Saturday, January 12, 2013

Buffalohair : Idle No More – A Poem – Simple Choice

Idle No More – A Poem – Simple Choice

idle no more

Simple Choice
The time of change is oh so grand
Fore it will spread throughout this land
From trees to seas, and all that stand
Even that of common man
Will hark and beat of not what’s wrong
But drum our Earth’s most happy song

Oh man of greed and man of gold
Hearken forth, this story told
Since times of past, from men of wise
Our Mother Earth is too of guise
She lay in wait, through times of grate
And witnessed mans unhappy state

Our Father Sky in poised askance
In equal pall of mans advance
Will make askew, this path of strife
And beckon forth a happy life
But man must face his chosen do
And right his wrong or stay un-new

The rhythmic beat from drummers hand
Will echo forth throughout the land
The happy songs will fill our heart
We’ll dance for joy with life’s new start.

© 2013, Buffalohair Productions. All rights reserved.
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