Friday, July 13, 2018

Be Good To Yourself ! If You Love Yourself You Can Love Others!.......


Filtering Water for your Gardens! The honey bees drinking water in the gardens!
Even RV Water Filters are good!

Maybe  not the Grass or Cucumbers!!!!!!

The Darker of the Chocolate the Better!!!!!!!

Fruit In Season!!!!!!!

Raw Organic Local Honey The real stuff!!!!!!!

Suzanne Somers
Published on Jun 15, 2017
Imagine listening to an orchestra and the string section is off key. Sounds horrible, right? The same thing happens in your body if one of your hormones is declining — it can throw them all off and you feel horrible! An integrative approach to total wellness is about putting everything you can back into balance. The gut, the brain, the hormones — they all work together to make the body look and feel its best. Forever Health practitioners, like Dr. Douglas Lord, from Chevy Chase, MD, continue learning about cutting-edge medicine and teach us that there is A New Way to Age. You can find Dr. Lord and many other doctors like him near you at

Loose Skin Natural Remedies: How to Tighten Skin 184,582 views

The "Healthy" Foods That Are Killing You with Dr Steven Gundry and Lewis Howes 213,493 views

Most Bottled Water Is Filled With Fluoride Here's A Complete List Of Brands To Avoid Life Well Lived 76,494 views

I have even been watching Weird Things in the World at Netflix and it was showing how a Parasite from cat dung in the fields where the cows are grazing are eaten on the grass by the cattle. People like to eat raw beef and get the live Parasites into their body.
Those Parasites create mental illness / brain problems in their new human host!
Cook your foods!!!!!!

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