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I AM SO PROUD of Erin and her fighting to stay on the Internet with all the information she has collected!

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 Happy New Year + upcoming speaking gigs 

Hey there, Happy 2018! 
We hope you had a beautiful holiday and New Year. With your help, we have achieved so much this year. 

From putting halts on counties spraying Naled down on our communities, to bringing more attention to the holistic doctor deaths where I interviewed with Discovery channel and 100+ radio and tv shows and a half dozen documentaries, it's been quite the year.

 I want to go over a more in-depth list, but right now want to let you know of so many important events going on that are coming right up.

 A) I'm speaking at Cal Jam this year for my third year in a row,at the end of the month in Costa Mesa to thousands of doctors and health enthusiasts! 

 I'll also be jamming with the band again this year too singing and on keyboards! You can still get tickets here, and the coupon code is ELIZABETH18 if you decide to go!

 B) I HIGHLY recommend one of the best documentaries just coming out called Broken Brain. It's free, which is pretty astounding considering all they've put into it and the celebrities, experts and holistic doctors from around the world. Sign up here, as this is one of the very best. 

C) I'm also a featured speaker at The Heavy Metal Summit, with more holistic doctors and experts that I am thrilled with. Every expert has a topic and mine is vaccines. I also touch upon breast implants (they have metals too). You can watch it for free here as well. 

 D) Dr Mercola and I are honored to be doing a couples retreat for students from around the world at Rhythmia in Costa Rica. Named one of the top state of the art holistic retreats on the planet, we know you will love it. Click here to sign up as they are almost full. This is super rare for us to do! Exciting.

 Like always, there's a jam packed newsletter below, with so many links it might cut off, so just hit more on your computer to see them all! 

 Until next time, In truth, XO Erin Elizabeth 

 PS Please follow us at social media below. As all these services have tried to censor us (two 30 day bans on FB that I just came off of) we need your support! 

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 ‌ Over 45 Chocolate brands contain toxic amounts of lead and cadmium (major “organic” store chain brands are included…) Chocolate is hard to hate. While it is true that 10% of the population does not particularly like it, the rest love it so much that the average American eats 12 pounds of chocolate a year, and a European eats 15 pounds. Every single day, 1 billion people enjoy a chocolate treat – many not just for the taste but the health benefits. Read More Nutella Unmasked: Ingredients in Nutella may surprise you If you haven’t experienced a slice of toast with Nutella, you may not be missing as much as advertisers would like you to believe. Nutella, advertised as a pseudo-healthy sweet, is a chocolate spread used on pancakes, toast and fried in wontons. In fact, the product has a large group of enthusiasts both in Europe and the U.S. Unfortunately, while advertised as a healthy addition to your morning breakfast routine, Nutella doesn’t live up to the hype. Read More 

Never Eat at the Following 8 Chain Restaurants For those of us who are health conscious (and really, we all should be) finding food while we are on the go can be difficult. Now sure, you can technically eat “healthy” food anywhere because most restaurants have “salads” but, are you sure about where that lettuce was grown? What about the cucumbers? You get the point. So, whether you are a Vegan or just someone who watches what you eat, take a look at the following restaurants that you should NEVER even bother with. Read More

 California says the only safe way to talk on your cell phone is to text This month, the California Department of Health released guidelines warning residents about the dangers associated with putting cell phones up to our heads. While the guidelines have been in the works since 2009, for some reason, the state didn’t want to release them. However, thanks to a lawsuit from Joel Moskowitz, a Berkeley professor and director of the Center for Family and Community Health at UC-Berkeley’s School of Public Health, a judge compelled the state to publish. Read More Oklahoma mom gives legal cannabis oil to epileptic daughter to stop seizures – now all 5 children medically kidnapped Advocacy for effective medical treatment of her epileptic daughter has led to the medical kidnapping of an Oklahoma homeschool mom’s 5 children. When ordinary medical treatments failed to help her child, Tammy Searcy learned that cannabis oil might be able to help her daughter’s life-threatening seizures. She was not willing to break any laws, so she worked to change laws in her state. Only after medical cannabis use became legal did she begin treatment for 14-year-old Brianna, and the results were almost miraculous. Now, all 5 of Tammy’s children have been seized by Child Protective Services, and many believe that this was retaliation for her activism. Her children have been separated and Tammy fears for their safety. Read More

 Autopsy being conducted on 83rd doctor (osteopath) found dead It is with a heavy heart that I announce the death of the 83rd doctor in my unintended holistic doctor death series. Dr. Tony Starr, an Osteopath, aged 52, was pronounced dead at the residence where he was found by friends after he failed to respond to text and telephone messages. He leaves behind his wife and children. An autopsy has been ordered even though the sheriff does not suspect foul play, but we’ve seen this before and know that often times the authorities and families of the deceased change their minds. Read More Child protection agency employee charged with child porn Last Friday, the Camden County Prosecutor’s office charged Charles Borrelli, 55, a longtime contractor with the Philadelphia Department of Human Services, with third-degree possession of child pornography after “detectives with the county’s High-Tech Crimes Unit conducted a search of Borrelli’s home on Rollingwood Drive” 1 and seized numerous digital devices from his residence. Borrelli is the owner of Dynamic Sights, an IT consulting firm. Services offered by the company include web design, IT project management, and drone and event photography. Read More Mammograms are a tragic lie- by Dr. Mercola There are a significant number of drawbacks to having consistent mammograms. Although your doctor may say that having a mammogram may reduce your risk of dying by 20 percent, you’d be surprised by how that percentage is calculated. As explained by Dr. Andrew Lazris and environmental scientist Erik Rifkin, Ph.D., for every 1,000 women who do not get mammograms, 5 will die from breast cancer. Read More

 Germany unveils hydrogen-powered train that only emits steam Traveling up to 500 miles per day at speeds of 87 MPH, Germany’s newest train runs exclusively on hydrogen fuel and emits only water vapor. Read More 

NBC: FDA to crack down on ‘snake oil’ homeopathy You may have recently heard that the FDA, out of great concern for profits– I’m sorry- out of great concern for public health, has decided to start cracking down on “dangerous” homeopathic products, after some recent problems with homeopathic teething tablets. (Let me be clear, the harm or death of a child is a terrible thing, whether it comes at the hands of homeopathy or Big Pharma.) Read More 

Breaking: 82nd doctor and wife found dead were strangled, police say, after family upset they said murder suicide Homicide detectives have now taken over the investigation into the deaths of two pharmaceutical billionaires that police have deemed “suspicious.” A police source previously told CBC News that someone outside the Sherman family discovered the bodies, but police remain tight-lipped about the investigation. Toronto homicide Det. Brandon Price told reporters outside the couple’s home on Saturday that police “cannot say 100 per cent with certainty” whether or not foul play was involved. Price said there were no signs of forced entry into the home, and that police were not searching for any outstanding suspects. Read More 

Father-of-two claims his stage 4 cancer went into remission after switching to a strict animal-free diet and refusing other treatment When father-of-two, Rob Mooberry was given weeks to live because of his stage 4 colorectal cancer (which had spread to his bowels, lymph nodes, and liver) he did what many people do; he had surgery and then did a round of chemo and radiation. But even after pumping all that poison into his body, it only garnered him an 8 percent chance at life. Read More

 How pomegranate puts chemo & radiation to shame Ever since chemotherapy and radiation became the ‘standard of care,’ oncology has been in the Dark Ages, often causing more harm and human suffering than it alleviates. Could the scientific community finally be waking up to the incomparable cancer-killing power of foods to cure what conventional treatment only makes worse? Read More

 Toxic Tooth—How a root canal could be making you sick Root canal is a commonly performed procedure in most adults. But is it a wise one? Dr. Robert Kulacz, a dentist, has spent a significant portion of his professional career trying to answer this question. What he discovered profoundly changed his life, and led him to write a book about his findings called, The Toxic Tooth: How a Root Canal Could Be Making You Sick... Read More

 81 Percent of Dollar Store Products Tested Contain Chemicals Linked To Learning Disabilities, Cancer and Serious Illnesses Healthy Stuff, in collaboration with the Campaign for Healthier Solutions, released a report today about toxic chemicals found in Dollar store products. The report — A Day Late and a Dollar Short: Discount Retailers are Falling Behind on Safer Chemicals — includes testing results for 164 dollar store products such as toys, jewelry, school supplies and other household items, that found over 81% (133 of 164) contained at least one hazardous chemical above levels of concern. Read More

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