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Buffalohair: The UN’s ‘Lifting Sanctions Scam’ in Burma

The UN’s ‘Lifting Sanctions Scam’ in Burma

Don’t get too excited about the lifting of sanctions in Burma. Western and Asian corporations have been in Burma for decades with the blessings of the United Nations and Countries of the free world. As criminal puke Ban k-moon plays up the lifting of sanctions he failed to mention all the existing corporations who continued to violate sanctions for decades. Now this bogus Than Shwe and the IMF developed is inviting investors to Burma. The reality is, they are sugarcoating corporations who are already there. Some have been there for decades. I am providing you a very short list of these criminal corporations. Thein Sein is only a front man for Than Shwe, so get over it stupid!

Daewoo International of South Korea
Along with gas exploration they also have numerous other enterprises. Take a long hard look at the shelves of any store. You will find TV’s, Radio’s, DVD Players, Cars and trucks. One strange bedfellow just happens to be General Motors. Fact is, Daewoo of South Korea is well entrenched with the Burmese Military Junta and have gleaned quite a handsome profit from this nation. And of course, they are invested in Burma’s gas fields.

“[These] are all long-time investments. They can’t be easily changed because of domestic issues. Politics is politics. Economics is economics.”

Chevron Texaco of the United States
Including Chevron Phillips Chemical (CPChem), GS Caltex and Mrs. Beasley Cookie Company. They are invested heavily in Burma’s gas fields. With record breaking profits every quarter you’d think they would not be so greedy. Every drop of their oil and gas is nothing better than drops of human blood.

“Our community development programs also help improve the lives of the people they touch and thereby communicate our values, including respect for human rights.”

Total of France
Like Chevron, they are heavily invested in Burmese gas. Their excuse is that they are convinced they will help the people of Burma. In all actuality, they are invested in death and wholesale murder of ethnic people. When will the lives of human beings take priority over capital gains? Surely the people of France will be appalled whence they know this reality.

“We are convinced that through our presence we are helping to improve the daily lives of tens of thousands of people who benefit from our social and economic initiatives.”

Nippon Oil ofJapan
Just like the rest of the greedy oil profit hungry companies. They are heavily invested in Burma’s gas and inadvertently financing the killing machine of the criminal military government of Burma. Again, the people of Japan would be appalled by this statement from this company. It is not the people of these countries; it’s the greedy people of these corporations who’ve placed profits over human rights.

“We see the political situation and energy business as separate matters.”

PTT Public Company Ltd. of Thailand
They are invested in many ways with this military junta. Of course gas is a primary cause for their greed and total disregard for human suffering.

“We have invested in Burma over the past decade. Despite the political conflict, the benefits from the projects will go to people of both countries.”

Lloyd’s of London.
Lloyd’s, located at the heart of the City of London, describes itself as, “the world’s leading, specialist insurance market.” According to the Burmese Ministry of Finance and Revenue, Lloyd’s provides reinsurance to Myanma Insurance. Lloyd’s syndicates (Lloyd’s terminology for their member companies that sell insurance) have also sold insurance to a regime owned airline. Lloyd’s admitted in April 2008 that some shipping and aviation reinsurance for companies in Burmagoes through Lloyd’s. As a consequence of the actions of their syndicates Lloyd’s were placed on our “2005 Dirty List”. Later that year Lloyd’s stated that they were not able to compel their members to end their involvement in Burmaand claimed that it would be “against competition law for members to collectively decide not to operate in Burma”.
Pending investigations of these claims Lloyd’s were removed from the Dirty List. Our investigations failed to identify any UK law or act to substantiate Lloyd’s’ claims. Lloyd’s conceded in July 2008 that “Competition Law is not relevant in this case”. When asked to make a statement to their syndicates alerting them to the human rights concerns associated with selling insurance to companies in Burma Lloyd’s refused, instead issuing the following statement on July 23rd 2008: “Unless there are official UN sanctions in place, Lloyd’s does not instruct the market where it can and cannot write business. Competition Law is not relevant in this case. However, we do not make public comments on the politics or economic policies of national or international bodies.”
London, UK 

Hannover Re
Hannover Re describes itself as “one of the leading reinsurance groups in the world.” Its website states that it is represented in the Burmese market by its Malaysian subsidiary.
Hannover, Germany 

Catlin describes itself as “an international specialist property and casualty insurer and reinsurer, writing more than 30 classes of business”. It has four “underwriting platforms”: the Catlin Syndicate at Lloyd’s, Catlin Bermuda, Catlin UK and Catlin US. The company has provided insurance services to a regime owned airline.
Hamilton, Bermuda

Atrium Underwriting
Atrium Underwriting manages two Lloyd’s Syndicates. Atrium has provided insurance services to a regime owned airline. It is owned by the Bermudan company Ariel Re.
London, United Kingdom 

XL is a global insurance company with “local knowledge and expertise in approximately 100 countries.” According to Reinsurance Magazine, the company has provided insurance services to a regime owned airline. Although we asked the company’s Londonoffice to account for the policies of the company they replied in late July 2008 stating we should “contact other XL companies to ascertain their position”. The Burma Campaign UK will be contacting these companies directly.
Hamilton, Bermuda 

Tokio Marine and Nichido Fire Insurance Co.
Tokio Marine describes itself as Japan’s largest and longest established non-life insurance company. The company’s recently acquired Lloyd’s subsidiary, Kiln, has provided insurance to a regime owned airline. Tokio Marine Company also maintains a representative office in Burma.
Tokyo, Japan 

Sompo Japan
Sompo Japanis one of the three largest non-life Japanese insurers. The company admits to operating a “Liason office” in Burmato “provide insurance information to customers”. Sompo Japanhas offices across the world, including in the UK. Evidence indicates the company has applied to form a joint venture with regime owned Myanma Insurance.
Tokyo, Japan 

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance
Mitstui is one of Japan’s largest non-life insurers. Included in its large overseas network is a representative office in Rangoon. Evidence indicates the company has applied to form a joint venture with regime owned Myanma Insurance.
Tokyo, Japan 

QBE describes itself as “Australia’s largest international general insurance and reinsurance group, and one of the top 25 insurers and reinsurers worldwide”. Company websites state it has two correspondent offices in Burma
Sydney, Australia

ACE is a global insurance and reinsurance company based in Bermuda. Its subsidiary, Ace Marine, offers insurance for Burma through its London office.
London, United Kingdom 

Labuan Re
Labuan Re headquartered in Malaysia describes itself as “an international reinsurer”. The company lists Burmaas one of its “overseas markets”.
Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia 

OCBC (Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation) is Singapore’s longest established bank, and is today one of Asia’s leading financial services groups. Its subsidiary, Great Eastern Holdings, describes itself as the “leading insurer in Singapore”, it has stated it provides insurance services to Singapore owned companies in Burma.

Pana Harrison
Pana Harrison is a Singaporean based insurance broker. It lists Burmaas part of its network. Our sources indicate the company is active in the aviation sector, providing insurance services for regime owned airlines.

Target Insurance Broker
Target is a Singaporean broker which works in the Lloyd’s, Australian and European markets. It also provides insurance brokerage services for companies in Burma.

Arab Insurance Group (ARIG)
ARIG is the “largest reinsurance company in the Middle east and North Africa”. It is part owned by the governments of the United Arab Emirates, Libya and Kuwait. The company’s website states that its Singaporebranch is responsible for activities in Burma.
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

Al Wasl
Al Wasl is a Dubaibased (re)insurance reinsurance broker. The company’s website states that its Bangladesh offices are responsible for marketing the companies operations in Burma.
Dubai,United Arab Emirates

And we can’t forget SWIFT Financial Group of Belgium who has laundered trillions of dollars to corporation and individuals on behalf of General Than Shwe over the years in an effort to dodge taxes from the nations they come from.  The United Nations is also guilty of taking bribes throughout Burma’s bogus sanctions. UN envoy Ibrahim Gambari is a swine who enriched himself over the years in Burma, Ban k-moon is also a reprehensible puke of an individual for allowing his vested corporate interests from  Korea to literally enslave Burmese while raping their women. Refugee after refugee all identify US, Australian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean business men who used women as sex toys, even to the point of beating and murdering them. TATA, Hyundai and much more are on the list as well. On a sidebar; SWIFT is most likely laundering drug money as well. If not, calling all cartels, SWIFT is open for business but so is BoA, Wachovia and Wells Fargo for that matter. 

It is also known the so called civilian government scam was basically a sugar coated attempt to legitimize these and other corporations who continued to violate sanctions and line the pockets of Than Shwe and the vermin of the Tatmadaw who are still in control of this beleaguered nation. It was through the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization the Bilderberg group conspired with the Junta to pull of this scam. I guess it’s also a coincidence that these companies were also Bilderberg conscripts. The United Nations itself is a Bilderberg shill organization and that is why they sided with Bilderberg cronies like Assad of Syria, Mubarak of Egypt and other Bilderberg vermin throughout the Mid-East including Netanyahu. Suu Kyi is still a hostage and still subject to assassination if she makes to many waves. And it will not be the first time the junta tried to kill her in plain view of the world. After all, she was elected president and almost died because of it and the world did nothing, just double talk and bogus ignored sanctions while she spent her life under house arrest.
The Kachin people or Jinghpaw are under siege as war is being waged by the junta of Burma for the benefit of international mining interests who are hungry for Kachinland’s natural resources including oil, gold, uranium, emeralds, and the prize of rare earth minerals. Hillary ‘Eugenics’ Clinton is the face of the mining industry in both Canada and the US and they are letting Than Shwe’s military do the ‘dirty work’. It is obvious she is waiting for the junta kill off the Kachin so her constituents from the west can turn Kachinland into an open pit mine. But that’s OK, just remember; what comes around goes around and we are living in the time of change and soon the destiny of evil is carved in stone. We face some hard times but it is the elitists of global fraud who will ultimately take the biggest hit when it is all said and done, so will their investors.

Partial ‘dirty list’ provided by Burma Campaign UK

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