of leaving Judaism, Sha-lom! שלום

We look at the world today, a convoluted mess with ethnic and religious strife plaguing nation after nation. How could anyone make heads or tails of this global pandemonium? Simple, cut through the scripted corporate owned media blarney. It’s just prophecy coming to pass as man and ‘False G*D Mork’, race for the gold and global prowess. With them, a multitude of investors who blindly or knowingly chose greed over humanity. 

History has the knack of repeating itself and for all intents and purposes Marie Antoinette should be a focal point for all corporatists to bare in mind. Libertines languish in opulence, untouchable by common man in a world of decadence, surrounded by personal bodyguards and tactical private armies. Trillions of taxpayer bucks are being spent on underground shelters we are not privy to enter, surely they are preparing for something and not just a few hot and smoggy days. “Let Them Eat Uranium 235 Isotope”

Don’t get angry, just be glad you are an inconsequential life form that will be disallowed shelter when the ‘Shiza Hits the Fan’. One of the very last places you want to be in the future is underground for volcanic activity will become the nemesis of the elaborate zillion dollar underground tunnel/community system. One vision shows lava flowing from an area not known for volcanism. Apparently man made tunnels will also be a magma super highway in the future for a period of time but not permanently.

False G*D Mork will also be exposed for the fraud he actually is, a dirt bag puke with a big head who is the actual benefactor of gold for their technology, a sodium based life form with absolutely no regard for humans other than their bonehead elitist chums that think they are G*D’s, oy vey. He’s just a piece of galactic excrement that has many enemies throughout the universe and we are going to meet them very shortly boys and girls. Some of us already have…

When people discover they have been deceived by politicians, celebrities and the list of government informants who were planted within every ethnic, special interest and political community, blood will flow. The vermin elite will betray each-other in the final days of their rule. Fingers will point and you will be shocked as to how deep evil and corruption has seated itself in the global corporate/geo-political community. Snitches will snitch on each other and their handlers in a fit of remorse in the future. 

No one paid attention to the warnings of tribal elders many years ago for that was the actually turning point in humanity’s destiny, not the climate change extravaganza secretly funded by the nuclear industry. That’s another thing, links will be exposed that tie the Nuclear Industry, Bill Gates and the Climate Change Scam together. Sincere environmentalists will learn that they were secretly set up and lied to by the nuclear industry in an effort to legitimize their latest ‘Green Nuclear Power Scam’.

A multitude of credible noteworthy scientists with hard facts about climate change were black balled, censored, debased & discredited and lost millions in grants and employment opportunities because they would not lie. The ‘Yes Men’ who bastardized science along with their ethics & credibility got all the good grants and cake projects regardless of qualification for lying to the public. The climate change agenda was created as an economic weapon, plain and simple, like it or not.

Climate change is real, only the root cause is a bold faced politically motivated lie to assist in the destruction of economies and democracies in the new world order. Elitists IMF Loan-Sharks can’t save the world financially if nations are solvent. So lets economically terrorize the planet through a network of elitist bankers, investor/politicians and their false flag army in this new twist in re-colonizing Planet Stupid. We are witnessing the hostile corporate take-over of Earth, as per prophecies and visions.

What do you think will happen when radical eco-types discover they were duped into hating their own country over environmental issues that were actually planted by the nuclear industry? What about all the other good concerned folks who were duped into supporting organizations, groups and causes only to discover they were lied to simply for political gain. Look around you boys and girls, there are millions of people who were lied to that are not going to be happy campers when the truth is revealed.

Elitists have whoa-fully miscalculated man’s response whence the truth is revealed or exposed. There is no question government agitators and shills within every ethnic and cultural group will be revealed, sooner than later. Just remember that Al ‘Crackhead’ Sharpton was a federal snitch who betrayed his own people and now he’s a corporate media super star. What will happen to these minority leaders when it is revealed they were paid snitches all along? Minority shills were planted since before the 60’s.

Betrayal has a unique signature within the human psyche for it stimulates deep negative emotions we rarely experience all at once. That is why betrayal foments absolute rage and awakens emotional pain receptors that intermix pure anger with heartsick emotional loss and a feeling of stupidity, you know: “How could I be so stupid?!?” Compound that emotion times millions of once dedicated people who fought, believed & trusted in a perceived noble cause only to discover they were scammed.

Anger will surely ensue but not so much within the sheeple population as currently suspect but from deep within these inner circles and it will be the most dedicated who will feel the most betrayed. Accidental deaths, cancers, heart disease and defamation will plague former organizers in an effort to stop them from reveling the true nature of groups they once dedicated their lives to. They’ll be replaced by shamefully inept corporate poodles who will be as transparent as cow crap on a white carpet.

The downfall of the multi-millennial reign of religious fraud and deception by a false G*D will not be from the likes of civilian militias, rebels, freedom fighters or armies and highly trained & equipped assassins. They will be destroyed from within and it will be absolute betrayal that exposes beyond a shadow of a doubt the dark and perverted world of the global elite. It will be from the mouth of one of their most trusted insiders. The person will be one of the architects within a notable secret society.

Predictably John Q. Citizen will be bombarded with a cornucopia of mixed lies and distortions from the mainstream media desperate to mask the crimes of their superiors. But it will be the people who suffer regardless. Who will care about the news when the weather finally stabilizes and the ice returns, once again? It’s going to get colder than ever recorded in human history. Death will reign in many forms, no quarter given no caste spared.

Science clearly explained the realities of the Ice Ages, temperate periods with volumes of real research and hard facts. Nowhere did they find a smokey VW in the matrix of climatic change before or after the myriad of Ice Ages Ma Earth already had. Radical climatic behavior writhe with major temperature swings were clearly identified in both the arrival and the ending of all the Ice Ages. And this era of climatic phenomena is no different, other than delinquent politicians finding opportunity in crisis.

For that matter, nowhere in the world of prophecy was it ever mentioned that man would save anything other than their own asses, if they were lucky enough to wake the frig up and smell the cesium. Man is punk and by no means capable of doing a damn thing about the pending Ice Age other than lie about the causes for political and financial gain. Elitist morons don’t seem to realize that material wealth will soon be of no value and their hands are covered in blood for nothing.

There will be a time of absolute savagery in many congested areas as the endless cold becomes reality. Many more prophetic teachings will come to pass as civil society turns rabid. The on going attempts by elitist fraudsters to mask their identities, destroy evidence, and silence witnesses will be met with resistance by former hit-men and operatives who will not like being silenced. Attempts to secure the New Global Government will fail as nature takes center stage exposing climate fraudsters buck-naked.

Expansion and contraction as well as magnetic forces and solar activity will bend and twist the earths crust. Altering rivers and remodeling the landscape will be the precursor for the big freeze. For some areas the cold will be a welcome relief from all the volcanic activity but the land will be devoid of vegetation. Other areas will simply be gone. Hydrogen Sulfide Gas will decimate a very populated region.

Do to some kind of invisible magnetic field pushing against the earths magnetic field will temporarily cause the atmosphere to disappear at ground level. The temporary displacement of earths air will be filled with a burst of -455 degree Fahrenheit space atmosphere, or the lack there of. Surely that will raise an eyebrow or two. Will we be frozen like the Siberian Woolly Mammoth? Some of us will.

Many people will have succumbed from hunger, disease, exposure and other natural calamities, man made or not. Wars will be diffused by the need to survive in it’s most basic form. But human violence will rule the roost during a period of time before another major die-off or catastrophic event. Again, material wealth will be meaningless rendering elitists just another member of the food chain. They will be victimized by the very global chaos they intentionally spawned. Remember Marie Antoinette?

I could write about prophecy and what visions show me till I’m blue in the face, but it is up to you to seek your own visions and learn the truth within your own faith. Hear all this stuff from your messenger. I’m just a crusty old native dude with anger management issues and a healthy dose of P.T.S.D. You must seek within your dogma the answers you need to survive. If ever there was a time for you to get up off your dead ass and pay attention to the world around you, it’s now.

There is no possible way I could share everything I see in visions, fitful dreams or whatever the Gehenna you call it. Nor is it my place to run my mouth either. But I did make a deal to banter ad nauseam about the need for people to get their spiritual act together. That true spiritual connection is the key to survival and a must have in any Bug-out Bag, right next to those extra .223 clips and stash of Tonka Bars.

Hard prophetic realities are destined strike at the very core of the ‘Wholly Vermin Empire’ and there is no altering this destiny so get over it. Rather, get your act together and start collecting cold weather gear while everything is still affordable because when reality strikes a $100 winter coat will cost $1,000 or more. Buy heavy duty snow boots and not those ‘Hello Kitty’ ones, gawd. Get extra sturdy winter gloves & liners and heavy duty snow gear, not foo foo crappola.

You do not need to believe anything I said other than the need for you to read your own sacred book and find out for yourself what is really happening. Preparedness should be everyone’s priority especially with disasters happening every stinking week. Get real, your families lives are at stake. Buying and storing cases of bottled water monthly should be a habit as well as storing extra canned and dry goods. There is no reason to be on the front page of ‘Pity Magazine’ if you can help it.

Just bare in mind you can buy everything in Cabela’s and have every survival gizmo ever invented, tons of freeze dried goods and all the spiffy camouflage underwear your heart desires but without a spiritual connection you and your GPS will be SOL. If technology fails do to a quark or violation in the laws of physics that govern electricity and how electrons flows, that GPS would be worthless and you’ll be totally SOL.

Your Devil’s Advocate

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Serious Funny


LOL ! I got a lot of his Server crashing BOTS! smile emoticon Even Twitter wiped out! smile emoticon See way in the back ? That's me he didn't want me up front! frown emoticon People might know who I am and my Blogs He Crashed!

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There is No Free Speech in the Digital Age.

“Pope Francis” to curtail his American visit after catholic child trafficking event is targeted…

“Pope Francis” to curtail his American visit after catholic child trafficking event is targeted…

A planned disruption of a notorious child trafficking event in Philadelphia on September 26 has forced Jorge Bergoglio, “Pope Francis”, to cut short his upcoming “diplomatic visit” to the United States, according to sources in the Vatican.


“Pope Francis” to curtail his American visit after catholic child trafficking event is targeted…

“Pope Francis” to curtail his American visit after catholic child trafficking event is targeted for disruption Posted on September 12, 2015 by admin ITCCS Breaking News: September 12, 2015 “World Meeting of the Family” in Philadelphia is a meeting ground for in-house child rapists and killers…


Wow They have two or more stolen Native American Indian children to murder to their false g*d ??????
frown emoticon
Where are they now? hidden in the churches? We have learned that at least two children from the Navaho or Gila Indian reservations will be ritually killed during the Pope’s visit, by the very men with whom he will be meeting and ‘praying’, and perhaps even by Jorge Bergoglio himself.”

Jag Ensing's photo.

Wow They have two or more stolen Native American Indian children to murder to their false g*d ?????? frown emoticon Where are they now? hidden in the churches?

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Buffalohair: Clueless in the Age of Prophecy

Clueless in the Age of Prophecy

Mayan copyFalse Flag ‘Holy Wars’ fill the tabloid mainstream media front pages with half truths and lies while Investor/Politicians use their electorates like pawns and investment opportunities to build personal fortunes. Pseudo Civilization, blinded by greed and moral ineptitude, continues to march to their own demise like sheep to slaughter, obvious of their fate. But in the background, forgotten and ignored, prophecies from around the world continue to count coup in clear sight. To bad you have your rose colored glasses on.
There is no question cockamamie intentional misinterpretations of the Mayan Calendar, End of the World nonsense took it’s toll. Other legitimate ancient prophetic teachings that also spoke of the era from which we live and share similarities also took a credibility hit as the whole concept of cycle change was vilified then conveniently tossed in the ‘conspiracy trash bin’ and ridiculed. Since the non event some people have gone so far as to denounce their faith after this much touted ‘end of times’ cataclysm never materialized or met the expectations the media so eagerly published and promoted. Shades of the Wovoka Waltz.
All it would have taken was just a little research into the Mayan People, facts about their calendar and this ‘End of the Earth’ malarkey. When finally posed with queries about the ‘pending destruction of humanity’ the Mayans basically told occupants of ‘Planet Stupid’ to get real, enjoy your Zoloft moment and go back to therapy. Maybe not in so many words eh. Frankly the Mayans were tired of all this End of the world mumbo jumbo being promoted on their behalf by the western media. False Flag techniques such as over sensationalization and complete distortion of the facts to discredit prophetic teachings is what it was all about.
End of the World? Not a chance. End of a cycle, you bet, a physiological, multidimensional cyclic transition experienced only every 29,000 years. The dynamics of which will effect absolutely every aspect of our existence, on every dimension, right down to the protons whence it’s done. It is also a befitting ending to the 3,000 year reign of the ‘Global Pedophile Elite’, sexually deviant secret societies with Royal Bloodlines, false flag holy wars throughout the ages and now; the race for Hitler’s New World Order by the Global 1% and their Fascismo Zionist poodles in the UK, US, and the EU. BRICS is yet another boiler-room ‘Financial Fraud and Loan Sharking’ scam rivaled only by the World Bank/IMF. How special.
All this tumultuous global activity perpetrated by man, nature, meddlesome spirits and bottom feeding alien types is prophecy in motion. Financial Fraud is being perpetrated by criminal banksters and elitists who are in collusion globally in a concerted effort to control the world through ‘Economic Terrorism’. It is a major assault on every democracy in the world, a hostile corporate take-over of the entire commercial/industrial/economic sector of every nation on the planet. There is a very real reason Greece is such a prized target by Globalist EU Bankers. It’s the ‘Symbolic Destruction of the Birthplace of Democracy’.
Globalists are doing everything around symbology, numerology, rituals and spells because they openly dance with darkness like moths to flame, mesmerized by the fire that will ultimately destroy them. The death of ‘The Darling of the Rich’, English Satanic Visionary, Aleister Crowley’ in 1941 did not mark the end of the elitist’s love affair with the occult for it had become chic and a global phenomena among the wealthy and powerful by then. It become the Ultimate in Secret Societies. Elitist harbingers of moral rancidity are the folk singers of spiritual death and are seated in key positions of authority around the world by the Global 1%, as envisioned thousands of years ago.
That ole ‘Disaster Capitalism’ and ‘Shock Doctrine’ thing Journalist Naomi Campbell warned us about has gone global in it’s application eh. Poodle investor/politicians, owned by the nations elitist 1% are waging war on their citizens by ignoring government’s fiduciary responsibilities, inventing taxes, stripping rights and nullifying constitutions in unison, provided you are paying attention. National 1% er’s are directly connected to the global 1% and in many cases are the global 1% in guise. These ‘Children of Aleister Crowley’ know there is a spirit world unlike ‘yous guys’ for they walk in hallowed covenant with evil consciously and bare witness to the so-called magic.
A world ruled through parlor tricks by a False G*D with help from dim bulb Earth Guys is almost funny and a perfect story line for Harold and Kumar but the joke is on humanity. Fortunately the universe is not laughing and soon man and his false G*D Mork will reap their just rewards for a job hell done.
There is a ‘New World Order” coming but not the one being pushed by the Global Corporate Media. So don’t get fooled in the future by staged (Holographic) celestial events in an effort to duplicate the ‘Second Coming’ scam, ‘The Great Alien Revelation’ scam or any other scam where we are told ‘This is the Real God of Creation’ nonsense or other ridiculous excuses to introduce some fat headed terrestrial/celestial dork named ‘Mork’. It’s just a spiritual false flag so don’t waste your time genuflecting or wondering if these butt-cracks are going to take you to heaven, gawd.
If you already have your true spiritual connection you will easily recognize these charlatans of creation. You will hear the fantastic news as the sky’s fill with Intergalactic Frisbee’s and fatheads, lizard dudes or whoever is claiming to be our ‘Real G*D’ and/or Architect’. ‘Just cause there are Aliens don’t mean they’re G*Ds’, scrawl that in your hippocampi or iPhone. Look who these boneheads are sharing technology with, Global 1% Flakes of the New World Order. Not so benevolent eh. And since when did G*D need a contraption to whiz around in anyway? Maybe this went over your head but it will make sense one day, unfortunately. For others around the world who already know the drill this is old news, ancient. You need to have an open mind or the future will surely freak you out, if the voices don’t.
There is nothing better than a comfortable spiritual connection within your dogma or ideological principal to provide YOU a crucial liaison between here and reality. Wake up! Don’t matter how your pray or express your personal dogma, just so you are sincere within your path and walk in a good way. ‘Killing in the Name of G*D’, is nothing more than a Satanic contradiction. Know your spirits, guides, ancestors or whatever floats your canoe spiritually and recognize the differences between spirits. This is a skill all paths teach in some form or another. Please be advised; this is a critical survival tool/skill everyone must know if they plan to survive the future. The hinterland is busy and transition is in full swing therefor I implore you to open your sacred book and review ‘Spirit-World’ 101, nail it or you’ll be toast. Time has run out.
Prophecy is moving along on scheduled and there is nothing man or false G*D can do to alter destiny fore their day of reckoning is just around the corner, along with ours. Nobody rides for free on the spirit-world superhighway and the price for our complacency is astronomical. We are already feeling the effects of separation from one cycle to another but it does not mean the world is going to end, for the most part. Man’s toxic ill effects on life will soon be just a fond memory and a pimple by comparison to dynamic changes the Earth, solar system and galaxy are already experiencing. The further we move away from the other cycle the more pronounced the differences are becoming.
In visions it was said men of greed would die of starvation in their sleep while using a sack of pinto beans as a pillow in the years to come. It was also said metaphorically that ‘The top would become the bottom and the bottom would become the top’ in the new era. In the real world the issue is NOT if Cycle Global Change really exists, it’s a matter of how to survive it for change abounds on our subtle state of consciousnesses as well as the complex multi faceted physical planes of existence, but it’s not the end of the world. Another aspect to consider is the chance we may permanently share this plane of existence with others, including the some elements of the spirit-world, terrestrial and celestial folks.
It’s the physical mechanics of cyclic change, all the way down to the molecular level that are destined to alter the very way we live on this planet. Contemporary science, real and politically motivated will soon become archaic if not completely anecdotal as we collectively discover how primitively minded we really are. For those who are truly aware (prophetically speaking) everything is actually moving right along, as per traditions from around the world I might add. One sure fire way to gauge the cyclic change is to measure how hard evil is tormenting the lives of people who are doing good for humanity.
Does not take rocket science to figure out that any and everyone who lifts a finger to ease another person’s suffering is in direct conflict with evil’s mission of human suffering and lost hope. Just remember, ‘No good deed goes unpunished’ and undoing evil’s handiwork, no matter how trivial you may think it is, just pisses those guys off big time. In my case, if I don’t get hit. I am not doing enough against those ‘dorks of death’. I wear evil’s torment like an Award for Excellence for I know I’m going to get a hit every time I write or post stories and videos exposing the depths of corruption. Hits are usually below the belt so you just need thick skin and faith to weather their assault
Your personal connection with the Creator is the key to surviving the multitude unique and spectacular events that may seem impossible, far-fetched or unsurvivable during this cyclic change. The paranormal or supernatural side is probably the single biggest obstacle people must overcome in this new era. Praying to talking owls and shooting up movie theaters because ‘They’ told you to is a classic example of lacking or misguided spirituality. Know who ‘They’ are before they convince you to dismember your neighbors or roast your first born.
The bug-out bag might be filled with spiffy survival gear but if your spirit is not fully prepared for surviving the wave of paranormal activity that is destined to be a part of everyday life, you are toast. Without your spiritual connection you are puddy in the hands of those who wish you harm in the events that lay in store for humanity. And you had better believe this paranormal activity will drive many people insane because of their lacking in true spiritual knowledge.
Prophetically speaking, this supernatural interface is going to take a great toll likened to war, pestilence and famine for no reason other than ignorance of our spiritual reality. Now that man and his lame G*D has entered the spiritual fray with their techno-mechanical frequency generators, that can broadcast on frequencies within the brain, spirituality will be even harder to discern from other static spirit-world traffic and your thoughts. Good thing this IS the waning years of evil’s reign over humanity or corporations would use PSYOPS Mind Invasion Techniques to send commercial advertising into your head. Hmm, maybe they already are.
To think for one second the ‘Era of Prophecy and Earth Changes’ went away only to be shelved along side other fizzled ‘Epic’ events and conspiracies you are sorely mistaken for change abounds throughout this solar system and our galaxy. Surely you’ve seen it on TV. Every aspect of life as we know it is being changed or altered and you better bet your sweet bippy this is prophecy in motion with a very predictable end. Take a long hard look at the world around you. We are on the cusp of major change for the show has only just begun and your spiritual covenant within your dogmatic ideological principal is the key to your survival. For within this deeper understanding is the information needed to survive this spirit war and to intrinsically know the spirits who are here to assist you rather than lead you astray.
For those who already ‘get it’, this is just more verification of what you already know, granted I did leave out lots of ‘stuff’. But hey, you know most people won’t buy into this until it’s to late anyway. There will no time in the future for leisurely instructional reading on spirituality while sitting on the can either. Everyone will be facing their own personal battles with evil’s stooges and you are just going to either sink or swim with what you know and that is basically the bottom line. So yes boys and girl’s, prophecy is in full swing in conjunction with a 29,000 year cycle change.
With a little common sense, a 30 day bug-out bag & adjoining hardware, accessories and a qualitative, sincere spiritual connection bound in absolute faith you stand a good chance of survival. Just remember that the further we move away from 2012 the more pronounced changes will become as the last vestiges of the previous era are finally ripped from their once deep moorings in the human psyche.
Your Devil’s Advocate

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Buffalohair: Legendary Burmese Activist/Artist Sitt Nyein Aye Appears in Trinidad / Colorado Art Gallery

At L & L Fine Art Gallery located in the budding Art Colony called Trinidad Colorado an artist busily prepares his paints, sketches and a massive canvas stretching 1.95 meters X 5.49 meters. What started out as a simple project to design and paint a Thingyan Festival poster for a Buddhist Monastery turned into quite an eye pleasing event for the discerning art aficionado. Folks were fortunate to find the reclusive Sitt Nyein Aye in his element creating with brush in hand.
Since the project was so big it was fortunate gallery owner Lucky Murphy more than happy to accommodate Sitt with a well lit and secure location where he could paint this giant poster. The Thingyan Celebration and Water Festival was going to begin on April 18 in Austin Texas so Sitt had little time to spare and it was already April 10th. Within 2 full days and part of the 3rd day Sitt completed this enormous poster, from a raw roll of canvas to a completed work of art.
See the evolution of the poster on this video provided;
>As mesmerized onlookers watched in awe, he performed his magic and transformed this blank roll of canvas stroke by colorful stroke. Little did anyone know he was an accomplished artist whose works hanging in museums, galleries and personal collections around the world but it was clear he was ‘The Real Deal’. His journey to this humble art community was not just a matter of moving from Texas to Colorado it was an epic journey for Sitt was also a political exile from his homeland of Burma.

His escape from the clutches of the military dictatorship was nothing short of a miracle for he and his friend escaped with just the cloths on their backs in 1988 when Burma was in transition, from one military dictatorship to another. Sitt was not only an accomplished and renowned artist, he was a restaurateur, and a journalist who’s newspapers sold throughout the South Asian region. He was also a political activist who was very critical of the previous military regimes who ruled Burma with an Iron fist.
With a new dictator coming into power, General Than Shwe, Sitt was targeted for torture and death. He was on the hit list of ‘Intellectuals’ that posed a political threat to the new military dictatorship. Sitt escaped with the cloths on his back leaving behind a popular newspaper, restaurants, home and his beloved gallery/studio. He lived in the jungle with other pro democracy activists and jungle fighters for three years before finding asylum in India. The tale of survival and being hunted by the military is an epic tale unto itself.
He spent 16 years in India where his artistic prowess was utilized by the government in a multitude of ways, from travel brochures, booklets, maps to painting larger than life portraits of the royal families that still hang in the royal grounds of India to this day. His love of Burma was unsurpassed and though he was a wanted man within his homeland he continued to support the democracy movement by painting and selling his works to finance organizations both within Burma and abroad.
His works always commanded high prices at gallery auctions and all the proceeds went to his comrades while not keeping a cent to himself. There are so many layers to Sitt Nyein Aye for he was recognized as a child prodigy when he was very young. His list of achievements over the years are endless. As for his successful businesses, newspaper and other things he left behind, it was not a big thing to loose his possessions. Sitt faced rags to riches on more than one occasion in Burma’s turbulent history but loosing his mother while in exile was the only thing he looked back on with great sadness.
I watched as a local newspaper reporter and Sitt discussed the arts but I knew what lay between the lines, the hardships, sorrows and joy Sitt experienced in his epic tale surviving insurmountable odds. Now here was Sitt smiling and laughing with fellow artists and a newsman chatting about this poster and I said to myself, “If only they knew the saga of this Burmese Pro Democracy Icon and the numerous accomplishments and sacrifices he made for Burma and his people, if only they knew”.
Sitt is one of the hallowed ‘Old Guard’ of Burma’s Democracy Movement, long before Daw Aung San Suu Kyi entered the arena and he continues to be an activist and proponent of freedom and civil society. Maybe one day real democracy will come to Burma, not this photo-op democracy made for the western media and tourists dollar. Sitt’s only wish would come true and maybe we can enjoying a spot of tea in the shadow of the Dhammayangji Temple in his place of birth Bagan, once Burma is truly free.
Your Devil’s Advocate
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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Stop the Convicted Criminal Jorge Bergoglio!

Stop the Convicted Criminal Jorge Bergoglio!

For Crimes against Humanity, Child Trafficking, complicity in torture and murder in Argentina,  and presiding over a convicted criminal syndicate

This Convicted criminal, JORGE BERGOGLIO, is being given aid and comfort by the United Nations and the United States government, both of whom have invited BERGOGLIO to speak under their auspices during his visits to New York City and Washington DC, during the week of September 24, 2015.

An International Common Law Arrest Warrant was issued against BERGOGLIO on July 18, 2014, after he was lawfully convicted of these crimes.

Police and citizens are instructed to immediately detain BERGOGLIO and deny him all aid and comfort. Please report his whereabouts to the sworn common law Sheriffs and their deputies in your community.


Issued by the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Buffalohair: As Suspected / Burma is Ruled by Zionists

Buffalohair: As Suspected / Burma is Ruled by Zionists

Carlos TheZilla published an article on WordPress.

As Suspected, Burma is Ruled by Zionists
It was always a mystery as to why Zionist Bilderberg Corporations were allowed to continue to do business with Burma throughout the sanctions imposed by the UN. It was also a wonder why only Bilderberg stooges as well as other Zionist entities were allowed to visit Suu Kyi while she was in house arrest. The Junta, including all the ‘retired’ generals of the so called civilian government are Buddhist Zionists. [ 532 more words. ]

As Suspected, Burma is Ruled by Zionists

by Carlos TheZilla





As Suspected, Burma is Ruled by Zionists

Junta Zionists
Junta Sign of the Beast and Membership in the Zionist Movement

It was always a mystery as to why Zionist Bilderberg Corporations were allowed to continue to do business with Burma throughout the sanctions imposed by the UN. It was also a wonder why only Bilderberg stooges as well as other Zionist entities were allowed to visit Suu Kyi while she was in house arrest. The Junta, including all the ‘retired’ generals of the so called civilian government are Buddhist Zionists. In other words, they are all conscripts of the New World Order and the Zionist Bilderberg Criminal Cartel.

Just remember all the stooges who visited Aunty Suu and you will soon discover they are conscripts of the Bilderberg Group and a corrupt collective of Zionist Western Global Corporations and politicians who are currently invading every country on the globe who posses oil, gas, gold, coal and other natural resources. With the protesting students be labeled as terrorists, members of Islamic State by the hopelessly corrupt Pro-Zionist Western Press? 
The Star of David was an invention of Theodor Herzl, father of the Zionist Political Movements in the late 1800’s and is truly ‘The Mark of the Beast’ and true Zionism. Note the Star of David on the Burmese Police uniform. That proclaims their alliance to the Global Zionist Movement. Satanic ritual, pedophilia and crimes against humanity are the calling cards of corrupt politicians and nations who follow this axiom of murder hate and greed and sadly, Burma has been a loyal member for many, many years. 

The conduct of the Tatmadaw clearly shows Satanic Rituals being performed on ethnic children, men and women. Raping babies then disembowelling is only one example of what goes on behind the bamboo curtain of Burma. Honoring Hitler and other Zionist Icons is another classic example of what this bogus democracy does when the western cameras are off. Than Shwe and his thugs should be Knighted for their loyal service to the Crown for they are in good company of fellow pedophiles who were Knighted.

Small wonder the western media does not report all the atrocities being committed in Burma, they are owned by the very corporations who want to turn Burma into a sweatshop nation. India is cursed with Hindutva Zionist Stooge Nearendra Modi and his reign of corporate corruption has only just begun. Zionists are behind every religious conflict around the globe and are behind the religious conflicts in India and Burma as well.

Nations infected with Zionists within their political system turn a deaf ear on the people of Burma when the Junta murders and rapes its population. Kachin State is a classic example since global mining and drilling corporations eagerly await the fall of Kachin State so they can rape the countryside of its natural wealth. They are Zionists and have no love for real Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Christians and other dogmas that teach morality, truth and honesty. 

Zionism means Satanism in the grand scheme of things. The good thing is, their days are numbered as they follow in the footsteps of other corrupt civilizations and their downfall is imminent. People seem to forget the real message in all the ruins of advanced ancient civilizations. The message is that they all failed even with the most advanced technology and the help of galactic sewage who chose to share technology with stupid and greedy earth guys. The cretin of the universe will fall with greedy earthlings when their technology became worthless and that day will soon be upon us. Stupid Earth guys actually thought these boneheads were G*Ds.

In the words of the late U Win Tin; “Keep On Fighting!”

Your Devils Advocate





Thursday, January 15, 2015

Kevin Annett's 2015 New Year Message

Canada is Proclaimed a Sovereign Republic:

Canada is Proclaimed a Sovereign Republic: Crown authority is nullified, Common Law established as supreme authority

Kanata Logo-2
The first Common Law Grand Jury ever to be convened in Canada will open January 15, 2015 in Vancouver. Held under the authority and jurisdiction of the new constitutional Republic of Kanata, the Grand Jury will indict those responsible for child trafficking and murder, unsolved murders of indigenous people, and Drangheta-Vatican child sacrificial cults.Recent "black ops" attacks will also be addressed. .

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Buffalohair: Visions From The Missions An Orphans Tale

Visions From The Missions, An Orphans Tale

Posted in America’s, Texas, US News. with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on January 8, 2015 by Buffalohair

a1Recently I took my 88 year old mother, Romana, on a ‘Bucket List Journey’ after she recovered from kidney failure. Prior to her remarkable recovery she resigned herself to the fact she would never be able to travel ever again. The Scotsman (her husband) died while she was infirmed adding to her torment since they used to travel the world together. She wanted to see Texas one last time. So we packed our bags and headed to the Long Star State, Yee Haw.

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My mother and I visited friends and family through out Texas. Our hostess was the vivacious Madam Butterfly, my Burmese a5interpreter. We toured DFW and since it was Christmas we made our pilgrimage to the fabulous Gaylord Hotel & Resort, a Texas Tradition. This was her Bucket List Journey and I pulled all the stops. If you never experiences a Lone Star Christmas at the Gaylord, you are missing out on a fantastically entertaining time. Ms. Romana was all smiles while having the time of her life.
Of course we visited my friends within the political exile and refugee communities and was invited to a Christmas extravaganza at the Kachin Baptist Church by my Jinghpaw brother La Sang. You never go to a Jinghpaw gathering without eating some of their culinary fare and this was no exception. I was happily surprised to see my mum chowing down on all the traditional Kachin foods. Mom just loved her spicy ngapi and everything else she was served.
She was well received by my Jinghpaw brothers and sisters and was invited to participate in the Manau Dance at the end of the event. At first I was worried since she was still in recovery but off she went and danced along side the Jinghpaws like a boss. The ole gal blew me away since this ceremonial dance lasts as long as one of our gourd dances on the rez. For all intents and purposes the Manau Dance shared the same meaning as our round dance and my mom was honored to dance among the Jinghpaw.
a4We were also invited to a Buddhist Mon naming ceremony and my mom got a taste of Buddhist hospitality while she enjoyed this tradition. Dare I say the cuisine was traditional Mon and my mother loved every scrumptious bite. I was tempted to introduce her to the ‘King of Fruit’ the revered Durian but I did not want to push the envelope. I am a great fan of this wildly delicious fruit and every time I smell it, I can almost taste it and the velvety smooth pudding like interior that surrounds the Durian seeds, yum.
Our Bucket List Journey brought us to my dear friend Ashin Thila Nanda’s budding new Burmese Dhamma Center in Forta2 Worth. Again me mum was accepted with open and loving arms by my Bama friends. We ate and my mom got a chance to experience true ‘Loving Kindness’ these Buddhist had to share. It just got my heart as they hugged and welcomed her into their hallowed temple. My eyes teared up for some damn reason. Gawd, I hate that.
Knowing Ashin Thila Nanda’s struggle to survive insurmountable odds after the Saffron Revolution I was equally happy to see his holiness acquire and build his own temple to serve the Buddhist Burmese Community. It was really good to see an old friend once again and my mom and I were honored to accept his blessing. My mom was also smitten by the Buddhist community for they truly touched her heart.

a6We stopped in Austin to visit friends and had some excellent brisket, ribs and sausage at ‘Smokey Moe’s Bar B-Q’ in Round Rock and that was some of the best BBQ I had ever ate. But in Texas there are many excellent smoke houses with their own distinct and delicious flavors and secret sauces that just titillate the taste buds and olfactory . We visited their Parrish and visited the priests who prayed for my mom. The art work within this Parrish was nothing short of breath taking.

The next place of interest for Romana was San Antonio. I knew my mom and dad visited Missions all over the US and Mexico for years. So I made sure to add this to her agenda. I figured she visited them because she lived in a mission in her youth but it was much deeper than that, I soon discovered. What started out as a lighthearted and somewhat eclectic journey took an unexpected and eye opening turn.

Fact is, the San Antonio Mission Trail became a journey of deliverance and revelation for my mom came full circle with hera8 past and confronted the demons that haunted her for 81 years of her life. Though she was a US citizen she was remanded to an mission orphanage deep in Mexico back in the 1930’s, during the U.S.A.’s rush for the American Race as opposed to Germany’s Master race. Mental Defectives were being ushered into asylums while select minorities were being whisked away, out of sight and out of mind and my mom was caught up in the hysteria as a nation began to purify the American Genome.

As we toured the Missions of San Antonio my mom began to tell me stories I never heard her mention in all the years I knew her. She began by explaining that all the relics, ovens and artifacts that were on display at the missions here in Texas were still in use up to the day her brothers broke her out of the mission in the early 1940’s. She said the mission was still segregating fair skinned kids from the brown Indios and how the nuns would treat the non-natives with care and tenderness while giving them adequate food, uniforms and medical attention.

a10On the other hand, she and other ‘savages’ were forced to wear cloths for weeks without bathing. Food was a luxury item since the Indios were not fed with any regularity and what they did eat was stale, rotten and sometimes covered with maggots. At least the maggots were fresh and chock full of protein. The Indios were severely beaten if they stepped out of line by mentioning of being hungry, thirsty or cold. My mom told me that her and the other kids were starving to death and that many kids perished during her tenure as an orphan at the mission.

In light of what we know today were the ‘pretty kids’ being raised for other much darker purposes other than photo ops and paraded around for donations? After all pedophilia was a fetish of the bored aristocrat, ancient philosophers and G*Ds as history denoted throughout the ages. Ancient pictures, plates and other artifacts decorate the finest museums in the world and considered priceless by art aficionados. They probably have a collection of ‘Snuff Flicks’ to complement their onerous sexual forte.

The works of Marque De Sade was nothing more than a snapshot of a nobleman’s hidden passions and decadent desires. Read a few chapters of Marque’s book, ‘120 Day’s of Sodom or the School of Libertinism’ and make your own opinion, just don’t drop the soap. You think Elitist Libertines are filthy perverts now, you should see how their ancestors were back in the day for their perversions of the flesh involving children were epic.

My mom described starvation to me in a casual yet poignant manner, “We were very hungry but eventually the hunger pains went away, we stopped crying and was not hungry anymore. Some kids died but for the ones that lived, we were finally fed broth”. Apparently this was a culling event designed to thin the herd of those pesky Indians and mental defectives. Eugenics has taken many forms over the ages and ironically it was in the name of G*D or what was perceived as G*D by some very stupid people.

She told me the story of a young nun from France who could not bare watching the kids suffer and die, to the chagrin of her superiors. She gave my mom a blanket and told her to keep it hidden from the other nuns. She smuggled scraps of food to my mom and other starving and sick kids. Eventually the kind sister was removed or was returned to France, for the crime of kindness I imagine.

The Indian kids were simply slaves who worked around the mission till they died or was lucky enough to run away. The ones who were re-captured were beaten, possibly to death for they were never seen again after their rigorous punishments. My mom remembered in chilling detail how the little Indian kids would cry in shear pain and agony as the nuns beat them senseless for violating G*D’s law. Obviously their G*D was not the true architect of the universe, just a gutter snipe with shiny toys, a taste for math and condoned beating children soft and bloody.

They were unconscious but my mom was sure some died on the spot. Nuns gleefully boasted that a dead Indian child’s spirit was destined for purgatory or hell itself since the child was not properly baptized and died a heathen. Many native children were driven mad from the terror they endured while in this orphanage. The ‘sisters’ would take non native kids on tours of the native quarters and use this as an example of what could happen if they were bad and pissed off G*D. How far beyond stupid was that?

“We will put you with the Indians if you’re bad”, they would say according to my mum. She remembered the smell of ‘sweet soap’ and the sight of crisp pressed uniforms the non native kids wore during their tour of the native hell-hole for they lived and played out of sight of the dirty Indios, where the grass was cool and cookies were served or so it was rumored.

Romana was placed in a room with the insane kids for months at a time for flagrant violations of the nuns codes. She remembered the smell of feces, vomit and urine that covered the walls and how everyone was naked or in tattered cloths. One crime my mom recalled was the crime of ‘asking’. I queried what the crime of asking was and she said it was forbidden for her and other brownies to ask for food, blankets cloths or water because they were not G*D’s children. Native kids were considered impure beings and an eyesore in the Creator’s eyes. They were also considered inhuman.

a7Mum used to cook on an oven like the ones on display in the missions we toured. If she was caught tasting anything she was cooking she was beaten then tossed in the room with the insane kids. I stood in astonishment as my mom opened up on exactly on how these people of the cloth would abuse the boys and girls. Kids simply disappeared never to be seen again and she knew they were not adopted for they were ‘trouble makers’ who dared to lash out. Besides, people wanted the white kids not dirty brown Indians anyway. Fortunately my mom was to chicken to speak out or I would not be here.

My uncles told of how the mission had underground caverns and tunnels that were dug by natives for the priests and nuns. They lead to dark rooms or cells as well as to other buildings within the mission/orphanage complex. The part that really got my attention was that these passage ways were said to be lined with the skeletons of children from infants to teenagers that were posed as sentinels or guards with tiny shields, wooden swords and spears. My mom only heard of the tunnels and caverns but her older brothers saw them when they were runaways from the orphanage and desperate to find cover within the surrounding compound. My uncles also said the tunnels smelled of death and decomposing flesh.

As we toured I asked why my mom and pop visited all these missions over the years since they were full of bad memories of barbarism, torture and death. She said it was so she could pray for all the tortured souls who were buried outside of the mission walls for their broken bodies were not pure and not allowed in cemeteries. The sound of kids crying in agony echoed in her ears and haunted her soul for 81 years. By visiting these missions she could offer a prayer and help them on their journey or at least let them know they were not forgotten. My mom knew all to well she could have easily been one of those lost souls buried like trash in unmarked mass graves. Romana was conditioned at the orphanage and feared for her life if she ever told her stories but in December of 2014 she was no longer fearful of retribution and death if she ever mentioned a word of what transpired more than half a century ago.

In essence she overcame her fears and could finally face her past and tell the whole story of her epic journey that began when she was 7 years old when both of her parents died. She told me she was haunted by these memories all her life but now she was liberated and free from fear. When we went to the missions she felt it was time for me to hear the whole story before she died. Now her focus of concern was for the dead Indians who refused to be slaves and were murdered for disobeying G*D by the priests and nuns. When you think about it, these missions were early ‘sweatshops’, only difference is sweatshops pay real wages of around a dollar a day. Oh boy, does this fabulous wage include a 401K and healthcare?

She said that little had changed since the days Indians were beaten for not accepting the European G*D in the early 1940’s when she was finally rescued by her brothers and taken back to America. The only difference was the method of euthanization that was perpetrated against the natives. But then again we don’t know what happened in the catacombs beneath the house of G*D. But skeletons nailed to tunnel walls hinted of darker days in the past, don’t you think? Maybe it was just leftovers from their annual Halloween Haunted House and the bones were made of latex. Yeah, that’s it, oh silly me the eternal skeptic.

Now I had a complete picture of my mom’s life and why she married a Scotsman for their childhoods were scared by child abuse of every kind by people of the cloth. In my step-dad’s case it was the Church of England who had dominion over boarding schools. Their disdain for the Scots was equally barbaric writhe with abuses of every kind imaginable. And it was in the name of G*D.

Ole Norman my step-dad also told me of the gruesome and perverted Saxon head masters who systematically abused little boys. His stories of how he was savagely beaten with a cat of nine tails for no reason other than being a Scot still burns in my memory.

I was placed in foster care when my mom contracted TB. I was segregated from other kids and got beaten like a red headed step child. I had my taste of abuse as well. But for those who never lived in an orphanage or foster care, you have no idea what it’s like and maybe you should shut your opinionated and miss-informed pie hole before someone plants a fist in it for running your clueless mouth. Just remember, people who’ve survived abuses of any kind also suffer ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’ and in some cases, ‘Anger Management Issues’ as well.

This is not about BAD religions homeboy/homegirl, it’s about people who hide behind religions, social status and positions of trust to perpetrate crimes against children. You know who you are and soon everyone will know what you are. And if you’re to lame to understand that, then you deserve the dental surgery a survivor will give you, for free.

Nothing gets my ire more than bonehead experts who never saw a day of foster care but have meaningless opinions, quote scriptures and have no clue what they are talking about. They can cause more harm than good if the truth was know. An inept PTSD counselor who dared to ‘test’ my reactions almost lost his life and I’m not kidding. Survivors of abuse can spot them the moment they open their big mouths to flatulate like politicians hunting the vote. Gads, my PTSDs are flaring up now.

As the spirit world interfaces more and more with our plain of existence during this era of absolute change the secrets of the Contemporary Elitist Libertines will be reveled for their false G*D has no dominion over the spirit world. It was said in many visions, “The people will know the truth when they hear it” and the Pandora’s Box of Truth is now wide open boys and girls and the show has only just begun.

We should all know by now that the real architect of the universe never condoned the abuse of children or anyone else for that matter.

Those were the words of the False G*D and Celestial Douche Bag, Mork.
  Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom, capice paisan?

Your Devil’s Advocate

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