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Buffalohair The Kachin People Bury another One of Their Own

The Kachin People Bury another One of Their Own

On August 1, 2012 in the tiny village of *Yi Hku in Pangsai (Kyokok) town, Northern Shan State, the mutilated body of a Kachin man, Galau Bawm Yaw, 26, was eulogized by his family and friends. He was tortured to death then tossed into a shallow grave. His body was almost unrecognizable and bore the marks of extensive torture from ghoulishly barbaric handlers, the Burmese Army. And Hillary Clinton celibates the lifting of sanctions, surely she is the Queen of Death.

Hillary Next To The Decomposing Body of Kachin Galau Bawn Yaw

Why are sanctions being lifted in the first place? Maybe it’s because of the ceasefire agreement Burma recently signed with the Shan Army. That would have been something to celibate but unfortunately that agreement was as worthless as the paper it was written on since the Burmese Army continues to rain death and destruction on the **Shan people. But it did make good press for the western media as US politicians like Senator Jim Webb promoted the lifting of sanctions on behalf of corporate interests. What’s a few murdered minorities anyway? It’s all about the money.

Unfortunately it’s the American taxpayer that will bare the burden of responsibility for the misconduct of their politicians. Hillary Clinton will have spilled the blood of innocent Kachin people onto the hands of US citizens but it will not be the first time. Chinese goods are contaminated with the blood of innocent slaves and indentured workers that made Bill ‘GMO’ Gates and other corporate vermin wealthy beyond words. Fortunately their curse will be a personal one. But Hillary made sure to share the shame with the American people for the sake of vested mining interests from both Canada and the US. South America and Africa are examples of this wicked agenda of death for resources. But we will pay a price for our stupidity, there is no question.

Corporations are eager to mine Kachinland for all the natural resources it possesses. We-the-people will bare the brunt of hatred by the innocent while corporate thugs reap the wealth of a stolen land whence those pesky Kachin’s are finally killed off. Now ironic the Kachin claim the Red Indian as their decendants and now suffer at the hands of the dencendants of those who tried to kill the Red Indian off. The media by and large also share in the blame for ignoring the cries of the innocent. But as we all should now by now, the mainstream media is only the mouthpieces of the corporations who ultimately own them. Greed will march forward in spite of public outcries to the contrary but their days are numbered. After all, this is the time of change and even though the innocent people of Kachin and Shanland are being ignored there cries are being heard.

For my Kachin brothers and sisters I offer them hope and to retain their absolute faith for change is coming and man is powerless to stop the inevitable. As the ole saying goes, “What comes around, goes around”. One day Than Shwe and all his global allies who follow a false prophet will suffer in ways we could not have ever imagined. It was prophesied that man and his greed would seek world domination but this push would actually be their death nil since it is the beginning of their end. The Kachin will prevail where man has failed even in the darkest days and those who tried to destroy her would live in infamy, if they survived. If only I could tell all that I ‘see’. But why ruin the surprise.

In my tribe it is said; ‘The top will become the bottom and the bottom will become the top” in Kachin ideological principles it is said; ‘The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth’. But this is only a microcosm for all of humanity will rise out of the ashes of greed & tyranny and there is nothing man and his false prophets can do to stop it. The sacred beings of the elitists will betray their fetid earthly followers, their empire will crumble before their very eyes for that is their destiny. Retribution draws near and it will not be easy but the good will survive as prophesied in dogmas throughout the universe.  That is the true destiny of humanity contrary to global aspirations of the greedy.

My prayers are to the family of Galau Bawm Yaw for they are the ones who suffer his passing. But rest assured he is in a place of great beauty and will be waiting for his relations whence they take their journey.

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