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Buffalohair: Suu Kyi’s Ambivalence Rebuked: OPEN LETTER TO DAW AUNG SAN SUU KYI

Suu Kyi’s Ambivalence Rebuked: OPEN LETTER TO DAW AUNG SAN SUU KYI

I’m forwarding another letter from the Kachin People to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Unfortunately it appears she has betrayed many of her staunchest supporters including the over 600 political prisoners who sacrificed their freedom for her. The Kachin people were excited about her arrival in the US so she could shed light in the genocide being committed in Kachin State by government troops in ‘Burma’s Secret War’. 10′s of thousands of Internally Displaced People also looked with hope to Suu Kyi, now they are screwed, and screwed big time. What happened Aunty Suu? What would your father say? more »

In defence of Suu Kyi, If you paid attention, she never had a chance to see the outside world without a Bilderberg member by her side. She has been courted by globalist thugs even before she was set free. Now she is courted by corporations and mining shills who are eager to exploit Kachinland for rare earth minerals, gold and uranium. Her speeches spew forth globalist crappola as if she were a corporatist rather than the iconic pro democracy advocate she once purported. Apparently she has betrayed everything she once stood for rendering her writings meaningless, at this juncture. Freedom From Fear or Freedom From Facts?

But it is also obvious her words are not hers for her mannerisms indicate a person still in bondage. Her speeches lack fluidity and confidence. I pray ‘Our Suu Kyi’ is still alive’ and only waiting for the right opportunity to make her stand against tyranny that continues to plague Burma. In any event I am forwarding a disheartened letter from my Jinghpaw brothers and sisters in an effort to share the real truth to the outside world and hopefully Suu Kyi.

A Letter From The Kachin People:

In response to your recent public comments in the United States regarding the conflict and human rights violations in Kachin State, Kachin communities world-wide would like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit internally displaced people (IDP) forced to live in makeshift camps in Mai Ja Yang, Kachin State.

The government of Burma, which you are now an elected member of, broke the 17 year-long ceasefire in June 2011 to annex Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) controlled areas. From this time, the Burmese army has not only launched full-scale war against the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) but also committed genocide and other heinous human rights violations deliberately attacking innocent civilians. The direct military actions by the Burmese army in a clear violation of Geneva Conventions have resulted in the forced displacement of 100,000 Kachin civilians to date.

Human rights abuses committed by the Burmese army against our people include rape and gang-rape against women and even children, the elderly and disabled; killing many victims of sexual violence; arbitrary executions; torture; mutilations; beatings; forced labour; mortar bombing and burning of villages; looting of villages and other thefts; and use of child soldiers many of which constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity. Given the climate of violence, fear and suffering our people are enduring everyday, it is disheartening not to hear you speaking out against injustice for those who have been forcibly silent, instead you declared you have a soft spot for Tatmadaw that your father founded, the very institution that is responsible for such miseries.

As you and your fellow parliamentary members are well aware, the government of Burma is not providing emergency relief and is refusing to allow the free delivery of humanitarian aid to tens of thousands of internally displaced people in direct and open violation of international law. In your position as Chair of the Lower House of Parliament’s Rule of Law Committee you have the power to initiate and the responsibility to minimize the immense suffering of Kachin IDPs that includes women and young children who are suffering from malnutrition and other illnesses without sufficient medical or education facilities.

We Kachin had looked to you to speak out about the abuses being committed against our people at least based on humanitarian grounds as you were once silenced by the same regime and were eventually triumphant by unwavering voices of freedom. If you were to speak out, the international community would listen, all the people of Burma regardless of ethnicity or religion will stand up for the wholesale principles of democracy and human rights. As a renowned champion for human rights, by not condemning the abuses in Kachin State you are not only condoning the state-sanctioned violence, but you exemplified to the masses in the country that the notion of conditional human rights is tolerated.

We are concerned by your comments at the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom, June 2012, when you stated that there was a need to establish the facts of the root cause of the Kachin conflict. Further, in your meeting with the Burmese Community in the USA on 22nd September, you stated: “Basically, what is it that I have to strongly condemn? If it is a human rights violation as well as any acts of breaching the rule of law then I will strongly condemn.” You are yet to take a stance on the human rights abuses taking place in Kachin State, your statement, combined with the comments you made at the LSE gives the impression to the people of Burma and international community that you do not believe human rights abuses are taking place.

Many international human rights organisations including Human Rights Watch, and international media including the BBC have reported and verified that heinous abuses are committed against the Kachin population by the Burmese army. In March 2012 the United Nations Special Rapporteur stated he had reports of:

“…attacks against civilian populations, extrajudicial killings, internal displacement, the use of human shields and forced labour, and the confiscation and destruction of property. He has also received reports of gang rapes by army soldiers, although the numbers provided by different sources vary. In the report of the Secretary-General on conflict-related sexual violence, it was noted that as many as 32 women and girls throughout Kachin State were allegedly raped by the military between June and August 2011.”

Given the seriousness of the situation outlined above we invite you to visit Mai Ja Yang, where the majority of the IDPs are taking refuge and protection by the KIO. You will be able to hear directly from the victims about the human rights abuses that have been committed against them. You will see for yourself the suffering caused by the Burmese government’s refusal to allow humanitarian aid into these areas. As you often refer to your father General Aung San in your political speeches, we do hope that you uphold his promise for the Union of Burma where all ethnic people including Burman will be equal. As an elected MP and daughter of General Aung San, talk of “unity” while staying silent on the suffering of the ethnic masses will only polarize the country further.

All of those who believe in the cause of human rights and democracy in our country must work together. We must all make efforts to restore trust, and therefore in the spirit of Panglong we extend this invitation to you. You are now able to travel all over the world and speak openly to large audiences. We request that you also travel to Mai Ja Yang in Kachin State, and witness first-hand what is taking place in Kachin State to advocate for the ordinary citizens who are suffering at the hands of their own government. We have trust in you that you will recognize the urgency and importance of this request and not refuse the invitation.

The undersigned Kachin organizations
1.    All Kachin Students and Youth Union (AKSYU)
2.    Kachin Canadian Association
3.    Kachin Women’s Association Thailand (KWAT)
4.    Kachin National Organization (KNO)
5.    Kachin Association of Australia (KAA)
6.    Kachin Centre-Thailand
7.    Kachin Refugee Committee- Malaysia (KRC)
8.    Kachin National Organization (KNO-Japan)
9.    Kachin National Organization (KNO-Denmark)
10. Kachin Christian Fellowship (KCF-Denmark)
11. Kachin National Organization (KNO-USA)
12. Kachin National Organization (KNO-United Kingdom)
13. Kachin National Organization (KNO-India)
14. Kachin National Organization (KNO-Malaysia)
15. Kachin National Organization (KNO-Australia)
16. Kachin Community in United Kingdom
17. Kachin Community in Sweden (KCS)
18. Kachin Community in Netherlands (KCNL)
19. Kachin Association Norway  
20. Kachin Alliance (USA)
21. Pan Kachin Development Society (PKDS)
22. Queensland Kachin Community
23. Singapore Kachin Community
For more information, please contact:
·         Gumsan (USA), 001 ( )443 415 8683
·         Dr. Nawmai Maran (USA), 001 ( ) 402 990 2553
·         Naw San (Thailand), +66 (0) 848119594
·         Moon Nay Li (Thailand), +66 (0) 856251912
·         Hkahpa Tu Sadan (UK), Mobile: +44 (0) 7538 258961

Your Devil’s Advocate

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Buffalohair:Kachin IDPs of Burma: Waiting to Die

Kachin IDP’s of Burma: Waiting to Die

Kachin IDP’s Waiting For Help That Will Never Arrive
With all the sugar coated news out of Burma you’d think all is well within this budding democracy but in all actuality nothing could be further from the truth. Pretty speeches, gala events and golden placards can not erase the fact Burma is in the midst of an epic human tragedy. Forgotten by the western media and politicians alike the people of Kachin State are left to fend for themselves as winter approaches.
IDP’s Living along the Sino/Burma Border with no shelter or food. Death is a fact of life.
It’s only been a couple of months since I received photos from Kachinland but the situation has not gotten any better. For the vast majority of the 10’s of thousands of Kachin refugees who fled the encroaching Burmese military humanitarian aid is only a dream. With few supplies and no shelter many Kachin or Jinghpaw face certain death from not only the junta but from the elements with no salvation in sight. And the blood of these innocent people will rest on the hands of all who chose to ignore their cries for help. Exactly how many people must die before the world takes notice of the secret war in Burma?
Pestilence has already begun to count coup on the internally displaced people of Kachinland. With no sustenance, shelter nor winter clothing the future of the IDP’s in Kachinland is grim at best but let’s lift sanctions regardless. Why couldn’t western mining interests forge a deal with the Kachin people rather than the military regime? After all, Kachin State does belong to the Kachin people not the junta. The quest for Kachinland’s natural resources could have been resolved amicably and lucratively for Burma, the people of Kachinland and the global mining interests who are eager to exploit Kachin State. But I guess it’s easier to simply let the junta kill them off rather than share in the bounty.
Enjoy the pictorial titled;
‘The Ignored People of Burma’s Secret War’

Kachin IDP’s living in the elements, no shelter or food. That spells certain death when winter takes it’s toll in the months ahead.
They will not survive winter
The victims of Burma’s Secret War who fled torture and death only to face death from exposure & starvation along the Sino/Burma Border
The real victims of Burma’s continued genocide of the Jinghpaw people. The race for natural resources has an ugly side and we will soon have blood on our hands for allowing this to happen on our shift.
Children in their ‘new home’ away from Burmese gunfire.

Contact Pastor Le Seng and learn how you can participate in his humanitarian mission to Kachin State in Burma;

Pastor La Seng Labya
DFW Kachin Baptist Church
1000 West Lamar Blvd
Arlington, Texas, 76012-2097
Your Devil’s Advocate
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Suu Kyi's Silence on Burma's Secret War Against the Kachin

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Buffalohair: An Appeal to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi from the Kachin Alliance, For the Sake of Humanity

An Appeal to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi from the Kachin Alliance, For the Sake of Humanity

I am forwarding an open letter from the Kachin Alliance to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in an effort to stop the wholesale killing in Kachin State, Burma’s Secret War. This is the English version so the world can learn the reality of the horrific human rights violations being perpetrated against innocent people as the world lifts sanctions.

Sept 16, 2012

Dear Daw Aung San Suu Kyi,

The Kachin Alliance, representatives of the Kachin community in the US, wishes to extend a warm welcome to you on your momentous visit to this country, and offer heartfelt congratulations on the great honor of receiving the Congressional Gold Medal.

We Kachins cannot, however, participate in this joyous occasion, as our hearts are heavy with sadness and trepidation, mindful of the untold miseries our kinsmen in Kachinland are currently going through. We feel that it is inappropriate for us to rejoice and celebrate when the tens of thousands of our people displaced by renewed fighting are in dire need of the most basic of human needs, when they have to live in constant fear and uncertainty, when Chinese authorities have dismantled refugee camps on their borders and sent them back into conflict zones, when their rights are being violated even in the sanctity of a church-run camp in government controlled territory. 

We earnestly appeal to you in the name of your revered father, the architect of independence, General Aung San, to use your moral authority, your international stature, and powerful position in parliament as opposition leader, and Chair of the Rule of Law Committee, to be an advocate for the rights of our people. It is a measure of the trust our forefathers put in General Aung San’s promise of equal rights that they rejected the British offer of a separate homeland, and opted to form a union with the lowland Burmans. Staying loyal and true to their commitment to the union, they fought valiantly alongside other hilltribes servicemen to stave off the danger posed by the myriad of insurgencies that emerged soon after independence, and saved the union from disintegrating. The first prime minister of the Union, the late U Nu, had often paid tribute to this fact in his Kachin State Day messages.
May we therefore, take this opportunity to implore your intervention in the following issues critical to the well-being of the Kachin people:

  1. A free flow of domestic and international aid for Kachin IDPs, as resolving the IDP problem needs to be a prerequisite for any and all future talks, military or political.
  2. Presence of UN observer teams or intermediary teams in conflict zones and IDP camps to monitor and prevent human rights abuses.
  3. Urge government to begin a political dialogue leading to a genuine federal union that guarantees equality and self-determination for ethnic nationalities
  4. Parliamentary steps to cut off military spending for the Kachin war as a means of bringing the decades long civil war to an end.
  5. End, not just suspend, construction of the Myitsone Dam and 6 other smaller dams on the tributaries of the Irrawaddy, which spells ecological disaster not just for Kachin State but for the entire country.
We trust that you will be a champion of ethnic rights as your father was, and help restore the rights that were denied us after his tragic and untimely death, for it is the denial of rights that is at the root of our discontent.
For the cause of peace, justice and equality in Burma,
Kachin Alliance of United States of America
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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Buffalohair: Burma: Western Shame, Than Shwe Glee as War Wages in Kachinland

Burma: Western Shame, Than Shwe Glee as War Wages in Kachinland

There is no question Than Shwe continues to rule Burma with an iron fist. Only difference is he is hidden in Nay Pi Daw, out of sight, out of mind. Though President Their Sein ordered a stop to hostilities in Kachin State his request was ignored. The Tatmadaw does not take orders from civilians regardless if they were retired generals such as the case of President Their Sein. Burma’s duel government is a sham but a blessing to corporations who’ve skirted sanctions for decades.
The culprits of corruption are Than Shwe’s fetid inner circle as described in a well written piece by *Kanbawza Win. Kachinland is enveloped in a major war the west continues to ignore. Now the west has blood on their hands because of their ambivalence and failure to respond to this humanitarian crisis. After all, the Kachin or Jinghpaw people did not start this war; it was the Burmese Military who decided to break the ceasefire when Burma became a budding democracy over a year ago. Guess Burma is a democracy, just so it does not include the military dictatorship that is still in control via Burma’s sham constitution.
Fortunately the KIO/KIA is the stumbling block in Than Shwe’s fetid plan to euthanize the Jinghpaw. With no help from the outside world they are holding their own against the Tatmadaw and their well equipped army. Vladimir Putin thought it would a humanitarian gesture to sell Than Shwe’s air force sophisticated rockets to assist in the genocide of innocent men women and children. This undoubtedly will offer the Burmese Military a more efficient system to deliver their biological and chemical weapons. But with the world turning their heads the other way the Tatmadaw can do anything they like against civilians.
Jinghpaw troops have reported that many Burmese soldiers and officers have no taste for genocide and refuse to engage the valiant Jinghpaw soldiers. Some officers would rather spend their time in the brig rather than kill innocent people. Kachin troops have allowed them to retreat rather then slaughter them. Many were mere children hopped up on drugs and no match for the well trained Jinghpaw men and women who continue to defend their homeland.  But sadly there are Burmese troops who continue to rape and murder the Jinghpaw just for the shear joy of it and crimes against humanity still prevail unchecked.
Caught in the crossfire are the thousands of Internally Displaced People of Kachinland, fathers, mothers and their children who’ve been routed from their farms and homes. Many fled to avoid torture and rape or turned into slaves or porters then killed after they are used. With supplies is short supply these innocent people face yet another crisis and that is the weather for they are ill prepared to face the winter that is just around the corner. It is bad enough they are living in the elements as diseases begin to take their toll. Monsoon season continues to count coup on these victims of war yet there is little assistance from the world. What meager aid they do receive it is paltry in comparison to this epic humanitarian crisis. Than Shwe will get his wish as the innocent IDP’s continue to die from exposure and disease in the coming winter months.
Though some aid manages to filter into some regions there are many areas that do not see any aid. And it is with this in mind I am petitioning you the reader for help. The most vulnerable population of Kachinland, the IDP is in dire straights and in need of assistance. There are a few organizations out there but they do not have enough aid to go to these remote places but I know of one organization that continues to assist these suffering people. The DFW Kachin Baptist Church lead by Pastor La Seng Labya who is preparing a mission to these outlaying IDP camps along the China/Burma border and I know he can use all the help he can muster so he can provide some relief to these beleaguered people.
In desperation I beseech everyone who reads this story to assist La Seng in his mission to aid his fellow countrymen. It is an impossible mission for thousands of people are in desperate need of winter clothing, food and medical assistance. Shelter is also in critical demand as the pictures in this post reveals. I may not be able to stop the war in Kachinland but I can surely assist in this epic humanitarian crisis and possibly save a few more lives. I know this organization and they’ve continued to aid in the relief efforts from a grass roots posture and if you wish to make a difference in the lives of innocent IDP’s this is the chance for you to participate. The church is a non profit organization with a tax ID so any aid is tax deductable.
The war in Kachinland will continue until the people of the world are made fully aware of this situation. People will continue to die from unspeakable hardships as well as from Burmese rifles. That will not stop La Seng from delivering hope and love to people who never wanted war in the first place, the IDP. It would also be advised that people contact their politicians and ask why there is no support for the Kachin people. If enough people inquire about Than Shwe’s secret war then maybe we can add enough political pressure to stop this exercise in eugenics before the Kachin are eliminated from the face of the earth. And shame on the western media for ignoring the war and this epic humanitarian crisis.
Photos provided by the KIO/KIA & La Seng Labya
Contact Le Seng and learn how you can participate in this humanitarian mission to Kachin State in Burma;
Pastor La Seng Labya
DFW Kachin Baptist Church
1000 West Lamar Blvd
Arlington, Texas, 76012-2097
 * The Evil Genius, Than Shwe and the Current Reforms

Your Devil’s Advocate
Buffalohair, (Shan Htoi Gam)
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Buffalohair: Ramblings of an Aboriginal Doomsday Prepper

Ramblings of an Aboriginal Doomsday Prepper

Window at El Rito Historical Site
What do natives say about the time of change at a social? Umm, well actually we don’t say much since we already know the story and how it will end. We do share encounters & visions and laugh at the stupidity of intelligent people who completely ignore all the ‘in your face’ signs though. But we are saddened by fellow natives who threw away their traditions to walk the dark road with other mislead people for ego and material wealth. What are they thinking? You must admit it is quite laughable for Christians, Jews and other dogmatic people to completely ignore prophecies from their very own sacred books, scrolls and etchings forged in stone. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion; you know it’s going to crash but are powerless to stop it.

It is obvious elitists are not in the drivers seat of mankind’s destiny. They are subservient to entities they pay homage to within their lodges and secret societies. A rude awakening is just around the corner for them and their butt-crack sacred entities who claim to be the true G*D. If only you realized how many world leaders and elitists consult soothsayers and worship alien entities. It would appear they are atheists but in reality they are selective atheists since they do believe in evil over good. After all, they are steeped in mysticism and astrologers and their dim bulb sacred entities. The funny part is the fact ass-crack entities know the true creator and also know their destiny in the grand scheme of things. But you got to give them an E for effort by leading stupid earth guys down the path to their own demise. Like they say, ‘misery needs company’ and tag, you’re it.

Whether you like it or not, Ma Earth has only begun to flex her muscle and she will be indiscriminant in her wrath as she cleans house on this wicked society. You’ve had many opportunities to know the truth through sacred books, traditions and customs so you can’t blame G*D, Maheo or whatever your culture calls the Creator. Ma Earth has also given humanity warning signs for years but man was asleep at the wheel. If only people actually read their own sacred books rather than listen to schlock preachers that say it’s OK to hate and kill others who pray differently. Maybe humanity would not have become a cesspool of greed and deception where killing for natural resources and ignoring the cries for democracy is condoned. How far beyond stupid is that?

Oh well, it was prophesized we would become cultural sewage near the end of this cycle. Frankly I can see why humanity will soon face a mass extinction for we have become fetid creatures who kill others for land & natural resources or we are invested in corporations who do. The excuse of not knowing or ignoring the criminal conduct of big business does not fly in the real world. Stockholders have just as much blood on their hands as the corporations who contract killers to assassinate tribal leaders to steal their land for timber, gold and oil. How many people were murdered so Chiquita Banana could steal tribal land to expand their banana plantations? How much forest was destroyed so IKEA could make that stupid teakwood end table you gave Aunt Shoshana?

Why did the mainstream media completely ignore the wholesale murder of the Yanomani Tribesmen in Venezuela in July of 2012 by gold mining interests? Global mining corporations are waiting in silence for the Kachin people of Burma to be euthanized so they can move in and turn Kachinland into an open pit mine. And we call ourselves civilized? The list of crimes against humanity perpetrated by corporations globally is off the charts. It is a financial hay day for elitist investors who continue to glean substantial profits from the annihilation of indigenous cultures and the bankruptcy of others. Africa was turned into a virtual killing field by corporations who kill civilian populations opposed to their land grab, with the blessings of tin horn dictators friendly to big business. Murderer Bashar Assad of Syria is a corporate crony. He should be tried in court, not asked to step down.
Tipi Crew Doing What Natives Do, Supervise
Orno Operations & Product, Tasted Goot With Honey or Stuffed with Spiced Moose Meat
In any event I’ve included some snap shots of indigenous culture that I guess could be deemed survival training or prepping for disaster. But for us native types it’s all about touching base with our roots and sacred ways. From cooking with an orno to erecting the family tipi, I guess you could call us Native Preppers. But within all cultures are traditions that also double as survival skills and making a tipi is one of them for us. Just remember; survival includes a very real spiritual connection so you know whom to trust and whom to ignore when spirits come calling. The rest is down hill from there physically speaking. Just check out your sacred book for details if you plan to survive.

So what do old buzzard native dudes chat about while sitting around a campfire? We chat about all kinds of stuff like fast Harley’s, Denver Broncos, my fave; the Texas Rangers and chicks with big boobs who make good fry bread. Holy cow, when I was a kid the only boobs we saw were in Playboy or ‘Our Man Flint’ movies. Now boobs are everywhere but sadly they are just man made plastic boobs. Come to think of it, I never saw a set of boobs or booty on an alien before. And I doubt exterrestials can make fry bread. Small wonder some alien types are a bit pervy and like spying on earthlings while they are ‘getting it on’. You know; the ole mattress mambo. Ah, but that’s another story and from what I can tell, this conversation is going down hill fast. Charles Bukowski would be proud…………

Your Devil’s Advocate

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Buffalohair: Who Was The Last Real American President?

Who Was The Last Real American President?

Politicians have become nothing more than front men for elitists, corporations and a hand full of investors. The fiduciary responsibilities of a nation were either ignored or auctioned off to the private sector such as the penal system, healthcare and the financial system. Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us about the corrupt military industrial complex. John F. Kennedy was assassinated because he dared to stand for America. Then Lyndon Johnson took over and it went down hill from there, we are screwed. more

Kennedy’s predecessor Lyndon B. Johnson and his wife already had their hand in the cookie jar when Kennedy was killed. Lyndon’s collusion with Brown & Root Construction Company in Vietnam made him wealthy beyond words while filling his political coffers. Ladybird’s investments in Bell Helicopter made her a king’s ransom on the blood & bones of our soldiers. Their connection with the military industrial complex was no coincidence and the LBJ presidency marked the beginning of corporatism writhe with lies, greed and corruption within American government. It also marked the end of democracy.

Since the Vietnam War the pattern of corruption has not changed, in fact it has taken on a life of its own as nation after nation continues to be invaded for the sake of corporate interests.  Tin horn dictators who launder money for corporate thugs are embraced by China, Russia and the West while ignoring the pleas for democracy by people who continue to be oppressed, their land confiscated or simply euthanized. This is accomplished with the help of the western banking system of course. Unfortunately democracy is no longer in the vocabulary of most world leaders. From an indigenous point of view, it’s the same ole, same ole and now other cultures can hear Gary Owen echo across the landscape as the corporate cavalry rapes, kills and steal the land. And it is a sure bet promises, contracts and treaties are not worth the paper they are written on. Civilization has come full circle, welcome to the Stoneage.

Like a cancer corrupt American politicians (better known as investors) invent excuses for war only to mask the two pronged agenda of selling war toys and the conquest of natural resources. With a vengeance the corporate controlled media plants seeds of hate and discord in the direction their corporate handlers point them while a lemming society digests their lies with morning cup of coffee. If there are natural resources in a country that does not allow global elitists to exploit the media labels them atrocitious criminals with weapons of mass distruction. Eventually war breaks out to ‘save’ the nation for humanities sake. That is the only time humanity matters. Only after vested corporate interests are in place would the nation be called ‘liberated’ but in reality another culture lay in ruines. The seed of hatred is planted but war is a lucrative venture so it all works out anyway.

China and Russia has not been spared the wave of corporate corruption either. Vladimir Putin & Hu Xing Tao and their corporate cronies have distorted and destroyed communism and replaced it with corporatism. The corporate shills (politicians) who’ve hijacked America and destroyed the Constitution were truly the architects of this axiom of profitable treason. Europe is already doomed with its sham European Union and national sovereignties are nothing more than a quaint side note to a nation’s history. Corporate shill David Cameron is only marking time before he makes his move on England for Tony Blair has already destroyed the UK with the royal family’s blessings.

If only we paid more attention to President Dwight Eisenhower when he warned us about the military industrial complex, maybe JFK would have been served out his term. It is ironic that Lyndon Johnson was the father of gun control though his true history is writhe with thuggery, death, and corruption. What a coincidence it was for Kennedy to be whacked in Dallas. Clearly Lyndon Johnson was the first corporate shill whose presidency paved a treasonous path for others to follow.

Now the corporate controled media presents two candidates while ignoring the others; Romney and Obama who are owned part and parcel by the very corporations Johnson entrenched in government many years before. The election is lost as far as the American people are concerned because the military industrial complex has already won.

So tell me, who was the last real American president, was it Eisenhower or Kennedy?

Your Devil’s Advocate

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