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Buffalohair: Hitchhiking on the Spirit-World Super Highway

Hitchhiking on the Spirit-World Super Highway

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The spirit world is likened to a super highway with cars and trucks headed in every direction within the Great Mystery. Some drivers are good and some drivers are not so good. Those who’ve traversed the spirit-world already know there are many side roads and plenty of Bozo’s ready to miss-direct you on your journey. Should you take your Global Positioning System to the grave? Continue reading

Hitchhiking on the Spirit-World Super Highway

The spirit world is likened to a super highway with cars and trucks headed in every direction within the Great Mystery. Some drivers are good and some drivers are not so good. Those who’ve traversed the spirit-world already know there are many side roads and plenty of Bozo’s ready to miss-direct you on your journey. Should you take your Global Positioning System to the grave?

Unfortunately absolutely everything of material consequence is not allowed within the confines of the spirit world. Fame and Fortune on Earth are completely irrelevant within this plane of existence. If you did not make your spiritual connection on Earth you would be like a child in swaddling cloths whence you arrived on the other side. This is when followers of the Zionist False G*D ‘Mork’ will discover they are totally screwed because they will not like what is waiting for them. Even street people know the rules; ‘What comes around goes around and paybacks are a bitch homie’.

Observing life on Planet Stupid is like watching a train wreck in slow motion for visionaries around the world even though chaotic events may appear to be unrelated. On the bright side, things are about to get busy as man and his bogus G*D or Grand Deceiver competes with nature and the true Creator. It is darkly humorous because their G*D needs ‘stuff’ to pull off this grand deception on neophyte earthlings who think space ships are G*Dly. I want what they are smoking……………

Realizing that boneheads had already weaponized religions, long before the Grand Murderer Charlemagne killed for Christ in Europe, only proves we have lived the era of the proverbial Anti-Christ for several thousand years already. Killing in the name of G*D should have been a major red flag to the ancients but they were to ga ga over the glitzy flashing lights, like a deer caught in a spotlight. And basically, their time is up according to the sacred texts because the one world government has arrived, surprise! Fortunately this also marks the beginning of their ultimate demise. Living a lie has its consequences.

Rather than dissect the individual Earth Changes as they arise I prefer to look at the big picture since almost everything you read is a lie or gross misinterpretation of facts as far as the mainstream media is concerned. But do they have a choice? Nyet, for they are owned part and parcel by the very demagogues who are perpetrating crimes against humanity on every continent on the planet to the joy of investors and their bogus G*D Mork The Grand Deceiver. They have created ‘The Perfect Storm’ where corruption is condoned and treason is revered and rewarded, as prophesied.

Fortunately, ‘Man and Mork’ are sauntering down the road to their own demise as they fall into old ruts left by other fallen empires who’s kingdoms lay in ruins. Watching those whiz-bang shows where some lofty scientists claim G*Ds came from space ships is darkly humorous but just plain stupid and it’s an ingenious way to separate people from their true spirituality. In layman’s terms it’s all bovine excrement and anything else that belongs in a sewer.

Rather than disprove the alien interface, elitists chose to embrace their existence by placing Mork’s dim-bulb chums on a pedestal and subliminally implant the G*D seed in the minds of the TV viewers. For people with a true spiritual connection, visionaries and folks that know the difference between good and bad entities know it’s all ka ka. The real architect of the universe and the many dimensions of existence does not need a Frisbee, compass or wormholes to zip around creation plain and simple. Mechanical devices revel their mortality and co-dependency on ‘stuff’. Nutin G*Dly about that eh. Sadly the vast majority of the population will buy into this bogus G*D bullpucky, again as prophesied.

The elitists and their douche-bag G*D impostor’s ultimate weapon is fear. Pro Democracy icon *Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has always purported we must have freedom from fear. Fear is a tool used by evil to control those who have no concept of the paranormal or spirituality. Ghost use fear to control their earth-bound counter parts by playing on inherent fears within an individual’s subconscious and as we all should know, there are no secrets within the confines of the spirit-world,………hello, McFly!

We are like an open book to all that traverse the spirit-world super highway. Psychics, soothsayers and medicine people hitchhike this super highway all the time. So our fears are equally out in the open and you can bet your bottom dollar or food stamps that evil takes full advantage of this reality. It should be noted that there is a good way to traverse the spirit-world and there is a bad way to barge into the spirit-world. But every dogma and ideological principle has a protocol that assures us passage as well as protection. Only thing is, you can’t be a dickhead like Mork and his chums if you seek the truth.

The spirit-world super highway is a complicated place if you don’t take the necessary precaution your dogma teaches you. Within the spiritual path of my people it is an excepted rule that you don’t run your mouth about other people’s business whence you ‘see’ something in others. In other words, just because you can ‘see’ does not give you the authorization to flap your jaws about another person’s destiny. You may be hurting more than doing good. After all, we all must take our medicine eventually and interfering with destiny only delays the inevitable lessons we must learn, even if it’s the hard way. I know because I had to take my lumps the hard way.

There are exceptions to this rule but this would take an entire chapter of its own to explain and besides your dogma has this covered. One exception to the general rule would be if a familiar spirit within your dogma came to you with express desire for you to intervene for the sake of an individual. Of course you would have a protocol to follow within your dogma. But this would require a person to already have this spiritual connection for you would know the spirit to be from the light and not from Planet Stupid. My people call them guides and they are of the Creator, the same Creator all dogmas pointed to before they were weaponized and re routed to Mork’s hot-tub.

Well, stupid has come a long way since the time Religion was transformed into Derision by Mork’s crew of bonehead crown elitist scribes a few thousand years back. Guess ole Mork forgot to tell them that the buck stops at the on ramp of the spirit-world super highway. The vermin elite are partying high on the hog and on the bones of the innocent as if there was no tomorrow. Small wonder they are struggling to find the fountain of youth. Maybe they know the seeds they’ve sown will glean them less than nothing on the other side. How far beyond stupid is that eh?

If you don’t have a handle on your personal spirituality and know the difference between good and evil spirits you are screwed during this time of change. Whence you arrive at the spirit-world toll booth you had better be prepared to pay your toll because everything has a price and nobody rides for free on the spirit-world super highway.

Just remember, man’s attempt to rule the world along with all their false flag wars, diseases and land grabs will fall by the wayside in concerns as Ma Earth steps up to the plate and cleanses herself of all that causes her discomfort. And you had better believe the first on the list will be Mork and his hemorrhoid elite for they have become a ‘Royal’ pain in the ass.

Bada Bing Bada Bang Bada Boom, capice?

Your Devil’s Advocate

*Freedom From Fear Speech by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma 1990

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Buffalohair: Eugenics / by Another Word

Eugenics, by Another Word

radiationGive Ebola a welcome round of applause boys and girls for she has made her dazzling debut in America. But Ebola has some very stiff competition to face both nationally and internationally. Monsanto is killing people every day in every continent on Planet Stupid with their toxic crops of death. Even corporations are killing thousands of people a year for their land and natural resources.

Dare we mention the wave of new and toxic drugs, fast-tracked by the FDA$ and of course, war. Here comes the Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68)……We live in perpetual nuclear fallout while ingesting a cornucopia of highly radioactive particles everyday. It’s a good thing Uncle Sam raised the acceptable levels of radiation in our food and drinking water, for about the zillionth time.

Normal or acceptable levels of radiation in today’s environment would have sent everyone to the shelters back in the middle of the last century. Since society is asleep at the wheel this reality has gone by the wayside as well. Granted it’s a stark reality but it’s also an inconvenient and unprofitable one.

Birth defects were not common place like it is today and not with such a wide variety to choose from either. Many new throat and upper GI diseases and cancers simply did not exist a few years back. Nuclear testing over the decades contaminated absolutely every facet of our existence from food, drink, and everything else we touch, smell and taste. Chernobyl and Fukushima sealed our radioactive fate for an eternity.

Contaminated nuclear material circulates the globe daily no matter how  much the nuclear industry and the media lies about it. For all intents and purposes we are living in a post nuclear war environment where the air itself is energized with highly enriched radioactive particles. And it does not matter which side of the political isle you reside, we eat, work and play in one common nuclear stew.

A little birdie once told me the nuclear industry was triangulating funds to support the elimination of coal and other fossil fuels. Make way for clean energy, only bug in the ointment is nuclear energy is a trillion time more toxic to the environment for it’s the gift that keeps on giving,… for at least 20,000 years. No one found a remedy for the toxic nuclear waste being produced but they will store this putrid stew for the next generation to worry about. How special……………. 

The road to ‘clean energy’ has many inevitable and un-addressed extremely toxic side roads. Nuclear and toxic waste are the womb of creation for modern-day cancers and mutations. Funny how cigarettes get major billing for cancer when smokes only account for a fraction of all cancers including lung cancer. At least this weaponized strain of Ebola is relatively swift in dispatching it’s selected victims.

Contamination of the drinking water, (fluoridation) and basic foodstuffs, (GMO) has condemned the public to years of medications, doctor visits and experimental drugs till death. Birth defects are yet another blessing brought on by this so-called modern age. Are globalists intentionally building a new workforce of cheap, skilled, – labor by creating an army of autistic people to fill positions once held by others?

The 64 dollar question is; ‘Will the new autistic workforce be paid equally, given minimum wage for performing the same task as others or ultimately indentured an enslaved.?’

On the bright side investors are reaping a handsome profit by capitalizing on sickness brought by the toxic stew the general pubic is served daily. Dialysis centers are flourishing and pharmaceutical profits are soaring. Sadly the largest individual investors in this humanitarian catastrophe reside within the legislative branch of government and on both sides of the isle. After all they are the 1%-investor/politicians.

Bon Appetit, for a ‘Crap Sandwich’ is the least of your concerns from these collusive policy makers because if they have their way this will only be an appetizer.

Now if you will excuse me, I will resume my extermination with  Zyklon Brisket served with Cesium Shallots & Fukushima Foam Fennel Tartar. To Drink, a quality vintage Cabernet Sauvignon, of course…………

Your Devil’s Advocate


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CHEMTRAIL POISONING Now Paralysis! / Jage: I have finally broke down crying:( The bastards!

CHEMTRAIL POISONING Now Paralysis! / Jage: I have finally broke down crying:( The bastards!



Hummmmm? Chemtrails????????? / Respiratory virus suspected in Midwest children’s hospitalizations



Cases Of “Chemtrail Cough” Exploding Nationwide

Geoengineering Affects You and Your Loved Ones

Exposing the chemtrail-geoengineering coverup

Skull – Cry Die

Single on iTunes: Directors: Enda Mccallion, Jamie Mitchell, Valerie Camila Rhodes Editor: Jamie …

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Buffalohair: Outside Agitators Not Buddhists or Muslims Behind Mandalay Attacks

Outside Agitators Not Buddhists or Muslims Behind Mandalay Attacks

This is a "found" artwork. It's basically old toilet block covered in graffiti.According to sources within Mandalay the violence against Muslims and Buddhists are being committed by one source. Locals believe the agitators are government stooges trying to start another false flag disturbance like they did in Rakhine State with the Rohingya and Buddhist communities. One source said, “Where did these people come from since they are not from Mandalay?”
Many people speculate that this disturbance was designed to distract potential voters away from Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the NLD as they push for the 2015 elections. History reveals that this is an age old tactic General Than Shwe used to keep the nation in a state of turmoil so he and his thugs could rob this impoverished nation blind. In reality nothing has changed for the democracy Burma is experiencing is nothing more than Kabuki Theater, an act and bold faced lie for the western press. The fact journalists are being arrested should be an indicator that democracy is just a facade.
I still question why U Win Tin died, knowing there are many ways to cause death from dialysis that resemble ‘natural causes’. I think he was assassinated quietly because he posed a real threat to the status quo. My friend Sitt and I watched as one by one, every one of his friends died mysteriously in Burma and they were all pro democracy activists. There is no question Sitt would be dead by now from some natural cause if he were still in Burma.
Eye witnesses observed fabricated events strictly for the western press and other shady dealings that proved these events are simply staged. The collateral deaths of bystanders in this scam to divide the Muslim and Buddhist communities is considered a blessing to these thugs the Junta sent out to terrorize this once peaceful city. Witnesses also identified that these so called Buddhist & Muslims came into the community dressed in civilian cloths but more resembled soldiers out of uniform, all of them.
The Sham Buddhists came in chanting as if they were legitimate Buddhists but they did not have family or friends in Mandalay, neither did the Bogus Muslims. They stuck with themselves rather than mingle with family since obviously they had none. Mandalay residence did not recognize them and they did not share common ethnically cultural features or colloquialisms of the local Buddhist OR Muslim communities they claimed to come from. They literally came out of no where and started violence in both communities on the very same day. It was planned like clock work.
They are not Buddhists or Muslims, they are Junta stooges on a mission from the Tatmadaw to instigate violence between these religious groups. I personally have visited both the Muslim and Buddhist communities and celebrated with them. I clearly remember Buddhist coming to honor the Muslims on their sacred days as well as Muslims visiting Buddhists on their sacred days. They had mutual respect for one another and enjoyed these sacred days in harmony, food and celebration. It is a lie to think for one moment that Buddhists or Muslims within Burma would intentionally kill one another now since they lived in harmony for as long as older residence can remember. Surely there was peace before colonization, hmmmmm.
False flag events are the wave of the future as corrupt politicians around the world use this very same tactic to influence their electorates. Than Shwe used this tactic to hide the genocide in Kachin, Shan and Karen States from the media’s eyes. Burning down a Buddhist temple while casting blame on Christians or Muslims was and apparently still is the way of the Burmese government. Than Shwe once bragged to one of his blabbermouth generals that every ethnic and religious group including NGO’s in Burma are infiltrated with his spies, snitches and operatives. This is a classic example of how Than Shwe ruled Burma, through chaos and lies and nothing has changed according to locals.
With new Chinese trade deals in the works there is no question Mandalay will soon be the target of land grabs as well as Asian and western sweatshops. The influence of major corporations and their deep pockets has negatively influenced Burma’s politics ever since the UK had Aung San assassinated for trying to unite Burma. After all, a united Burma would rather utilize their natural resources to benefit their people and to advance their cultures. The Panglong Agreement would have provided the seed of unity this nation needed whence it was free from British colonial bondage. Burma had all the makings of a great nation that could have equaled Hong Kong, Japan or other advanced Asian nation for that matter, not plunged into poverty writhe with secular violence.
One thing we do know for sure is the fact General Than Shwe and his inner circle are Bilderberg Stooges like Thailand’s fugitive ex prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, a crony of Uncle Than. Or was it just a coincidence that all the international corporations who continued to do business with Burma where exempt from the mandated sanctions imposed by the UN (Useless Nimrods). Even Ban K-moon’s vested corporate interests did business with the Sanctioned Burmese Junta. When it comes down to it, only Bilderberg Stooge Corporations did business with Burma during the sanctions period. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was only allowed to visit with Bilderberg Stooges while she was still under house arrest.
With all this in mind it is hard not to suspect that there are outside forces assisting the Burmese Junta in keeping this resource rich nation in a determinant state of chaos like oil rich nations in the mid-east. It is curious that the mainstream media only addresses the Rohingya turmoil while totally ignoring the atrocities being committed in Kachinland. Oh silly me, Kachinland is chock full of natural resources including gold, uranium and rare earth minerals global corporations desperately desire. Its just a coincidence that the parent companies of the western media are owned by the very criminals who want to strip Asia of its natural resources like they are doing in Africa and South America. Dare I mention the fracking chaos in Europe and North America? Same douche bags, same 1%…………..
It may be to simplistic to say it’s just the Burmese government who is behind this Buddhist – Muslim bloodletting. These events fall in line with the violence, corruption and land grabs that are infecting nations around the world and it all points directly to the Bilderberg Group and their shill organizations & corporations. Generalissimo Than Shwe and his flunky Thura U Shwe Mann are not clever enough to come up with such an international scheme. They are only stooges of the corporate like their fetid inner circle. The real rulers of Burma residing in Brussels and 10 Downing Street. The ruling class of Burma are only following orders from global thieves. They are also guilty of high treason against the people of Burma and false flag events are their weapons of choice.
Your Devil’s Advocate
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Buffalohair: Dialysis/ Senior Citizens / ‘The Devil’s Lettuce’ (Marijuana)

Dialysis, Senior Citizens and ‘The Devil’s Lettuce’ (Marijuana)

Alice B Toklas
Kidney failure is becoming more common as we imbibe in the growing number of genetically modified foods, fluoridated water and toxic drugs the Food and Drug Administration is ‘fast tracking’ into our daily diets. We are simply getting contaminated causing otherwise healthy folks to lose the function of their kidneys and for a senior citizen who is already suffering sarcopenia this can be a death sentence because of the complexities associated with Renal Failure. 

Sarcopenia is basically a condition where the body looses muscle mass. It’s a mechanism of Frailty Syndrome and that is basically a part of growing old. I watched as my dad began to wither away after heart surgery for he refused to follow the doctors orders by getting more physical and eat nutritious food. The end result was him wasting away to nothing and only in the end did he admit he should have eaten better food and exercised like the doctor advised. The ole boy literally starved himself to death.

In my mothers case, before she suffered renal failure she was robust and very active. She ate very well and watched her diet like a hawk. It was misdiagnosis and the use of prescription drugs that destroyed her kidneys. Lanoxin was the drug doctors had my mom convinced she needed to take because of her heart, but for 17 years! It was the use of this drug that caused her kidneys to shut down. So buyer beware since she did not need this drug after all according to specialists who reexamine her heart after her kidneys shut down.

In any event my mom, at the age of 87, was forced to begin dialysis treatments 3 times a week to cleanse her blood of contaminants and rid her body or excess water. It is very important that family members of dialysis patients be an active participants in the care and management of a dialysis patient. If you want your loved one to be happy in spite of the need for dialysis you must be proactive and get involved. Learn about kidney failure, the treatments, the critical measurements one must take in order to tell the dialysis technician.

A person usually would not measure the weight of their cloths they wear to dialysis but we do. Measuring food and water intake and output are also points to consider when going to dialysis. It is critical for the dialysis techs so they can determine how much water you have on-board (Wet Weight) before the procedure begins since they have a target weight (Dry Weight) to reach that has been predetermined by the doctor in an attempt to prevent overdialization. It is also very important to disclose if you are constipated and the weight of how much you believe the contents of the colon weighs so the patient does not get over dialyzed. I can calculate within grams of what my mom’s actual weight is.

My mom was being over dialyzed in the beginning and that was the impetus for me to get educated in this particular field of medicine, nephrology. After I was comfortable with the knowledge I gained we went the rounds, the doctor, nurses and me because my figures were not matching the nurses. My mom was a strong vibrant person before she began dialysis so I knew in my heart there was something not right. I educated myself in every possibly facet of kidney failure and patient care to discovered that nephrology was still evolving. The latest studies reveal that dialysis is not a one size fits all treatment like they first thought years ago. Sadly some doctors nurses and clinics still operate under the old theorem so keep your eyes open when selecting a clinic.

I learned there is a need to address dialysis on a patient by patient basis for whats good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander. For senior citizens special care must be taken and questions must be answered before dialysis begins because their bodies are so frail and it would not take much to damage tissue from overdialization. Older folks don’t like to make waves because they come from a generation that trusted doctors. In this era many doctors are simply pill doctors these day. In their defense one doctor told me they are being pressured or extorted to push drugs or they could lose their DEA license to prescribe drugs.

Lets say you are jumping through all the hoops, taking vitals, doing all the weights and measures for the dialysis tech and generally being proactive in your or your loved ones kidney disease and diet. Folks on dialysis have many restrictions including the foods they must eat and the quantity of water they can drink and sometimes a person gets tired of eating bland food. Though dialysis patients get protein supplements and other nutrients there is nothing better than real food to supplement their diets. But when a person simply stops eating it’s all over.

Sad part is when a patient looses the desire to eat their protein levels drop and this complicates the diagnosis because the liver slows the production of Albumen and without albumen to assist in the removal of water from the body swelling occurs. If a nurse is not aware of this they assume the patient is simply full of water do to their kidney failure and like an orange they squeeze as much juice out of the patient as possible to reduce the swelling of the ankles and feet. In my mom’s case she was dialyzed so hard in the beginning she was reduced to being a humpback granny who could barely walk or speak.

She was so low in protein she also lost the ability to taste her food and lost interest in eating in general for she did not feel hungry anymore. The clinic was giving her double doses of protein in an effort to stem the decline in her protein levels but that was not enough since the body could only assimilate so much protein at any given time. My mom was literally wasting away as time passed. The doctor, dialysis team and I eventually got on the same page and my mom’s treatments were groomed to her specific needs but it was already to late as far as her protein levels were concerned. Then I remembered Alice B. Toklas and the cookies made with ‘The Devil’s Lettuce’, marijuana.

I did not find Alice B. Toklas but I did find a masterful culinary adventurer who cooked up some chocolate chip cookies with that dreaded Devil’s Lettuce oil. I explained to my mother what the cookies had in them and how this was the last option since she would surely die in the long run if she did not start eating more protein rich foods. She agreed to try the cookie but only once since she feared she might get into heroin or other nonsense the media spewed in an effort to stop the legalization process in Colorado.

Just a little history lesson: Marijuana was placed on the schedule 1 drug classification because of the efforts of the Tobacco and Alcohol lobbyists since they feared Mary Jane would be too much competition for them. Of course an army of investors in these industries worked like a well oiled machine with letters to the senators, congressmen and other fellow investors. It cost billions of dollars by today’s standards to demonize pot as a gateway drug but they managed to push pot up the shelf.

In the olden days pot dealers strictly sold pot and the rest was handled by hard drug dealers who sold minnie bennies, ludes, morphine, heroin, reds, whites and a list of other hard drugs. When the fed placed weed on the hard drugs list then all drugs including pot was sold by one dealer since weed was now in league with smack. In reality the Federal Government made pot a gateway drug by changing the way pot was sold exposing pot smokers to the wider array of illegal drugs the drug deal had to offer. It was a marketing success for heroin deals for they now had new ‘fish’ to ply their wears, the pot smoker. Yup, pot became a gateway drug because the feds placed pot on the same store as ‘Black Tar Heroin’ not because pot made a person feel like he/she needed a greater high.

OK, back to the story. As it were, I finally convinced my mum to eat a cookie and she did. A little later my mom began to poke around in the fridge looking for something to eat. I asked her if she was beginning to feel her ‘magic cookie’. She turned to me and said.”Lets go to the Market”. After 2 hours of her running around the market and filling her basket with victuals it was clear she had the munchies. In fact we had to stop for a sandwich on our way home because my mom was starving to death. It was only a matter of time before my mom turned on the radio then we began to tell jokes and hang out. Wow, my mom was acting like one of the dudes.

For all it’s worth the Alice B. Toklas cookies were a smashing hit and has changed the dynamic of my mom’s life in many cool ways. Her dialysis treatments are just a walk in the park and she is actively working on bringing up her protein levels. Her taste buds are coming back online as well as her vision and hearing since she is eating much better. She is working in her garden and stopped acting like some old decrepit geezer who could not get out of her own way. When I take her to the store she is very engaged and I find the need to place a flashing orange light on her head so I can find her since she is boot scooting around like she did when she was in her 60′s.

I can’t say if everyone should have a cookie a day because I don’t know the exact details of their condition. But I can guarantee you that the side effects from one cookie would not come close to even an aspirin when you pay attention to the toxic side effects. Marijuana could replace many drugs because of its diversity in dealing with pain and other neurological issues as well as wasting away diseases. The only real side effect being you tore the handle off your refrigerator door or suddenly have a desire to buy a Jefferson Airplane Album. It’s uses with cancer patients is legendary.

I know people with Parkinson and Multiple Sclerosis who would be totally incapacitated if it were not for a few puffs or a cookie a day to keep them comfortable. I suffer chronic to acute pain from a deadly accident years ago. The meds and morphine pumps I was given almost killed me and turned me into a drooling medical junkie but they did not quell the pain, just strung me out. When I got my medical marijuana card I found instant relief. It did not cure my pain but it did change how my neuroreceptors received the pain signals making my life palpable for a change. In Colorado, crime and murder dropped substantially since legalization came into being but that’s another story.

If you have loved ones on dialysis be proactive and positive with them and learn how you can make their lives easier since there is lots to learn and to be made aware of. By no means do I know it all but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist. It would behoove you to learn everything you can about renal failure so you are educated enough to help yourself or your loved one. It’s all about the quality of life for the patient and if you are engaged with their disease they will be more engaged.

Being positive and normalizing their plight would be the psychological edge needed to carry them through the emotional issue dealing with dialysis. My mom looks forward to dialysis day since we go and eat at a new restaurant or experiment with a new recipe on that day.
So if your loved one loses the desire to eat toss them a cookie or give them a hit from your bong then turn on some vintage ‘Red Bone’ and chill out. “Hey mom, pass me the ‘Devil’s Lettuce!”

Your Devil’s Advocate

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Buffalohair: Humanities Renaissance at the ‘Grave that Glows’ (Joe Arridy)

Humanities Renaissance at the ‘Grave that Glows’ (Joe Arridy)

John Romero

On a cloudy gray morning at a hilltop of an old prison cemetery in Canyon City, Colorado a group of people gathered to remember the life of a 23 year old mentally challenged man, Joe Arridy, who was wrongfully convicted and executed for the rape and murder of a teenage girl on January 6, 1939. Though this was a solemn occasion it was also a time to rejoice for these people successfully garnered a posthumous pardon for a human being with the mentality of a mere child on January 7, 2010.

Dave Martinez Recieving Robert Perske Justice for All Award

David Martinez (L) receiving the Robert Perske Justice for all award by Robert Perske (R) and a prior engagement

Some key players could not attend including Philanthropist Humanitarian Robert Perske, author of *’Deadly Innocence?’, Joe Arridy’s descendant Maria Tucker, the descendant of Gail Ireland, the attorney who fought for Joe Teri Bradt and the attorney who took up the case pro bono and personally place the pardon on Governor Ritter’s desk, David Martinez Esq. They were at the grave site in spirit and their accomplishments will live on in perpetuity and so will the memory of Joe Arridy.

Though some members of ‘Humanities Dream Team’ were absent the event was still very energized with riveting poems, speeches and song. The ARC’s Craig Severa, the motivating force behind the grave stone, Dan Leonetti, who wrote the screenplay ‘Woodpecker Waltz was inspired to garner ‘Little Joe’ a pardon and Antonio Sanchez who enlisted an old friend, David Martinez for his legal prowess also graced the event.

There were other humanitarians that contributed to this noble cause. Entertainers, poets and professionals of all kinds who donated their skills, time and effort also attended this event for this was truly a group effort. Everyone donated thousands of hours doing what they could to bring Joe’s memory to light and to educate the general public about the judicial injustice that occurred three quarters of a century ago. Together they are humanities A-Team for they achieved the impossible in the face of all adversity, criticism and cynicism from an indifferent world.

After chatting with the director of The ARC, Colorado Springs Wilfred Romero it was clear the fight for justice for the son of Syrian immigrant, Joe Arridy, had become a lightening rod and an inspiration for others. It also became a conduit that links other humanitarian causes such as advocates against wrongful prosecution, false imprisonment, the death penalty, ethnic persecution and other social ills that also need to be addressed. It brings to light that we are not living in a civil society and it also reveals the consequences of a society that has lost it’s moral compass.

Though humanity slid into the abyss of ambivalence and indifference there is light at the end of this very long and dark tunnel as this gathering shows. There are people who actually care for fellow human beings regardless of race, color, creed and dogmatic principals. The corrupt legal system thought that by executing an ‘imbecile’ then burying him in grave would would silence the quest for justice but nothing could be further from the case.

On the contrary the Joe Arridy case had exposed the infinitely flawed criminal justice system by revealing skeletons for there are hundreds of Joe Arridy’s who continue to be incarcerated, persecuted and executed by career minded prosecutes who only look for numbers not justice. When a wealthy person can get probation for killing four people in a drunker joy ride while poor folks get 10 years behind bars for a much lesser crime, that is not justice. There is no justice when one can buy their way out of a vehicular homicide case, that is called elitism.

With a burgeoning prison population filled with minorities and poor folks the only people to benefit from this are investors in privatized prisons and the lucrative logistic services that keep these houses of horror in operation. The Joe Arridy case opened a can of worms since it focused on a time in US history when the Progressive Movement dominated the conventional wisdom of the day. America was in competition with Germany to achieve the ‘American Race’ as opposed to Hitler’s ‘Master Race’, it was a contest.

This explains why America turned their heads as Hitler roasted Semitic Jews, invalids, dwarfs and developmentally disabled people for they were embracing Theodor Herzl’s Zionist ideology of eugenics and exceptionalism, the cornerstone of the Progressive Movement. In turn America was busy trying to find excuses to clean the streets of ‘Mental Defectives’ and moving ethnic minorities out of sight and out of mind.

The story of the quest for the American Race is a dark and fetid one indeed and one would have to look long and hard to find the facts but they are out there, provided the books have not been burned yet. Fortunately Robert Perske did manage to shed light in this dark era in US history within the texts of his book Deadly Innocence?, a story about Joe Arridy. The book revealed the absolute hatred for minorities and disabled people that was the rave in early 20th Century America. Only a few years earlier the KKK paraded down the streets of Washington DC. It was also open season on immigrants during this era of hate.

The book revealed the purification of the hearts of millions and the business as usual approach to systematically railroading anyone people felt were different by the elites of the American Race. By their example the subordinate population learned to hate with great zeal for it was fashionable. Sadly history is repeating itself as politicians proudly proclaim their stance as a ‘Progressives and Zionists’ and I know they are banking on people’s ignorance of the history of the Progressive Movement.

Joe Arridy’s tale of wrongful prosecution and execution is a rallying point for many people as they become aware of the hatred that is being spawned over a much wider selection of differences. Racial and religious hatred has expanded to include political and ideological differences as well as financial inequities to such a degree whole swaths of contemporary American society are being subjugated and persecuted. The renewed cycle of overt hatred has become a cottage industry and this should be the shot across the bow to everyone.

Hopefully the Renaissance or ‘Humanities Spring’ will be the rallying point for all human beings both in the United States and the Globe since everyone is subject to wrongful prosecution for no one is immune, unless of course you are wealthy and well connected.

As for the ‘Grave that Glows’, since the death of Little Joe Arridy local residence have noticed over the years that Joe’s grave would glow in the wee hours of the night and for many people this was a sign that Joe was innocent. I have not seen the grave glow but I did notice a hawk circle around the gathering by his grave. Within my tradition this is a sign that the ‘Happiest Man on Death Row’ is with the Creator in a good way.

Though my heart grieves for this child who never really knew why he must die I shed a tear of joy knowing he is finally in a world of everlasting love.

I hope you learned to play the harp Little Joe…………………..

Your Devil’s Advocate


Friends of Joe Arridy

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Buffalohair: Burmese Refugees: Save Your Kyats It Might Not Be Worth It (Part 3)

Burmese Refugees: Save Your Kyats, It Might Not Be Worth It (Part 3)

The real refugees of Burma, Kachin IDP's
The real victims of genocide and racial hatred in Burma.

There is no question under-qualified ad-hock interpreters have caused great harm to refugees either by accident or intentional with deviating results. Miscarriages of justice along with incorrect and deadly medical instructions caused by ineptitude and lack of knowledge are only the tip of the iceberg. Other cases reveal prejudice and tribal hatred as the root cause of miss-information and bold faced lies that are told to trusting refugees. 

Though ad-hock interpreters can speak ‘da English’ many don’t understand medical, legal and technical terminology nor do they grasp the critical colloquial aspects of the American lexicon. It is likened to ‘the blind leading the blind’, at best. Refugee ad-hock interpreters barely grasp the language, let alone American life for that matter. The lack of higher education is all to apparent and many of the ones that claim a university degree usually got their credentials in a print shop in Malaysia like the others who’ve flooded into America in recent years. Every college degree, certification, pastoral doctorate out of South Asia must be verified since fraud is the name of the game when it comes to immigrating to the US, and immigration fraud is rampant globally. And its the US taxpayer footing the bill.

An innocent Burmese man was in jail for six months because a lackluster ad-hock interpreter botched his case by claiming he admitted guilt when that was not the case. Whence the judge heard the complete story from a trained and certified professional interpreter, the mysterious Madam Butterfly, the refugee was promptly released from jail. I had to explained what to do with diabetes medication and testing supplies to a refugee who was left clueless about his condition by an ad-hock interpreter.

There were no instructions, no advice and absolutely no help. The interpreter just gave a totally inaccurate interpretation of what the doctor was trying to instruct the patient. After learning what the ad-hock told her client it was obvious this bonehead interpreter was only pretending to give the patient the doctors precise instructions. She was clueless and did not understand what the doctor was talking about or grasp the seriousness of her clients condition. Instructing a diabetic patient to count to 80, then count to 120, then take the bottle of insulin was not the doctor’s instructions. There was no instructions on how to use the syringe, alcohol wipes, test strips & device, maybe that was a good thing. The physician was unaware of this fiasco. But how could he possibly know? At least the NGO made their $100 and hour in interpretation fees.
Doctors, nurses must heed this warning because no matter how hard the medical team tries to assist a refugee patient their efforts are stymied by an interpreters inaccurate rendition of specific and detailed medical instructions a patient must follow before/after surgery or any other procedure or medication. A racially motivated or incompetent interpreter is a death sentence to the patient. Judges and attorneys should also take note of the need to have educated, qualified and certified interpreters at their disposal to maintain the integrity of their courtroom and judicial system.

Credentialed and certified translators educated in the myriad of western terminologies ranging from medical, legal and the professional world are the only viable solution to insure the refugee receives adequate medical care and justice under the law. Surely you would rather have a heart surgeon perform your triple bypass surgery rather than a butcher. So what if the butcher knows how to disembowel an animal carcass but that does not make him a heart surgeon.
The same theorem holds true when  it comes to interpreters, just because a person can speak English and Burmese does not qualify them to interpret in the legal, medical and professional world. Just remember, the interpreter must be in the same league as the doctors, nurses, attorneys, and judges educationally speaking. If not, then the interpreter becomes the weakest link in a change of professional and it will be the client/patient who will suffer in the end. 
It’s a no brainer that medical interpreters should meet US English proficiency standards and be totally cognizant of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy rules. As it were, there is little regard for the refugees privacy with ad-hock interpreters. They run their mouths and gossip about the clients within the Burmese communities they are supposed to serve. Refugees have a right to privacy like anyone else but unfortunately ad-hock interpreters are not trained or don’t care about the ethical responsibilities professional interpreters follow religiously.

There are cases where ad-hock interpreters misrepresented their clients on purpose or scammed them out of their food/cash allotments because of tribal and racial inequities. These cases are overshadowed by the sheer ineptitude and incompetence displayed by ad-hock interpreters in general. How many people already died needlessly from an inept interpreter’s incorrect and sometimes fatal medical instructions? How many refugees are in jails and prisons because of incompetent or racially motivated ad-hock interpreters? The reality is most refugees are fearful and untrusting of all authority figures and don’t say a word to anyone about the abuses. Opportunists know this weakness and use it to their financial advantage big time.
Unscrupulous social workers and ad-hock interpreters have joined forces with unethical American dental groups in recent years and ripped off the US taxpayers for millions of dollars. Is it really necessary to cap, crown, bridge or brace baby teeth?? Dental groups, sham pastors, social workers and ad-hock interpreters are making a fortune ripping off the government with bogus dental care for toddlers of refugees. If the government would do an audit on these aid and dental groups they will discover collusion and fraud since thousands of refugee children were given expensive dental care on BABY TEETH. Then they would repeat the services when the child was actually of age and in real need of caps, crowns, bridge or brace on PERMANENT TEETH. There is no question many refugees do need dental care whence they arrive in America but shaking down the US taxpayer with bogus dental work in toddlers is completely off the charts corruption wise. 

Of course the aid worker, interpreter, NGO, church or advocacy group would get massive donations or graft from these Dental Cartels for guiding their trusting flock of refugees to the dental clinic. Follow the money and you will find your fraudsters. It’s widespread throughout many refugee communities not just the Burmese community boys and girls. Maybe you will wake up when you discover refugee babies are getting fitted with dentures for that will be the next scam if we don’t start paying attention to what is happening right under our noses.
Housing is another point of contention and massive fraud since slumlords are in collusion with NGOs, interpreters and social workers to fill their dilapidated and outdated housing complexes. Then they charge the federal government premium price on rentals to refugees for a dump where rats and roaches rule the roost. Imagine, we the taxpayer are footing the bill for a $1,000 a month apartment that smells like a sewer with broken pipes, windows and staircases.
Cabinets are unhinged and the complex more resembles a post Armageddon landscape. Some housing projects for refugees had standing sewage on the lower levels of the complex. Surely these dumps were not worth $1,000 a month but who cares, they are only refugees and probably don’t know the difference, right? Don’t even get me started on the electrical in these high dollar slums. Some refugees consider their apartment complex ‘a prison with no fence’ with nowhere to go. It is not hard to see why they miss their beloved jungle back in Burma.

One thing a refugee must know is the fact you don’t have to quit your religion to become a member of another faith to get aid from an NGO that receives US government funding. If anyone tells you that you must convert from Buddhism to Christianity or any other faith to receive aid they are lying to you and his/her agency could lose their funding for it is against the law. Religious Extortionism: Refugees are pressured or intimidated by sham religious leaders into changing their faiths or they will not receive aid and human services. It’s not about saving their souls, it’s all about tithing and filling offering plates by targeting newcomers and their hefty refugee aid checks and food cards. Targeting refugees has become a cottage industry in the USA.

Dim bulb pseudo religious icons condone men buying women and kids from Malaysia then defrauding the U.S. welfare system with this ‘made to order’ bogus nuclear family, gads. It should be noted this is the minority and not the majority of the Burmese religious community. Legitimate religious leaders from all faiths are absolutely livid about these ‘fraudsters of the cloth’ since they are giving the Burmese community a bad name. I know many legitimate Christian, Buddhist and Muslim organizations with ethical leadership that walks their talk and don’t rip off their congregation in the process.

Their churches, temples and mosques reflect the love & dedication they have for G*D and their congregations. They actually help their people assimilate into this new world while offering them support and advice, with no strings attached. These religious organizations address the ever mounting social ills that are unique to the refugee experience. They also provide English workshops and support healthy family development while addressing cultural differences and assimilation. Their outreach programs don’t have a price tag on them and they actually care for their brethren refugee without picking their pockets.

A former Karen child soldier once told me he wished to go back home to Burma and would rather face the junta instead of live in this strange place called America. “You have to lie to live in America”, he said. An old Karen lady told me she should have let the junta kill her in the jungle rather than live in a country that charges people to sit under a tree. Her contention was that she thought America was free before she arrived but nothing could be further from the truth. “You have to pay for everything, even the water you drink”, she said.

Suicide has become common place within the Burmese refugee community in America as hopeless and disenfranchised refugees kill themselves out of despair. Refugees are struggling to keep their families out of drugs and other abuses. Parents must work nights, work long hours or work two jobs while their children are left to fend for themselves, with disastrous consequences. Sex, drugs and all the societal cancers that are destroying the minds of the American youth are destroying the minds of unsupervised latchkey refugee children. Some refugee families have lost control of their children and their apartment complexes more resembles Kyauk Thabaik, Mandalay where crime is king.

Racism and tribal hatred by Burmese against Burmese has gone to another level in America. Burmese who lie and cheat their fellow countrymen make General Supremo Than Shwe look like a boy scout and the Military Junta a group of choir boys. At least the junta was honest enough to let you know they wanted you dead or Burmanized, unlike ‘goodie goodie’ ad-hock interpreters and other aid workers who pretend to help you while ripping you off blind.
I am not trying to promote the junta or dissuade anyone from migrating to the USA. But for the potential refugee they must know what is actually happening within some of the Burmese communities so they can make an educated decision to migrate or stay home. Are you able to learn a new language and a completely new way of life in a technologically advanced society?
It is just to complicated to live in America for some people plain and simple. Life is complex even for an average US citizen, born and raised here. Technology and all it’s nuances are a very real part of daily life and some people can’t grasp this technologically diverse way of life for this is not the jungle anymore. One Burman told me that America is the ‘Concrete Jungle’. But for refugees who study hard, learn the language and culture America can be a most rewarding and life altering experience, provided they survive the ad-hock interpreter merry-go-round and the NGO thugs waiting for new arrivals at the airport, like vultures to carrion.

On a positive note there are Burmese immigrants who came to America years before there were refugee groups and NGOs eager to assist or rip them off as the case may be. They had to forge a new life in America on their own, without handouts, aid packages or interpreters. They faced insurmountable odds but still forged a new life from the ground up and it was not easy like it is today. These early arrivals came and learned the American way of life, it’s culture and language without the welcome wagon refugees receive now. For their efforts they did become successful business men and women, educators and doctors. They also preserved the Burmese cultural experience and continue to live and worship within their tradition while maintaining their new America  persona. 

Assimilating is not an impossible task but a refugee must be sincere in their pursuit of the American Dream whence they decide to migrate here. On the other hand fraudsters don’t really care to assimilate since they know they can go back to Burma if they get into trouble, unlike the true refugee who still has a price on their heads. Good thing is, the fraudsters days are numbered as local, state and federal authorities are made aware of the criminality that is being perpetrated within the Burmese refugee community in their jurisdictions.

The fact American NGOs, businessmen and other opportunists are involved in the various schemes to defraud the U.S. Government and taxpayers, its only a matter of time before arrests are made and in some cases deported. The paper and money trails are very easy to follow and the fraudsters are clearly identified in many documents and logs. In all fairness the corrupt dirt bags are the minority but they target the majority of the most trusting and vulnerable refugees, this is no coincidence. And its in defense of the most vulnerable and innocent refugees I am telling their story.

Your Devil’s Advocate

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Buffalohair: Burmese Refugees: Save Your Kyats It Might Not Be Worth It (Part 2)

Burmese Refugees: Save Your Kyats, It Might Not Be Worth It (Part 2)

NYFreiheitsstatue2Though the ruling Military Junta of Burma is guilty of egregious crimes against humanity, these incidents do not involved ALL the tribes and states in Burma, not by a long shot. And for the record not every single Burmese soldier is a drug crazed rapist and murderer. The secret alliance to Aung San’s Panglong Agreement still lives in the hearts of many soldiers and officers, but that’s another story.

News travels fast in Asia and it is much more lucrative to enter the US as a refugee since you will be placed on the government and NGO dole for at least 8 months, free cash, food, medical and dental. Beats the heck out of immigrating legitimately for immigrants are not privy to the gravy trail of free aid refugees are given. The goal is to get on Social Security Disability by claiming you’re a ‘nut case’ and you will soon be eating with golden chop sticks. Why work?
Sadly, true refugees don’t run their mouths about abuses and torture they endured like the fraudsters. If you paid attention you would notice how easily the abuses pour out of fraudsters mouths. Clearly they don’t have an emotional link to the B.S. for if they did, they would not be so graphic about traumatic events that shook their lives to the core, ask anyone with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). For true sufferers of PTSD have a hard enough time trying to coping with their memories and triggers. Refugees rarely speak of the horrors they witnessed and experiences. The scammers will bend the ear of anyone who will listen.
It’s easy to tell others about abuses and paint a gory and barbaric tale of sorrow when you did not experience a thing. The tale of sorrow is either stolen from the mouths of actual refugees or scripted for the most impact. I hear these lies over and over as scammers try to get Social Security Disability or defraud immigration authorities. The real victims are not so willing to relive those horrific events and their suffering and PTSD never gets addressed. On the other hand, bogus refugees laugh all the way to the bank. The sickening part is the fact they boast about their ill gotten gains and share how they got over on the US welfare and Social Security System. 
Many legitimate refugees get stranded in Malaysia and end up living in impoverished conditions, near starvation with little sanitation in over crowded refugee centers. Medical care; horribly foreshortened to say the least. Some people chose to escape these prison like conditions through suicide out of desperation while others resigned themselves to living out their lives in a squalid refugee camp. Addictions & abuses of every kind and human trafficking are rampant in Malaysian refugee camps. Refugees who I’ve interviewed told of how easy it was to spot the sham refugees from Burma, China and India for they had power plants and other luxury accommodations. Their skin, smooth and soft to the touch, well groomed and wear designer clothing. Their time of struggling and hardships; the inconvenience of having to fill the generator with gas or suffer the disruption of a reading light or favored TV show. Paleeeeeze!
Affluent scammers would only stay in the refugee centers for a few months, then they would be dodgily selected and sent to America or other host nation. One legit refugee told me she was in a camp for 11 years before she got to the US, very common. Others died of disease and depression, waiting. School girls were frequently kidnapped in camps and sold into bondage. Infants would be stolen from refugees only to be fed to leeches in Thailand specialty restaurants.
The kidnapped refugee babies would be lowered into vats filled with leeches and the critters would feast on the rich baby fat blood of the infant. The end result would be fat succulent leeches served piping hot with the usual Asian vegetable fair, dash of garlic, tamarind, onion and steamed rice. Knowing female human fetus is an aphrodisiac and served as a broth filled stew in China, this is actually quite mild. Maybe it needs more sriracha sauce? Crimes against refugees have no boundaries nor limits and border on inhuman.
One Burmese missionary couple I know rescued very young children from traffickers in Malaysia. They truly are heroes in my eyes for this unassuming little couple risks their lives almost on a daily basis rescuing kids from armed traffickers, sometimes in a hail of bullets. Young children are a delicacy or ‘chicken’ to affluent pedophiles from around the world. Malaysian traffickers are notorious for satisfying this lucrative global demand for children.
For the right price a person can order a child or adult for any purpose the customers heart desires, even for human sacrifice and consumption and shipped to any nation in the free world. In some cases desperate refugee families would be coerced or forced to sell one of their kids to survive but that is another long and convoluted story. Gun barrel adoption is what I call it.
This IS the family friendly version of what refugees revealed about their journeys for it was a barbarously treacherous one for the most needy, the legitimate refugees escaping persecution & genocide. Their journey to America was paved in misery, blood and death by fellow refugees who only wanted a better life. By sheer luck these refugees finally arrive in America and for the most part their struggle to survive should have come to a conclusion, or so you think. Though they don’t need to worry about the military junta, life in the big city has a list of dangers the innocent and trusting refugees are totally unprepared to cope with.
Victimization by their own people is all to common since some unscrupulous previous arrivals are totally cognizant of the formidable aid packages new arrivals receive. The chain of refugee abuse in America begins here and it only gets worse for the less educated & affiliated people who are hapless, trusting and the truly legitimate refugee. Shy larks and opportunists take food cards and con the neophyte arrival out of their cash allotments leaving them broke and without means.
Some agencies that receive government funding have been taken over by a specific ethnic group who then only provide the best housing, aid and jobs to fellow tribal members under the noses of their American hosts. Racial hatreds and tribal differences are played out as if this were Burma and the legitimate refugee is persecuted once again.
In some cases refugees are forced to pay unscrupulous aid/social workers to find jobs and must shell out big bucks so these criminals will divulge information, jobs and other services. If they don’t have all the money they are forced to pay outrageous interest fees, under threat of deportation. They are forced to pay out most of their allotments leaving them with little to live on after they are ripped off by people in positions of authority. And you better believe that educated traffickers out of Malaysia are working for NOG’s here in the good ole USA and they are making the big bucks scamming refugees since they are in a position of authority.
Refugees caught in this ‘jobs/aid’ scam in the US are starving because they are being victimized and forced into paying bogus late fees for services that are free. Fearful of authorities, refugees don’t dare say a word because they believe these corrupt fellow countrymen have the authority to send them back to Burma. This is far from the truth and fact is the US authorities would be more than happy to learn about these miscreants who prey on their own people for this is not an isolated situation.
Your Devil’s Advocate
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Buffalohair: Burmese Refugees: Save Your Kyats It Might Not Be Worth It (Part 1)

Burmese Refugees: Save Your Kyats, It Might Not Be Worth It (Part 1)

kachin-idpFor the most part, migrating to the US has been a welcome blessing for a multitude of Burmese refugees. Discovering the key to success they assimilated, found a career and pursued the American Dream while giving their children opportunities never afforded them in their homeland. Unfortunately not all refugees share the euphoric bliss of liberation migrating has brought. For them, America has been a living hell from the moment of their arrival. All they dream of; is returning to their beloved Burma. In disrepair; others chose suicide as the only other option. Some refugees simply disappeared even before arriving in USA.

This tale is not about the hard working Burmese refugees, immigrants and political exiles who found their place in this complex society. This story is about the voiceless refugees who never assimilated the intricate mores of American modern society for one reason or another. It is also about the traffickers, shy larks and opportunists who prey on their fellow countrymen and milk the US taxpayer in the process. And, in some way, this is a memorial to the countless innocent & trusting refugees who where sold into bondage or murdered by traffickers & employers,………so they are not forgotten.
There is a saying, ‘The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence’ and for refugees the USA was ‘the other side of the fence’, ‘the promised land’ filled with greener pastures and golden opportunities. Sadly for a growing number of Burmese their field of dreams is nothing more than an illusion; lies told by unscrupulous human traffickers eager to take their money and in some cases the money of an entire village. In more than one instance refugees came to America not only to bring prosperity to their families but also to bring relief to their impoverished village back home. 
The promise of great fortune meant the village would soon have homes made of brick, not bamboo and possibly a new ox for the communal farm. In knapsacks, the hopes and dreams of a people was on their backs, bound for America. Maybe others would follow after their ‘ambassador’ was firmly situated in this new country. America, the land of plenty where they will find their fortune and save their village whence they landed in the good ole USA, hmm. Surely their countrymen would show them the way to riches, a home, flat screen TV and a Lexus because the roads are paved in gold in Amerika.
Traffickers painted a picture of hope and promise that was hard for impoverished villagers to ignore. All the traffickers needed was 2 million kyats to whisk the fortunate villager off to America and fortunes untold. The desperately needed cash would soon roll into the jungle village and life would finally be good. Sadly some Burmese refugees never made it to America for they were executed only miles from their village and tossed in shallow graves in the dense jungle, murdered for 2 million kyats. Others were betrayed then sold into bondage, burgeoning sweatshops and brothels throughout Asia, and worked to death. Thai fishing captains are notorious for murdering and dumping Burmese crewmen in the sea simply so they don’t have to pay them.
The fortunate ones who manage to arrive in Malaysia believe they finally reached civilization and safety. They can hook up with one of many NGO & religious organizations that ‘cater’ to refugees. And finally, they will reach the UNHCR where officials will either verify or issue a new nationality, tribal affiliation and birthday (1st of any month) that fits the criteria needed to qualify for ‘refugee status’, then it’s off to America.
The harsh reality; upon arrival to Malaysia, writhe with racial inequities, some refugees are subjugated because of their tribal affiliation back in Burma. The bitter irony is the fact these persecuted Burmese refugees are the hardest hit victims of genocide and tyranny who escaped rape, torture and death, not the burgeoning numbers of fraudsters side stepping immigration laws in Burma and the USA in favor of the more lucrative ‘refugee status’ designation.
The lucky ones who are tribally affiliated with one of the well lubed bogus NGO/Religious groups would immediately enter training to learn how to defraud the US government and acquire Social Security Disability and Retirement Benefits. The excuse is usually a well rehearsed mental condition from rape or other sensational traumatic experience designed to garner sympathy from naive westerners.
The list of American freebees delegated to the truly needy refugee has become the bucket of gold at the end of the rainbow for cunning and divisive immigrants. Immigration fraud is not isolated to just Burma for this is a global scam and the US taxpayers are the stooges footing the bill.
Your Devil’s Advocate

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