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2 No Shame, No Respect: Solar Millennium Builds a Road on Ancient Geoglyphs

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Good Afternoon Relatives-

interested to know your thoughts or if you have any further information- contact info

Pilamayaye/Megwetch/Thank you
Corine Fairbanks
American Indian Movement Southern California

No Shame, No Respect: Solar Millennium Builds a Road on Ancient Geoglyphs

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File:Coso petroglyphs (1).JPG

File:Coso petroglyphs (2).jpg

File:Blythe Intaglio (4858).jpg

File:Coso petroglyphs (4).JPG

File:Coso petroglyphs (3).JPG

File:Coso petroglyphs (5).JPG

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No Shame, No Respect: Solar Millennium Builds a Road on Ancient Geoglyphs

Ann LRD on July 29th, 2011
You can watch it here:
No Shame, No Respect: Solar Millennium Builds a Road on Ancient Geoglyphs No Shame, No Respect: Solar Millennium Builds a Road on Ancient Geoglyphs
your thoughts on this please
About this video:
“In the deserts of California, fast-tracked solar projects are proceeding without shame and without respect. BLM (Bureau of Land Management) permitting allowed projects to go ahead on the basis of inadequate EISs (Environmental Impact Statements), in a way that damages the environment and destroys significant Native American cultural resources.
©2011, Robert Lundahl & Associates, LLC. Robert Lundahl Film Making.”
Forward this email to your friends and family so that they can see it, too.

No Shame, No Respect: Solar Millennium Builds a Road on Ancient min – May 26, 2011 – Uploaded by robertlundahlfilms
No Shame, No Respect: Solar Millennium Builds a Road on Ancient solar projects are proceeding without shame and without respect.

File:Blythe Intaglio (4858).jpg

Giants in the Desert via FPV piloting

FPV piloting over Giant Indian drawings in the Mojave Desert. GoPro Hero HD camera and 900mhz wireless video system and Easy Star plane. Native North American archaeological site near Blythe Ca.
File:Coso sheep.jpg

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New Mexico Pottery at Desert Blooms.

CHARLENE TEETERS - Activist, of the Spokane Nation. Teeter has been referred to as the "Rosa Parks" of the American Indians. She campaigned against her alma mater, the University of Illinois, for using a Native American-looking effigy - Chief Illiniwek - dresses in feathers and war paint, as their school mascot. Chief Illinewek would dance to a drumbeat at local football games, humiliating and offending Teeters and others. She began protesting against the Indian mascot at the University of Illinois, then created an 1994 exhibit called "It Was Only an Indian: Native American Stereotypes" which identified Native American racism and stereotypes in the media and corporation advertising. She eventually became the subject of the highly acclaimed documentary, "In Whose Honor" of which Brenda Farnell, Professor of Antropology from the University of Illinois said, "It is an important piece of work, perfect for waking students up to contemporary issues facing Native peoples today."

JOHN HERRINGTON - Astronaut, of the Chickasaw Nation. Herrington is the first Native American to walk in space when launched November 23, 2002 aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor. Serving as the flight engineer for launch and landing, Herrington vowed to carry the Chickasaw Nation flag with him into space. Members of his tribe watched the historic launch, and Herrington honored his Native American heritage by carrying six eagle feathers, a braid of sweet grass, two arrowheads, and his nation's flag.

CORY WITHERILL - Race Car Driver, of the Navajo Nation. Witherill has been racing for more than 15 years, including three seasons in the Dayton Indy Lights Championship. In 2001 he finally debuted in the Indy Racing League and then the Indy 500 (placing 19 out of 33). The first full-blooded Native American to run in the Indy 500, he also holds two U.S. championships for off-road stadium racing and in 2001 became the first person to be a four-time champion at the Motorcross Valvoline de Montreal. His career goal is to be the first Native American to win the Indy 500. His website is 

NOTAH BEGAY - PGA Pro Golfer, of Navajo, San Felipe and Isleta lineage. Begay is the first Native American Indian to join a PGA Tour. He turned professional in 1995 and joined the tour in 1999. His former teammate, Tiger Woods, said he is "happy to represent the Native American people, and in some regards be a role model." When asked why he thinks there are not more professional Native American athletes, he responded, "A lot of it is opportunity, and a lot of it is a lack of support networks, whether it's just simple encouragement or financial... There's not a lot of facilities."

WINONA LADUKE - Activist/ Author/ Vice President Candidate, of the Mississippi Band of the Anishinabeg of the white Earth reservation located in Minnesota. LaDuke, a Harvard graduate, works on restoring the local land base and culture. In 1994 she was named by Time Magazine as one of America's 50 most promising leaders under 40 years of age. She has authored several books, received the Reebok Human Rights Award in 1988, and ran for Vice President in 2000 with Ralph Nader under the Green Party ticket. For more information go to

LITEFOOT - Actor/ Rapper/ Corporation Owner, of the Cherokee Nation. Litefoot, considered the first commercial Native American Rap Artist, first gained notoriety after releasing the album, "The Money" (1992) on his own Red Vinyl Records.

Test Pattern



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Houses With Character

Animated Houses


File:Cottage at Langma Beach, Ghana.jpg


 File:Madeira Santana.jpg



'Twilight' House  forest dwelling


Hobbit House Middle Earth dwelling nestles into a knoll in Wales,


Real Life Flintstones House Lures Tourists in Portugal   Video


 File:Earth house.jpg



File:Earth house estate.JPG

 File:Earth house interior1.jpg


 File:Dietikon - L├Ąttenstrasse Erdhaus Peter Vetsch IMG 6127.JPG

Earth Home

File:The Earth house - - 431910.jpg

File:People start to take seats at Earth House, ATC Cranborne - - 407775.jpg

Story Telling at Ancient Technology Centre, Cranborne Gayle Ross, visiting from the USA, tells traditional stories of the Cherokee people in the Earth House.

File:Story telling at Ancient Technology Centre, Cranborne - - 406677.jpg

File:Cloud or con trail, Cranborne, Dorset - - 1219969.jpg

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New podcast is up !

Jillian MichaelsMy book is on order! :)​cast/the-jillian-michaels-show​/id418368811
New podcast is up

Checking on a new Art Show:) On air right now! Her big smile made me stay tuned:)

Create TV: Public Television's top shows in Cooking, Arts & Crafts ... - Cached
b organic with Michele Beschen Natural Art• Episode #104. Creative escapes with natural art. Michele Beschen shares how to create your own art supplies ...

b organic with Michele Beschen
Natural Art• Episode #104
Creative escapes with natural art. Michele Beschen shares how to create your own art supplies using outdoor items and recyclables. Discover how easy it is to create your own handmade papers using old newspapers and junk mail. Unique ways to make 'natural' additions to your papers and artwork. Put the get up and go in your creative efforts by creating a portable art set-up you can take with you to the great outdoors. Whether you think you're a natural or not... art-making is.

About The Show:
b organic with Michele Beschen
'b. organic' is an educational how-to television program that embraces all things creative while keeping a conscious mind.

Host Michele Beschen invigorates a renewed ‘back to basics’ lifestyle that embraces nature, simplicity and an eco-friendly approach to doing it yourself.

‘b. organic’ covers an expansive range of content that creatively celebrates the many shades of green for every aspect of your life – at home, at work, and at play.

Expect fresh ideas for your garden, for your home, for your office, for your kids, for your pets and for your overall health and well-being.

Hummmmm Now that sounds interesting doesn't it !



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Hummm My Coach Tries a New Blog Host !

Wow! Thank You!!!!! What an Honor!

I am pleased to announce your Journal, NAMoments, has been selected

I was moved to one of this very same but as Partners? Hosts Blogs when AOL closed down their Blogs. I had a lot of Blogs already at AOL:) For some reason I had a hard time logging into the new Host site?

At times the only way I could get on was to get so frustrated and start a New Blog as they suggested :) I even had a harder time logging into their E- Mail site? That my partner wanted to brag about! I was there for awhile I think that was me? Maybe I was just dreaming. :)

I use their Search Engine all the time and Love it! I love watching videos at another one of their partnership sites:) It is all wonderful really!

I have even saved my pass words on my computer, but when they would say the password was wrong! Start a new password ! I sometimes would. Isn't that confusing for my computer and them? Yes, it turns out that it is!

So I get this message from my coach!

via Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels
So I have joined google + and right now I have one friend, pathetic. If anyone has started using this and a) can explain it to me and b) feels like they could use one more friend, come and find me.​0/109045366876404424354


I go take a peek.... but sorry Jillian! You have to have a blog there, too! It is a Beta thing and you have to be invited:) You have mainly the  quiet non news friends who make only family blogs and have their own cameras for the snap shots. Never have to use Wikimedia Commons!


My AOL  News Page for my mail, is even running a Story!

Google+ Users You Need To Follow: 35 Personalities To Add To Your Circles:)

 Google+, the latest Google-developed service to break into the social networking scene, seems to be a hit........the service has already passed the 10-million member mark, and those users share over a billion pieces of content per day.

I guess this is with out any partners?

Have fun Jillian! I will see you on FaceBook! I hope!

Ann LRD/ Jage

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Lets Go Fishing, Therapy in the Rockies

Let’s Go Fishing, Therapy in the Rockies

With news feeds filling my news desk on Friday it looked like another weekend of reading, phone calls, research, cigarettes and stale coffee. Fortunately my nephew and his son stopped by my man cave with another possible suggestion, “Let’s go fishing”. That was all that was needed to be said and before you knew it I was loading up my tackle box, poles and off we went. I live in the boonies at least part of the year in close proximity to 5 bitchen lakes and in no time we found ourselves nestled in the beautiful high country of Colorado. It was fortunate I was not back in Oklahoma or Texas this week or I would have missed out on this soulful family encounter.

The splendor of the Rocky Mountains and the clear lake before us was the perfect escape for me and since Danny was on leave, what better way to spend the 4th of July than to be with a soldier in the US Army and his little boy, I thought. I have not seen him since he returned from overseas and we had some catching up to do. It seemed appropriate we got reacquainted on this hallowed holiday and it made this 4th of July a little more special to me. In fact I have not spoken with him at length for quite some time since he joined the US Army 15 years ago and I was eager to hear of his exploits.

Little Mikey, his 10 year old son, was brimming with excitement and could hardly wait to get his line in the water. Of course I took Bear the Wonder Dog my 200lbs+ English Bull Mastiff and the two of them raced to the waters edge. Dan and I humped in all the gear as the sun sparkled on the very inviting water. I noticed Dan was quiet and I could tell he had many things on his mind so we both puffed our politically incorrect cigarettes in silence for a bit. We stopped and gazed at the mountains as the clouds caressed the peaks. Than with a sigh of relief he said, “I love the sight of those mountains”. We gazed at them as the hawks soaring above and the medicine was good.

Breaking our trance; we could hear Mikey yelling at us old buzzards to get moving. Bear was already in the water trying to chase some elusive Canadian geese. As I looked at my nephew it was obvious he was not the little kid I used to toss in the air anymore, he was a man. It was more than apparent he was carrying some emotional baggage as well. I was aware of his wife dying leaving him a single parent and being in the military only compounded the burdens Dan had to cope with. Dealing with my own issues along with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder I knew that it would be up to him to address what was burning up inside of him, if he chose to. Within my tradition I was compelled to make a prayer for Danny as we walked towards the lake. It was a perfect place to pray since we were within natures embrace.

We set up “our base camp” according to Danny and I got Mike’s pole rigged up and off he went. Dan began to loosen up a bit as we both made a toast to America and all the servicemen and women who could not join us. We set up our poles as we surveyed the lake for that special spot to drop our lines. Then as we walked around the shore line Dan began to open up. I listened as he told me of some of his issues and it was clear he was concerned for his little boy. The loss of his wife weighed heavily on him and he was also worried about his military career and the possibility of being redeployed. Sending Mikey to his sister was an option if he went to Afghanistan. There is no question this was a very hard pill for him to swallow and he only had 5 more years to go before he retired. He loved serving his country but he also loved his motherless son. That was a hard one but I made sure he realized how proud the family was of his military service but also shared some insights since I was a single parent in the past.

I offered him some fatherly advice but left the door open for him to make his own choices. Granted I had a heads up from my brother who filled me in on his son’s plight. Though he brushed off some of his military exploits they still haunted him but his primary concern was his son Mikey. Then we got busy as our lines hit the water. Mikey caught the first rainbow and I learned that it was his first fish ever. Like a page in Huckleberry Fin, Mico came up to us with a giant smile and this fish flapping around on the line. Dan immediately assisted his kid as I watched. Danny was all smiles as he and Mikey struggled to get the hook out of the fish. Then Danny said, “I love this place”. It did my heart good to see him smile in earnest knowing his concerns.

In a way, I was envious since I was missing my kids as well and watching Danny and Mikey reminded me of our outdoor adventures that seemed like ages ago. I remembered how the bears poked around our camp as we watched from inside my brother’s giant Lance camper. The bears ricked the camper like a salt shaker before moving on. I remembered my son Abe could catch fish with his hands making all my Field and Stream accoutrements. I think it was the mystic of the Rocky Mountains that held dear the memory of my parenting years. I knew Danny’s memories of Mikey’s first fish would also be preserves in the majestic peaks in the years to come. Little Mikey would forever embrace this day for a lifetime.

Maybe it was watching his son catch his first fish or possibly the splendor of the Rocky Mountains that loosened the strangle hold in Danny’s inner thoughts. In any event he began to laugh and tell jokes while reminiscing some of his lighter adventures in the armed forces. It was more than apparent he loved working on “Gun Ships” and he was very proud of his crew. Then the rain came but there was no stopping the “Three Amigos” for we were combat fishing as if we were on the Susitna River during king season. Though this was not Alaska it was every bit as beautiful and for a moment in time it was a little piece of heaven. He confided in me later that he was not sure if he would get into fishing because of his emotional state. But from all indications it did him good to go fishing with his uncle for the weekend. He still faced some daunting challenges in life but he seemed to be in a better frame of mind towards the end of the weekend.

I must admit it did me good as well for I was endeared by my memories of being papa for I loved raising my family and I was a single parent with 3 kids. It was the best job I ever had and it changed my life in many ways, for the better, and I believe it will be Danny’s as well. Time would be the task master but fishing and the Colorado outdoors would also be a part of the equation since I think Dan found some sanctuary in the Rockies. Nature’s medicine lifted our spirits and cleared the fog that muddles ones thoughts and it gave us more focus on what is important in life. Danny found solace and communed with his child and I stepped on some fresh bear crap reminding me that nature continued to rule in the wilds of the Rockies.

As the weekend drew to a close Mikey was not eager to leave but Danny chimed in making plans to come back to the high country and his uncles house next weekend. Danny told me about a few lakes on base we could try in the future with camping facilities and the whole nine yards. As he spoke I began to see the little boy I once knew almost 40 years ago. The spark in his eyes returned as he and his boy made plans to explore more lakes and other sites in the majestic Rockies’. Mikey was all smiles after they loaded up since they decided to watch the fireworks on base and enjoy the remainder of the holiday weekend, father and son. I don’t think Danny found all the answers he seeks but I think he found a place where he can ponder the questions that weigh heavily on his mind and that’s a start. Funny what a little fishing trip in the Rockies can do eh.

Your Devil’s Advocate

4th of July Prayer

4th of July Prayer

4th of July Prayer
Maheo, watch over my sons who serve our nation on this 4th of July and protect them as they sacrifice so others can be free.

Hu Ho


Tribute to Native American Indians in the military A very proud and patriotic people that the USA is lucky to have on its side in times of trouble .

Native Americans in the U.S. Military - Cached
Scouting the enemy was recognized as a particular skill of the Native American soldier. In 1866, the U.S. Army established its Indian Scouts to exploit this ...

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    “ Since the birth of America, [American Indians and Alaska Natives] have contributed immeasurably to our country and our heritage, distinguishing themselves ...

    Native American Indian Heritage Month - Cached
    American Indian Medal of Honor Recipients · American Indian Participation in the United States Military · Native American Women Veterans ...

  2. Indians in the Military - Native American Home Pages - Cached
    Alaska Natives in the Military - The Alaska Territorial Guard Added 11/9/01; updated 9/18/05. American & Canadian Indians In The Military Added 10/1/99 ...

    CALIE honors and salutes Native American Indian veteran community of warriors, great Indian chiefs, military veterans, and community heros to provide an ...

Native Americans in World War II - Cached
During World War II more than 44000 Native Americans saw military service. ... American Indians overcame past disappointment, resentment, and suspicion to ...

National Congress of American Indians: NCAI Releases Statement on ... › HomeAboutNews Archive - Cached
Based on updated and revised information from the Department of Defense we are updating the reported number of American Indian/Alaska Native military deaths ...

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Authentic Native American Arts

 Real Native Art

SUMMER RAIN ARTS Taos Pueblo, New Mexico, Debbie and Shirley Lujan WWW.TAOSPUEBLO.COM.

 Then there is the fake Native Art.....

NativeTech: Contemporary Issues about Native American Art
Jump to Articles and Commentaries about Authentic Native American Arts ...‎: Not content to simply copy the style of Inuit art, ... Indian Crafts: Real vs. ... to Settle FTC Charges that They Sold Fake Native American Artwork ...

Native American Dream Catcher Stores

˜ Native American Dream Catcher Stores

On our main site we do our best to avoid slowing down our page loading with graphics, but this page is about art, so we'd really be remiss in not supplying a few representative dreamcatcher pictures. All photos are the property of their respective artists; please visit their sites to see their work in more depth.

Northern Nights Dreamcatchers
Leather-wrapped American Indian dreamcatchers made by a Cree woman.
Core Designs Dreamcatchers
This Ojibway man decorates his dreamcatchers with totem animals and small stones,
a common modern tradition.
North American Indian Dream Catchers
These Cree dreamcatchers are a good example of the tear-shaped wooden frame style.
The additional feathers around the base are this artist's personal design.
Dreamcatcher Online
Dreamcatchers in both traditional and non-traditional forms, made by an Ojibwa couple.
Navajo Dream-Catchers
     Navajo Indian dreamcatchers wrapped in colored leather, also featuring tied stones.
Pueblo Southwest Dreamcatchers
     Another Navajo artist's dream catchers--you can also buy an old-fashioned Navajo cradleboard here.
Navajo Works Dreamcatchers
     Thong-wrapped dreamcatchers and cloth dolls from a Navajo family's craft shop.

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