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Buffalohair:Western Media Blows It Again, Ignores Kachin Genocide & Other Global Issues

After a riveting speech from United States President Barack Obama where he addressed the continued violence in Kachin State and the need for humanitarian aid the western media remains silent. Shamefully most of the media only reported the crisis in Rakhine State and completely ignore the epic humanitarian crisis that continues to unfold in Kachin State. It would appear President Obama’s recognition of the continued violence in Kachin State was not newsworthy enough for the schmendriks of the mainstream media who claim to be journalists.

Over 100,000 Kachin IDP’s are beginning to die from exposure, starvation and disease from the lack of adequate shelter, food and medical attention in the burgeoning refugee enclaves that dot the Sino/Burma border and the western media is asleep at the wheel. The war has escalated in Kachinland even as the US President arrived in Burma in a classic act of defiance the Tatmadaw is noted for and the western press appears to be siding with genocide at this juncture. How far beyond stupid is that?

Shame on the western press for ignoring what would have been a defining moment as the President of the United States of America made a plea for humanity for the Kachin and the other ethnic groups that face extermination. Why is the media so diametrically opposed to the Kachin people to such a degree they ignore the cries of the innocent and suffering? Small wonder the western media as a whole has lost credibility on a grand scale and is considered more a tabloid press than serious journalism. Their news papers only serve one utilitarian purpose and that is to line the garbage cans from which they were conceived. Hmm, they’ve come full circle, imagine that.

It is disgusting to note that the mainstream media has devolved into a den of corrupt and morally bankrupt urchins that promote propaganda rather than fact. They have become a cheapened lackluster enterprise that only promotes news to the highest bidder while printing half truths and bold faced lies to suit the political and corporate agenda’s of the sewage elite. Fortunately their days are numbered, people know who these cretins are and someday soon they will be held accountable for the lies they promoted and the innocent people they ignored. They are the intellectual crap sandwich in the world of true journalism and deserve what is coming to them as the world comes to terms with life’s realities in this epic time of change. What comes around, goes around and tag, you’re it.

The beleaguered people of Burma watched and savored a moment in history they thought would never come. Tears fell throughout Burmese communities around the world as they watched the President of the United States of America make a most riveting speech about them and their plight. For many Americans who’ve worked diligently for the refugees and political exiles, this was their finest hour as the President laid bare the facts of life in Burma for the world to behold. Then some butt-crack US journalists began to pick away at this monumental moment in Burmese history.

These sleazes of journalistic crappola began by picking away at President Obama’s inability to pronounce names. Then they attacked his so-called lack of protocol and the list went on. After I read these salacious reports it was clear these media bumpkins who proclaimed they know Burma and it’s diverse culture where full of crap, all the way to their eye lids. One Burmese refugee asked, “Why does the western media hate us so much to try and spoil this special event?” Others noted that the western media continues to ignore rape, torture and genocide all the time in Burma as if they are on the side of the criminals. The media has distorted and completely lost the point of Obama’s speech and have no understanding of the Burmese culture, and that is from the mouths of all the Burmese who rang my phone off the hook the day after President Obama’s speech. Why is it so important to ignore the wholesale murder of Kachin people? That is a good question.

If these bonehead journalistic nimrods actually knew the Burmese culture they would have known that these beautiful people of South Asia are kind hearted and very forgiving of people who don’t understand their etiquette, protocols and language. They don’t get their boxers twisted in a knot when someone outside of the culture makes an honest mistake. Their culture is complex and there are many things religiously and culturally complicated they adhere to. I’ve lived and worked with many cultures of Burma and I’m more of a Bull in a China Shop culturally speaking yet I am well received regardless of my cultural phopas. But for these a-hole journalists to cast such a negative light on Obama was truly an insult to the multitude of Burmese people I have already spoken to.

But their lackluster performance does not stop in Burma for they’ve distorted or completely ignored crimes against humanity around the world while favoring criminals with whom they lavished with kudos and feel good news blurbs. Central & South America and the indigenous people who continue to face off western corporations because of land grabs, goes completely under the media radar. Assassinations of tribal elders because of their stance against crimes perpetrated by corporations don’t even make the press. The story holds true for the people of many African nations who continue to be subjugated by corrupt tin horn dictators who kiss ass with western firms. These stories never see daylight and people continue to die from the lack of media attention. Ask a Haitian about where all those billions went to ‘save’ them and they will point to major corporations and sham non-profit organizations who pocketed the lion’s share of all the loot.

America, the land of free speech, is contaminated by media vermin who continue to ignore the plight of the indigenous populations and these stories never get told. Native women are disappearing at an alarming rate. Their murder rates are off the charts and disproportional to native populations by comparison to non native groups but do these stories see ANY mainstream attention? Hell no. The indigenous populations of the America’s are under constant assault and their land is being taken just like the land grabs in Asia & Africa and the media continues to ignore this atrocity. Just remember, the only people who win any war or conflict spawned by the media are the stockholders who’ve invested in the military/industrial complex.

Don’t even get me started on the continued spread of Austerity throughout Europe and the loss of national sovereignty the people of these nations are so indignant about. The western media ignores the core essence of why people are mad. Bankers destroyed economies around the world and it’s the victims of these fraudulent Bankers who must pay the monetary price, and that’s what is pissing people off. Why haven’t these bankers had their illegal gains ceased and returned? The loss of national identity and sovereignty is yet another flash point. And it’s the media who continues to fail in reporting the news and completely distorts the facts and for whom, special interests because journalism and credibility is for sale to the highest bidder. Just remember, when the stock market fell back in ’29 the money went ‘somewhere’ it did not just disappear. That is the case of this latest crash and the money is ‘somewhere’ but will the media tell you this?  

If you followed the money you would then learn that there is much more to this paper trail than I am writing about, only because there is so much corruption on many levels and the media has their hands dirty. Parent corporations of these lecherous Jokers of Journalism are owned lock, stock and tomahawk by the very corporations or parent companies that are behind some of the most financially salacious news stories around the world. Ironically, bankers and investment firms are at the top of the heap and ultimately own these media outlets and dictate what you read and watch on the boob tube. You are being spoon fed lies and half truths for the sole benefit of criminals who continue to mask their illegal activities. As for truth in journalism, you are better off researching a news story yourself if you care about accuracy because you are on your own. And believe me; the truth will hurt because society is living a great big lie. And that’s the bottom line.

Your Devil’s Advocate
Buffalohair (Shanhtoi Gam)

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