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Buffalohair: Numinous Encounters 101

Numinous Encounters 101

It does not matter from which culture, dogma or ideological principle one resides in the grand scheme of things. The world of the paranormal is a universal place filled with many different kinds of beings. From your garden variety spirits to star people, these entities are very real and the numbers of people encountering them are on the rise exponentially and getting harder to ignore. Though many folks would rather pretend life is only ‘here and now’ the reality is life exists on many plains of existence. And it’s only a matter of time before you come into contact with one of the inhabitants or maybe you already have.

I hate terms like paranormal, supernatural and mystical because they sound just so cheesy. That ‘otherworldly’ stuff sort of sucks also, and talk about wardrobe. We are a part of the so-called unknown and our plain of existence is like a stop on an elevator in a department store; “Fifth Floor! Women’s lingerie, animals, plants and dumb earth guys!” Our plain of existence is just a part of the whole, circle or whatever you call it within your traditional precepts. Some folks simply call it life.

Though we live in three spatial dimensions it’s that pesky ole fourth dimension and spirit-world that are pains in the keister these days. Upon closer examination the fourth dimension is really not that hard to fathom; just another physical plain of existence, not the stuff of G*D’s, just a mathematician. This state of being or place is not the spirit-world so don’t fall for lame parlor tricks from windbag entities claiming to be ‘The Supreme Being’, get real. There are other physical dimensions or plains from what I saw but that’s another story. I do all I can just to focus on this multi dimensional crap shoot and it just gets weirder by the day.

With all these spirits buzzing around you had better be spiritually hooked up, on guard or have something for protection. I can’t tell you how to make your medicine but you had better know how to make your own and mean it. But gadzooks, are people really that stupid to listen to some lame spirit whispering in their ears with suggestions of killing people? Whether the voices are from the spirit-world, telepathic space dudes or an RFID chip buried in their buttocks, surely people would have the common sense to say no when a stupid idea popped into their tiny brains. Hmm maybe that was a poor example eh. Just check within your tradition or principle for details and nifty pointers on how to survive Armageddon.

Spirits come in all designs and for a multitude of reasons but here are some of the ones I encountered over the years. You’ve heard or seen of the browns, grays, reptilians and yup they are real just bare in mind these guys come in two flavors also; good and bad. In any encounter mannerisms and feelings or impressions are very important when discerning their true nature. I treat everyone equally, human or whatever. I don’t trust a single one of them, I don’t take their bulls— and I think you ought to do the same. When spirits become common place it will be more ‘ho hum’ or ‘now what?’ rather than running around urinating on one’s self just from the sight of an apparition floating around in his skivvies or a UFO farting around in the sky.

But what about the other guys that zips around in my pasture freaking out my cows? It is safe to say there are many other beings out there these days. At least people are beginning to see what some folks knew existed all along. As dimensions merge some pretty rotten spirits are having a field day with all these naive earth guys. From good spirits to evil spirits and spirits that are pure energy, spirits are coming out of the woodwork. There are big spirits, little spirits, and spirits from the creator, spirits who claim to be el supremo himself, and bottom feeder spirits that need mechanical devices to fly around the universe. Separating the wheat from the chaff should always be priority one.

You should already be tuned up with all that jazz from within your respective dogma anyway. Rule of thumb; The Creator, G*D, Grand Architect or what ever you call your sacred dude does not need physical devices or technology of any kind, PERIOD. No matter how spiffy a device or craft is, it is still a physical piece of junk relegated to the bottom feeders of the universe such as us and the guys who claim to be G*D’s and masters of the universe, paleeze. Guess it’s OK to mention the people of light or whatever you call those shiny folks. You guys know about the ‘shadow’ people, they are out in force. So are good and evil spirits from the pages of all dogmas of the universe. They did not just disappear and are up to their ole high jinks manipulating the mindless.

I call the spirit-world a ‘freeway’ because it’s total pandemonium at first glance these days. By no means do I have all the answers but I do have a few pointers that seem to work OK with me. I always try to ask for protections when I am being confronted by spirits I am not familiar with. That protection is provided within the sacred texts and oral traditions universally. After that and the spirit is OK then I pay attention to what they are telling me or in many cases showing me. If it is discovered the spirit is just a butt crack, I dismiss him like a dirty pair of boxers no matter what shack they tell me. And bad spirits will have a temper tantrum when you don’t buy into their ka ka, but that’s a no-brainer. They’ll zip around threatening you and saying all your secrets or try to bribe you. They go down the list of possible angles to win you over. There is more to dealing with spirits than just a simple prayer. You must deal with them directly and in their face.

Your medicine will protect you but it is up to you to take care of biz and tell this cretin of the underworld to get screwed. Just remember your sacred dude will help you but you must first help yourself. It’s like you are pushing a car and someone offers to help you. That does not mean since this guy is going to push the car, you can sit behind the steering wheel, screw that. You must continue to push and steer; only it’s easier. When you ask your sacred dude, or whatever you draw your medicine from, you are not asking them to do all the work, you are asking for a back-up, someone to watch your back. You are the one who must take care of biz.

In dealing with spirits you have to interact with them directly and having faith is knowing someone has your back when you’re dealing with them. Don’t matter if the spirit is a space dork or a spirit that haunts Aunt Dorothy’s bidet, a spirit is a spirit and you can’t fuel their need for control through fear. Bad spirits from all dimensions bank on our ignorance of the physical and intangible aspect of our existence. Basically, you really need to get over the hump of accepting the reality of the spirit world and get down to brass tacks. OK so there are other dimensions with plenty of travelers and some are not so cool. That, boys and girls, is the true nature of our existence. And dealing with the devil is an occupational hazard.

Just Remember:
When a person, voice, suggestion, or a ‘sign’ in the sky suggests that you go and whack people, it’s not a good idea even if it’s for;

1. No apparent reason
2. In the name of G*D
3. In the name of the corporate bottom line
4. Manifest Destiny
5. Natural Resources
6. The world is just to populated
7. Running the weed whacker early Sunday Morning
8. Just because
9. Your Reason to Kill Here

Your Devil’s Advocate

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