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Buffalohair: Caring For The Elderly: An Inside Story pt 1.

Caring For The Elderly: An Inside Story, pt 1.

Prescription_drugsRecently my 86 year old mom fell ill from conflicting toxic medications she was prescribed by whistle dick doctors. This medical journey resembled a silent movie made by the Keystone Cops rather than experienced professionals or medical version of ‘Dumb and Dumber’. If it were not for the fact these medical imbeciles where tinkering with MY mother’s life this would have been a slapstick comedy of errors. In any event I am not laughing since my mom is still struggling for her life as of this writing. And have I got a story to tell you boys and girls.

Let me give a little history: Back when my mom was 70 years old I personally took her off 20 different pills these ‘Pharma-Doctors’ had prescribed her. Gads, she only went to see this doctor after twisting her ankle since it was all swollen. It was her first visit to the doctor in many years since the last quack took the sight from her left eye in a bogus surgery. On this day, of course, the good doctor ‘discovered’ my mom had osteoporosis, arthritis, high cholesterol, triglycerides and a butt load of new improved diseases including a catch all heart condition and vitamin deficiency. Hmm, what about the twisted swollen ankle?

Of course she was loaded down with ‘life saving’ drugs and within weeks my mom’s skin began to turn gray then began to walk all humped over while suffering pain all over her body. The good doctor gave my mom horse tablets, literally, of Vioxx and Celebrex, along with healthy doses of zocor, lanoxin, lupitor and a list of other bogus drugs. I said, “Screw all that shiza”, and dumped all those pills except for a couple heart pills since Dr. Death poured on the charm and blarney to convince my mom to stay on them. What a douche bag eh. But at least this doctor earned more “Poison Pill Points’ from the pharmaceutical industry. I should also mention that I dumped my step-dad’s ‘Box-O-Meds’ at the same time and he had 25 pills a day, what’s that all about?

You got to pay attention to what these doctors are doing to you and your elderly, get a second and third opinion. Don’t be stupid and take anyone’s word at face value, research everything and educate yourself for the life you save may very well be your own. You also got to pay attention to NGO’s and what secrets lay in their contracts you or grand pa signs for assisted care for nothing is really free in many cases. Land confiscations of deceased elderly property are on the rise because people don’t read the fine print when they get various types of aid from some agencies. But there are truly humanitarian agencies as well as legitimate doctors that actually practice medicine, not push pills.

One day a couple of months back I took my mom for a doctors visit. The visit seemed innocuous enough since the doctor just gave her a check up and asked a few questions. But just before the visit was done doctor changed my mom’s medication claiming the new pill was a smaller dosage. Fact is, I never really got a straight answer from this doctor about my mom’s med change. Just another clueless Medical Nimrod whose lame explanations only revealed exactly how naive she truly was about the drugs she was doling out. Prescription drugs are killing over 100,000 Americans every year and no one is accountable. Dare I mention the death toll from all these new vaccinations and other ‘must have’ inoculations? Al Qeada’s total death toll on US soil doesn’t hold a candle to the ever growing inferno of death these medical murderers are responsible for. If it was another industry people would be going to jail for such an egregious loss of human life. OK OK OK, back to me mum eh.

After the latest visit a few weeks passed, then my mom began to feel like crappola. So off we go to ‘doctor feel good’ for guidance since it was this new pill that was making my mom’s belly and throat burn along with muscle & joint pain. The doc got miffed at my query about the meds in correlation to the listed ‘side effects’ and my mom’s growing condition. ‘Real’ doctors have ‘real’ answers, not back water mumbo jumbo like ‘Zippy the Stethoscope Holder’ tried to pass off. This ‘pill doctor’ had no solution or suggestions about my mom’s dire condition other than her last flatulation; “Maybe you should go to the emergency room, see what they have to say”. Hello Mac Fly, you’re the herpes who changed my mom’s script in the first place, you mindless pimple on the ass of life! How far beyond stupid is that?

So it was off to the emergency room where the doctors were waiting. Then in a moment my mom was whisked away for tests and x-rays, x-rays? Maybe the x-rays were for the twisted ankle she had 16 years ago when she took her first ride on the ‘Pill Doctor’s Medical Merry-Go-Round’. In any event, she was given a bazillion tests, rolled around in an MRI and even scooted across the hospital in a wheel chair, weeeeeeeeee! After all the tests were done we waited, and waited, and waited. Then ole Doctor Kildar walked in and told us there was nothing wrong and after chatting with my mom’s Dr. Death they decided to prescribe yet another pill ‘to ease the edema’. If it were not for the fact this was real life and my mom laying on the table this would have made a great ‘Harold and Kumar’ movie.

Fast forward; 2 more weeks pass by and my mom puffs up like a balloon and gains 50lbs so we make a beeline to pill doctor No. 1 since she was the one that changed the meds, what a hag. She took that day off but I really don’t think it was because of my mom and me but it was enough for me to blow my cork and pull all my mom’s records from both the doctors office and the hospital. I loaded up my mom and went to a new clinic and fortunately they squeezed us in to see the doctor. After the initial meeting this new doc read all her meds, then he took her blood pressure. The first thing that caught his attention other than the obvious swelling was the combination of drugs the hospital and the doctor prescribed since they were a deadly combination. Second thing that caught his attention was the fact my mom’s blood pressure was 221/109, holay!! Within 10 minutes he had us out the door and on our way to a ‘real’ hospital 100 miles from this fetid pharmaceutical outpost.

As my mom and I sped down the highway to the new hospital in determined flare and fully cognizant of seriousness of this medical emergency, my mom looked at me in a calm demeanor and said; “I want a burrito”. Then she mentioned this could very well be the last burrito she would eat so it was sort of a last request. We stopped and picked up a couple of micro wave textured soy protein burritos and a couple giant Pepsi’s. Though we laughed and ate our burritos I could not help but wonder if this truly was our last supper together.

It was just ironic that even though I was diligent about the crappola some meat-head pill doctors tried to prescribe my mom over the years, a deadly stew of toxic medications still slipped through the cracks. And all the while no one has ever once looked at her ankle. If only my mom simply soaked her ankle in Epsom salt rather than see a doctor she would not be in the hospital right now. Ah but the story does not end there for it takes yet another turn. Through all this commotion my 86 year old step-dad also had a struggle of his life placing him in yet another hospital as I frantically worked to secure my mothers life. To much drama, somebody please turn the channel eh.

As luck would have it, while I was struggling to find qualitative medical assistance for me mum my dad started to act out doing some pretty wild stuff, and what timing eh. On one side of the coin I had a mother who was in dire need of critical medical attention. On the other side of the coin was my pop who was beginning to show signs of Dementia and not capable of being left alone for any period of time. In any event I placed him in a nursing home temporarily while I dealt with my mom and all the issues at the hospital a bazillion miles away. Eventually I got all the documents signed, power of attorney and all the legal stuff I should have done way before they got sick.

My mom was finally stabilized and began treatment, at a top rated hospital I might add, I was finally free to liberate my step-dad from the nursing home. And from what the nurses told me, they were just as happy to see the Ole Scotsman go home as he was. With pop back in his easy chair and Turner Classic Movies blasting at 100 decibels on the boob tube a semblance of normalcy befell my household. But there was a major void; missing was the presence of me mum as she would scurry about tending to the chores of the day. There would be a pot of beans on the stove, fresh pot of coffee and a few pastries. Little did I know that those days would soon be gone forever.

As my dad and I hunkered down to weather the coming storm of my mom’s illness, little did we realize the gravity nor consequences of this dire situation. For me, it became the ‘Perfect Storm’, but that’s another story…….

Your Devil’s Advocate

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Film Maker Rod Pocowatchits / Walker Sequence

Rod Pocowatchits / Walker Sequence

I love long, single takes without edits in movies. They’re incredibly hard to execute, but they put you right into the action. I love this one that we managed to pull off (after many takes) in our 24-hour film race entry. I just want to make sure that my talented, fearless crew gets props for their amazing work in pulling this off. You rock. — with Bj Hatter and 6 others.

“Walker” sequence

Sequence from our 24 hour film contest entry.


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Holy Man Film / WOPILA!!! WE DID IT!

Holy Man Film


And when we say WE we mean all of you who backed the project, who shared the posts, who let us take over your FaceBook pages, who got the word out. WE ALL DID THIS TOGETHER!

Our heartfelt thanks to ALL OF YOU who have been so committed to getting the truth out. WOPILA!

Please stay tuned for more updates in the coming days. For now we leave you with Douglas’ prayer:

“Grandfather, Great Spirit,

I pray to you that you will hear me

That you will have mercy on me, and all the people

I pray to the Four Directions, through this sun dance song

I pray for all the children and the elderlies

All my relations”

-Douglas White


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