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Buffalohair: Hitchhiking on the Spirit-World Super Highway

Hitchhiking on the Spirit-World Super Highway

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The spirit world is likened to a super highway with cars and trucks headed in every direction within the Great Mystery. Some drivers are good and some drivers are not so good. Those who’ve traversed the spirit-world already know there are many side roads and plenty of Bozo’s ready to miss-direct you on your journey. Should you take your Global Positioning System to the grave? Continue reading

Hitchhiking on the Spirit-World Super Highway

The spirit world is likened to a super highway with cars and trucks headed in every direction within the Great Mystery. Some drivers are good and some drivers are not so good. Those who’ve traversed the spirit-world already know there are many side roads and plenty of Bozo’s ready to miss-direct you on your journey. Should you take your Global Positioning System to the grave?

Unfortunately absolutely everything of material consequence is not allowed within the confines of the spirit world. Fame and Fortune on Earth are completely irrelevant within this plane of existence. If you did not make your spiritual connection on Earth you would be like a child in swaddling cloths whence you arrived on the other side. This is when followers of the Zionist False G*D ‘Mork’ will discover they are totally screwed because they will not like what is waiting for them. Even street people know the rules; ‘What comes around goes around and paybacks are a bitch homie’.

Observing life on Planet Stupid is like watching a train wreck in slow motion for visionaries around the world even though chaotic events may appear to be unrelated. On the bright side, things are about to get busy as man and his bogus G*D or Grand Deceiver competes with nature and the true Creator. It is darkly humorous because their G*D needs ‘stuff’ to pull off this grand deception on neophyte earthlings who think space ships are G*Dly. I want what they are smoking……………

Realizing that boneheads had already weaponized religions, long before the Grand Murderer Charlemagne killed for Christ in Europe, only proves we have lived the era of the proverbial Anti-Christ for several thousand years already. Killing in the name of G*D should have been a major red flag to the ancients but they were to ga ga over the glitzy flashing lights, like a deer caught in a spotlight. And basically, their time is up according to the sacred texts because the one world government has arrived, surprise! Fortunately this also marks the beginning of their ultimate demise. Living a lie has its consequences.

Rather than dissect the individual Earth Changes as they arise I prefer to look at the big picture since almost everything you read is a lie or gross misinterpretation of facts as far as the mainstream media is concerned. But do they have a choice? Nyet, for they are owned part and parcel by the very demagogues who are perpetrating crimes against humanity on every continent on the planet to the joy of investors and their bogus G*D Mork The Grand Deceiver. They have created ‘The Perfect Storm’ where corruption is condoned and treason is revered and rewarded, as prophesied.

Fortunately, ‘Man and Mork’ are sauntering down the road to their own demise as they fall into old ruts left by other fallen empires who’s kingdoms lay in ruins. Watching those whiz-bang shows where some lofty scientists claim G*Ds came from space ships is darkly humorous but just plain stupid and it’s an ingenious way to separate people from their true spirituality. In layman’s terms it’s all bovine excrement and anything else that belongs in a sewer.

Rather than disprove the alien interface, elitists chose to embrace their existence by placing Mork’s dim-bulb chums on a pedestal and subliminally implant the G*D seed in the minds of the TV viewers. For people with a true spiritual connection, visionaries and folks that know the difference between good and bad entities know it’s all ka ka. The real architect of the universe and the many dimensions of existence does not need a Frisbee, compass or wormholes to zip around creation plain and simple. Mechanical devices revel their mortality and co-dependency on ‘stuff’. Nutin G*Dly about that eh. Sadly the vast majority of the population will buy into this bogus G*D bullpucky, again as prophesied.

The elitists and their douche-bag G*D impostor’s ultimate weapon is fear. Pro Democracy icon *Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has always purported we must have freedom from fear. Fear is a tool used by evil to control those who have no concept of the paranormal or spirituality. Ghost use fear to control their earth-bound counter parts by playing on inherent fears within an individual’s subconscious and as we all should know, there are no secrets within the confines of the spirit-world,………hello, McFly!

We are like an open book to all that traverse the spirit-world super highway. Psychics, soothsayers and medicine people hitchhike this super highway all the time. So our fears are equally out in the open and you can bet your bottom dollar or food stamps that evil takes full advantage of this reality. It should be noted that there is a good way to traverse the spirit-world and there is a bad way to barge into the spirit-world. But every dogma and ideological principle has a protocol that assures us passage as well as protection. Only thing is, you can’t be a dickhead like Mork and his chums if you seek the truth.

The spirit-world super highway is a complicated place if you don’t take the necessary precaution your dogma teaches you. Within the spiritual path of my people it is an excepted rule that you don’t run your mouth about other people’s business whence you ‘see’ something in others. In other words, just because you can ‘see’ does not give you the authorization to flap your jaws about another person’s destiny. You may be hurting more than doing good. After all, we all must take our medicine eventually and interfering with destiny only delays the inevitable lessons we must learn, even if it’s the hard way. I know because I had to take my lumps the hard way.

There are exceptions to this rule but this would take an entire chapter of its own to explain and besides your dogma has this covered. One exception to the general rule would be if a familiar spirit within your dogma came to you with express desire for you to intervene for the sake of an individual. Of course you would have a protocol to follow within your dogma. But this would require a person to already have this spiritual connection for you would know the spirit to be from the light and not from Planet Stupid. My people call them guides and they are of the Creator, the same Creator all dogmas pointed to before they were weaponized and re routed to Mork’s hot-tub.

Well, stupid has come a long way since the time Religion was transformed into Derision by Mork’s crew of bonehead crown elitist scribes a few thousand years back. Guess ole Mork forgot to tell them that the buck stops at the on ramp of the spirit-world super highway. The vermin elite are partying high on the hog and on the bones of the innocent as if there was no tomorrow. Small wonder they are struggling to find the fountain of youth. Maybe they know the seeds they’ve sown will glean them less than nothing on the other side. How far beyond stupid is that eh?

If you don’t have a handle on your personal spirituality and know the difference between good and evil spirits you are screwed during this time of change. Whence you arrive at the spirit-world toll booth you had better be prepared to pay your toll because everything has a price and nobody rides for free on the spirit-world super highway.

Just remember, man’s attempt to rule the world along with all their false flag wars, diseases and land grabs will fall by the wayside in concerns as Ma Earth steps up to the plate and cleanses herself of all that causes her discomfort. And you had better believe the first on the list will be Mork and his hemorrhoid elite for they have become a ‘Royal’ pain in the ass.

Bada Bing Bada Bang Bada Boom, capice?

Your Devil’s Advocate

*Freedom From Fear Speech by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma 1990

Monday, October 6, 2014

Buffalohair: Eugenics / by Another Word

Eugenics, by Another Word

radiationGive Ebola a welcome round of applause boys and girls for she has made her dazzling debut in America. But Ebola has some very stiff competition to face both nationally and internationally. Monsanto is killing people every day in every continent on Planet Stupid with their toxic crops of death. Even corporations are killing thousands of people a year for their land and natural resources.

Dare we mention the wave of new and toxic drugs, fast-tracked by the FDA$ and of course, war. Here comes the Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68)……We live in perpetual nuclear fallout while ingesting a cornucopia of highly radioactive particles everyday. It’s a good thing Uncle Sam raised the acceptable levels of radiation in our food and drinking water, for about the zillionth time.

Normal or acceptable levels of radiation in today’s environment would have sent everyone to the shelters back in the middle of the last century. Since society is asleep at the wheel this reality has gone by the wayside as well. Granted it’s a stark reality but it’s also an inconvenient and unprofitable one.

Birth defects were not common place like it is today and not with such a wide variety to choose from either. Many new throat and upper GI diseases and cancers simply did not exist a few years back. Nuclear testing over the decades contaminated absolutely every facet of our existence from food, drink, and everything else we touch, smell and taste. Chernobyl and Fukushima sealed our radioactive fate for an eternity.

Contaminated nuclear material circulates the globe daily no matter how  much the nuclear industry and the media lies about it. For all intents and purposes we are living in a post nuclear war environment where the air itself is energized with highly enriched radioactive particles. And it does not matter which side of the political isle you reside, we eat, work and play in one common nuclear stew.

A little birdie once told me the nuclear industry was triangulating funds to support the elimination of coal and other fossil fuels. Make way for clean energy, only bug in the ointment is nuclear energy is a trillion time more toxic to the environment for it’s the gift that keeps on giving,… for at least 20,000 years. No one found a remedy for the toxic nuclear waste being produced but they will store this putrid stew for the next generation to worry about. How special……………. 

The road to ‘clean energy’ has many inevitable and un-addressed extremely toxic side roads. Nuclear and toxic waste are the womb of creation for modern-day cancers and mutations. Funny how cigarettes get major billing for cancer when smokes only account for a fraction of all cancers including lung cancer. At least this weaponized strain of Ebola is relatively swift in dispatching it’s selected victims.

Contamination of the drinking water, (fluoridation) and basic foodstuffs, (GMO) has condemned the public to years of medications, doctor visits and experimental drugs till death. Birth defects are yet another blessing brought on by this so-called modern age. Are globalists intentionally building a new workforce of cheap, skilled, – labor by creating an army of autistic people to fill positions once held by others?

The 64 dollar question is; ‘Will the new autistic workforce be paid equally, given minimum wage for performing the same task as others or ultimately indentured an enslaved.?’

On the bright side investors are reaping a handsome profit by capitalizing on sickness brought by the toxic stew the general pubic is served daily. Dialysis centers are flourishing and pharmaceutical profits are soaring. Sadly the largest individual investors in this humanitarian catastrophe reside within the legislative branch of government and on both sides of the isle. After all they are the 1%-investor/politicians.

Bon Appetit, for a ‘Crap Sandwich’ is the least of your concerns from these collusive policy makers because if they have their way this will only be an appetizer.

Now if you will excuse me, I will resume my extermination with  Zyklon Brisket served with Cesium Shallots & Fukushima Foam Fennel Tartar. To Drink, a quality vintage Cabernet Sauvignon, of course…………

Your Devil’s Advocate


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