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Buffalohair: Who Was The Last Real American President?

Who Was The Last Real American President?

Politicians have become nothing more than front men for elitists, corporations and a hand full of investors. The fiduciary responsibilities of a nation were either ignored or auctioned off to the private sector such as the penal system, healthcare and the financial system. Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us about the corrupt military industrial complex. John F. Kennedy was assassinated because he dared to stand for America. Then Lyndon Johnson took over and it went down hill from there, we are screwed. more

Kennedy’s predecessor Lyndon B. Johnson and his wife already had their hand in the cookie jar when Kennedy was killed. Lyndon’s collusion with Brown & Root Construction Company in Vietnam made him wealthy beyond words while filling his political coffers. Ladybird’s investments in Bell Helicopter made her a king’s ransom on the blood & bones of our soldiers. Their connection with the military industrial complex was no coincidence and the LBJ presidency marked the beginning of corporatism writhe with lies, greed and corruption within American government. It also marked the end of democracy.

Since the Vietnam War the pattern of corruption has not changed, in fact it has taken on a life of its own as nation after nation continues to be invaded for the sake of corporate interests.  Tin horn dictators who launder money for corporate thugs are embraced by China, Russia and the West while ignoring the pleas for democracy by people who continue to be oppressed, their land confiscated or simply euthanized. This is accomplished with the help of the western banking system of course. Unfortunately democracy is no longer in the vocabulary of most world leaders. From an indigenous point of view, it’s the same ole, same ole and now other cultures can hear Gary Owen echo across the landscape as the corporate cavalry rapes, kills and steal the land. And it is a sure bet promises, contracts and treaties are not worth the paper they are written on. Civilization has come full circle, welcome to the Stoneage.

Like a cancer corrupt American politicians (better known as investors) invent excuses for war only to mask the two pronged agenda of selling war toys and the conquest of natural resources. With a vengeance the corporate controlled media plants seeds of hate and discord in the direction their corporate handlers point them while a lemming society digests their lies with morning cup of coffee. If there are natural resources in a country that does not allow global elitists to exploit the media labels them atrocitious criminals with weapons of mass distruction. Eventually war breaks out to ‘save’ the nation for humanities sake. That is the only time humanity matters. Only after vested corporate interests are in place would the nation be called ‘liberated’ but in reality another culture lay in ruines. The seed of hatred is planted but war is a lucrative venture so it all works out anyway.

China and Russia has not been spared the wave of corporate corruption either. Vladimir Putin & Hu Xing Tao and their corporate cronies have distorted and destroyed communism and replaced it with corporatism. The corporate shills (politicians) who’ve hijacked America and destroyed the Constitution were truly the architects of this axiom of profitable treason. Europe is already doomed with its sham European Union and national sovereignties are nothing more than a quaint side note to a nation’s history. Corporate shill David Cameron is only marking time before he makes his move on England for Tony Blair has already destroyed the UK with the royal family’s blessings.

If only we paid more attention to President Dwight Eisenhower when he warned us about the military industrial complex, maybe JFK would have been served out his term. It is ironic that Lyndon Johnson was the father of gun control though his true history is writhe with thuggery, death, and corruption. What a coincidence it was for Kennedy to be whacked in Dallas. Clearly Lyndon Johnson was the first corporate shill whose presidency paved a treasonous path for others to follow.

Now the corporate controled media presents two candidates while ignoring the others; Romney and Obama who are owned part and parcel by the very corporations Johnson entrenched in government many years before. The election is lost as far as the American people are concerned because the military industrial complex has already won.

So tell me, who was the last real American president, was it Eisenhower or Kennedy?

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