Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Native American Dream Catcher Stores

˜ Native American Dream Catcher Stores

On our main site we do our best to avoid slowing down our page loading with graphics, but this page is about art, so we'd really be remiss in not supplying a few representative dreamcatcher pictures. All photos are the property of their respective artists; please visit their sites to see their work in more depth.

Northern Nights Dreamcatchers
Leather-wrapped American Indian dreamcatchers made by a Cree woman.
Core Designs Dreamcatchers
This Ojibway man decorates his dreamcatchers with totem animals and small stones,
a common modern tradition.
North American Indian Dream Catchers
These Cree dreamcatchers are a good example of the tear-shaped wooden frame style.
The additional feathers around the base are this artist's personal design.
Dreamcatcher Online
Dreamcatchers in both traditional and non-traditional forms, made by an Ojibwa couple.
Navajo Dream-Catchers
     Navajo Indian dreamcatchers wrapped in colored leather, also featuring tied stones.
Pueblo Southwest Dreamcatchers
     Another Navajo artist's dream catchers--you can also buy an old-fashioned Navajo cradleboard here.
Navajo Works Dreamcatchers
     Thong-wrapped dreamcatchers and cloth dolls from a Navajo family's craft shop.

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