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Buffalohair: Killing In The Name Of G*D, And Other Stupid Earth Guy Tricks

Killing In The Name Of G*D, And Other Stupid Earth Guy Tricks

Someone pleased show me in Buddhism, Christianity, Islam or any other dogma, well other than Kali, where its OK to kill for the sake of religion. I doubt you will find such a stupid idea since it does not exist from what I’ve read. That’s a man based ideology to kill in the name of G*D or faith, plain and simple. But here on Planet Stupid this axiom has prevailed throughout history with devastating results. Good thing this axiom of moronic principle will soon be over.
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Blind sided by greed and power, elitists from around the world have simply lost their minds and suffer mental illnesses such as obsessive compulsive disorder and delusions of grandeur. Or maybe it’s those butt crack entities many secret societies believe are G*D’s that claim to hold the secrets of the universe. To even think for one second that mathematics, physics or geometry were sacred in the first place was lame from the onset. What is so sacred about a mechanical process anyway? Then to think some dorks from space, inner or outer, were G*D’s just for showing us how to read a yard stick is just ludicrous. Maybe for mindless primitive boneheads three thousand years ago it was sacred but ‘get real’ all you secret society types. We would be praying to television sets if we had their mentality today. ‘Oh Sacred TV, Oh Sacred iPad’, paleeze…..

Then for these so-called intellectual elitists to justify killing in the name of their purported G*D is walk down the Dim Bulb Path of Stupid. Sorry guys, ‘Mork’ or what ever you call your sacred dude is not G*D but simply galactic trailer trash and only one notch above us primitive earth guys. My sacred dude does not need a shiny Frisbee to zip around the universe and does not need a space suite for that matter. But it should be as plain as the nose on your face that some very evil entities or spirits have hijacked religions and guided man down the dark path of greed and deception for centuries, all for material gain. Good thing it’s just about over for them but its not going to be pretty.

Just remember boys and girls not all entities are boneheads or evil and not all space craft are from one side or the other. One day there will be a sky filled with weird crafts and beings. Ops, silly me, they are already out there. Some don’t even need a space craft. You had better have your ducks in a row because it is going to be confusing for those who don’t have a clue what is happening. Your dogma or ideological principle has all the answers you need to survive the future and material wealth is not even on the list. For many religions, you simply need to read between the lines since many scribes have ‘added or removed’ texts to suit the needs of kings and dictators. Are sacred books tainted, yes, but not destroyed. Your heart will pick out man’s interjections into sacred works in an instant. Contradictions are contradictions and proof of mans meddling.

Time is really of the essence at this juncture but sadly many folks will choose to ignore this and other warnings as we approach the beginning of the new cycle. No matter, since that is a part of prophecy as well as the push for a one world government or did you miss that page in your sacred book? Mork and his chums will have their hands full since they are about to get ‘punked’ by entities that are way beyond their so called magic and they know it. The followers of Mork and his crew will also face an end that will be appropriate for their crimes against humanity. Funny how the elitists have their sacred and supernatural pals while others are left in the dark about our paranormal realities.

One thing you can bank on, man and his entity chums will not succeed in their quest for world domination and material wealth but they will march to their own demise. So don’t go out and riot or other lame stuff to try and stop them, it is their destiny. You must have absolute faith within your dogma that Ma Earth and her chums will handle all the heavy stuff. Like the thieves in the night they are already counting coup. We just need to survive as the crappola hits the fan. But if you already are cool with your faith, path, dogma or whatever floats your spiritual canoe you already know the drill and are well prepared to face anything. Just remember that fear is the fuel of evil and without fear even ole Mork is just a smack talking bonehead of a spirit. Screw’em!

Whether you realize it or not we all are under assault by evil entities that constantly screw with our lives either physically or mentally. We just need to be on guard. When some spiritual flatulists suggests to you that it might be a good idea to shoot up a movie theater or raid a country for its natural resources you are listening to an evil butt crack. When some entity tells you it’s OK to ignore torture, rape and murder for the sake of economics, you are listening to an evil butt crack. When some spirit tells you it’s A-OK to kill in the name of G*D or Mork, you are listening to an evil butt crack, capice? Do you get my drift paisan? Simply put, if someone or something tells you to do something stupid, don’t do it. But if you’re lame enough to go through with it, then you deserve to be turned into a spaghetti strainer full of bullet holes. Is that any clearer?

In any event the clock is ticking and more people are going to flip out because of evils influences and there are no laws that will stop the needless killings that will ensue. Take the guns away and they will kill with knives. Take the knives away and they will kill with stones. Take the stones away and they will kill with their BMW or Lexus. Mankind is on self destruct mode and elitists are not immune. They will suffer like the common man as they betray each-other and that’s when the show will get interesting. For the elitists; the era we are entering will truly be their end of the world but for us bottom dwellers it will only be a new beginning. Bada bing, bada bang, bada boom.

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