Monday, March 14, 2016

Sad News: Bloggers Beware ! For Your Protection!

 ***Update as of January 2016***

Review: about Lunarpages

I was able to speak with the highest level of support after speaking with the sales team instead of the support team. The sales team somehow had connections to the upper support who could do serious research on the server I am on. They found out there was an issue with their cloudflare, it was false flagging my website

Used to be a great host, must have been bought out or something a few years ago. I first signed up in 2003 and the last four years have been terrible. I have been on their basic hosting level since 2003 and never had any issues.


As times have changed, so has code, websites, mobile optimization etc. I am a graphic designer, I needed my websites to be responsive and wordpress based. Well I come to find out, their basic hosting plan essentially can't handle it. They have specific hosting for wordpress sites for $50 a MONTH. That's $600.00 a year, 600!!!! For a basic wordpress site that isn't getting any traffic. The template required a certain amount of memory and they can't accommodate it. Class action anyone? I would love to hire an attorney to sue them. 


 Their shared environment is full of spam sites, adult websites and their IP's have been blacklisted a great number of times. There is NO WEEKEND SUPPORT via phone. None. Email support, virtually NONE. I have to wait HOURS, and HOURS. Then you get several different people who say several different things and they are also all outsourced foreign support. Good luck with that.


Don't even bother with them. What's sad is I consider godaddy to be the SCUM of hosting and they are better than lunarpages right now. What does that tell you?! 

Working on moving my sites ASAP.



Review: about Lunarpages


 On to bigger and better things.  Will probably move the remnants from the shared server as well and completely kick them to the curb.




Review: about Lunarpages

 Worst host I have ever dealt with. Nothing but issues on a consistent basis. Always calling in to have my site repaired for PHP or other problems because these guys just update shit without telling anyone nor do they suggest how to fix it. Luckily I am moving on. I would not recommend them at all. Complete rip off, my site has been down for 3 weeks because they upgraded PHP without telling me. So now I am stuck either buying more products/service from them or moving on. I chose to move on to someone better. Fuck this shit!  Oh and my site constantly had SPAM and issues due to lunar pages server. I know see from reviews here why I had so much trouble. 7 years is enough for me. Adios losers!


Review: about Lunarpages

Their customer support is horrible. And their IP addresses are in the CBL for spam, so some of your emails are going to bounce back.




Lunarpages web hosting: avoid

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