Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Re Cap: From 2011 / Ann need your help to find history on a Kenneth Su

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ann, need your help to find history on a Kenneth Su

Hi, I was given a gift for completing my bacherlors degree. It is a lovely painting of oil on canvus done in likely the 1970s. I know the artists name is Kenneth Su but I do not have any tribal history of the artist Kenneth Su at all. I would do anything to find out about him. Can you help me? He is supposed to be part native himself but I cant really get anwhere finding out his personal history. Help me if you can.My grandmother and grandpa are both  deceased so cannot help me at all

What do you know about Kenneth Su? I can tell the painting is very old. If anyone can find out something as truth I respect your abililty tremenduously Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Deb aka CheyFire

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