Monday, July 18, 2011

Hummm My Coach Tries a New Blog Host !

Wow! Thank You!!!!! What an Honor!

I am pleased to announce your Journal, NAMoments, has been selected

I was moved to one of this very same but as Partners? Hosts Blogs when AOL closed down their Blogs. I had a lot of Blogs already at AOL:) For some reason I had a hard time logging into the new Host site?

At times the only way I could get on was to get so frustrated and start a New Blog as they suggested :) I even had a harder time logging into their E- Mail site? That my partner wanted to brag about! I was there for awhile I think that was me? Maybe I was just dreaming. :)

I use their Search Engine all the time and Love it! I love watching videos at another one of their partnership sites:) It is all wonderful really!

I have even saved my pass words on my computer, but when they would say the password was wrong! Start a new password ! I sometimes would. Isn't that confusing for my computer and them? Yes, it turns out that it is!

So I get this message from my coach!

via Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels
So I have joined google + and right now I have one friend, pathetic. If anyone has started using this and a) can explain it to me and b) feels like they could use one more friend, come and find me.​0/109045366876404424354


I go take a peek.... but sorry Jillian! You have to have a blog there, too! It is a Beta thing and you have to be invited:) You have mainly the  quiet non news friends who make only family blogs and have their own cameras for the snap shots. Never have to use Wikimedia Commons!


My AOL  News Page for my mail, is even running a Story!

Google+ Users You Need To Follow: 35 Personalities To Add To Your Circles:)

 Google+, the latest Google-developed service to break into the social networking scene, seems to be a hit........the service has already passed the 10-million member mark, and those users share over a billion pieces of content per day.

I guess this is with out any partners?

Have fun Jillian! I will see you on FaceBook! I hope!

Ann LRD/ Jage

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