Monday, January 21, 2019

Good thoughts only !

What do you think about ? 


 Good thoughts of wealth , love, etc in a good light become the magnet or law of attraction to our lives.


 Do not think bad thoughts or of failing , you do not want those to attract !



Law of Attraction, Feng Shui expert gives juicy advice! Marie Diamond, M...

The Secret?

Wow! I never realized animals coming to me for healing, was called 'The Secret' !



I just got the book, about the Movie of the collection of people's names who have this gift.



Yes, I called it a gift of strong prayers with a touch of my hands and my tears on their wound, believing in a power stronger then myself. could help them

Animals who needed help were drawn to me when they needed help! Or they just fell out oh the sky , landing at my feet, like the bird with a broken wing! 



So, that power, is 'The Secret' ! 




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